Automated Income Systems Review – Legit Money Maker or Scam?

You can easily earn up to $1,300 per day with Automated Income Systems…

It’s a “stupid simple done for you system” that anyone can follow. All you need to do is get people to call the number and you’ll be making money!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But since you’re reading this review, chances are you’re sceptical. You want to know if this really is a legitimate opportunity or just another scam.

Read on to see what this biz opp is about before you join…

Automated Income Systems Review

I received an email about Automated Income Systems earlier today. It sounded interesting enough, so I decided to take a closer look.

The system launched recently (October I think) and promises to help everyday people make a substantial income by following a ‘stupid simple’ system.

John Valley is the guy running the show, at least according to the pre-recorded phone message and the sales video. Also, if you’ve seen the YouTube videos floating around from affiliates, John is the guy writing the checks.

Interestingly though, the whois database shows that the domain name for Automated Income Systems ( is actually owned by Donald McClendon Jr…

internetbreakout Domain

From what I can see, Donald promotes various MLM companies and runs DMJ Marketing- which sells online business leads among other things.

I’m not sure if Donald is the real owner of Automated Income System or if he’s a silent partner. Either way, it’s strange that he owns the primary domain name the company uses, yet there’s no mention of him.

Anyways, the Let’s take a closer look into this system…

The Products- Biz Opp Leads and Traffic Packs

The company sells ‘biz opp leads’ and ‘viral traffic packages’. You can’t buy these products as a retail customer though, the only way to purchase is to become an affiliate.

The amount of leads you get depends on what ‘affiliate level’ you buy in at…

  • Free affiliate: no products
  • Starter affiliate ($97): 10,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
  • Silver affiliate ($297): 50,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
  • Gold affiliate ($597): 100,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
  • Platinum affiliate ($997): 250,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
  • Diamond affiliate ($1,497) 500,000 biz opp leads and traffic package

As for the quality of these leads and/ or traffic packages, I can’t say. Although, when I dug a little deeper, I the way the products are priced raises some concerns.

Here’s what I mean…

If you’re a Silver affiliate and you sell a Silver affiliate membership for $297, you earn $200. Cool. This also means that the underlying product (50,000 leads) nets the company $97 in revenue. Also cool.

But there is a concerning aspect to this. Let me explain…

If you’re a Platinum affiliate and you sell a Platinum affiliate membership for $997, you earn $900. Which means the underlying product (250,000 leads) nets the company the same amount of revenue- $97!

So, once all commissions are paid out, the company makes the same amount of revenue selling 50k leads as it does selling 250k leads.

It makes me wonder about the quality of these leads. I mean, if the company can sell 250,000 leads for $97 this logically means each lead cost a minimum of $0.001 to $0.0003 each (WAY less than 1 cent per lead).

No one in their right mind would sell quality leads for a fraction of ONE cent each. Period. So it naturally makes me sceptical as to the true underlying value in the product itself.

What Is Automated Income Systems & How Does It Work?

Despite what the company says, this IS a multi level marketing (MLM) company. For a fact.

Why? Because you earn commissions on direct sales and commissions on the sales of your recruits. Which, by definition, means this is MLM.

I’m not sure why they pretend otherwise in the agreement they make you sign…

Automated Income System MLM

Anyways, the short version about how this works is- sign up and convince others to do the same through you.

But there’s obviously more to it than this. Here’s the longer version…

Once you signup, your main job is to convince people to call the companies phone number, which has a pre-recorded message setup. That phone message lasts about a minute, and directs people to a website ( where they enter their details- including your unique ‘promo code’. This promo code is assigned to you when you first join, and it’s purpose is making sure you get credit for the people you refer.

Once they complete the form, they are taken to the next page…

sharethenumber Automated Income Systems
Source:  /

If they decide to create a free or paid account at this point, they become your referral. And the company contacts them for you, to get them to upgrade their membership. If they don’t create an account, the company will still contact them to try to make it happen.

How much money you make, depends entirely on what I talk about in the next section…

Direct Commissions

When you recruit someone, you earn a set commission according to your rank, and the level they join at. The following is a break down of this so you know how it works…

Free affiliate: Join for free to earn $25 commissions for recruiting any ‘paid level’ affiliates.

Starter affiliate: Join for $97 to earn $50 commissions for recruiting any ‘paid level’ affiliates.

Silver affiliate: Join for $297 to earn $50 commission for Starter recruits and $200 for Silver recruits and above.

Gold affiliate: Join for $597 to earn $50 Starter, $200 Silver, and $500 commissions for Gold recruits and above.

Platinum affiliate: Join for $997 to earn $50 Starter, $200 Silver, $500 Gold, and $900 commission for Platinum and Diamond recruits.

Diamond affiliate: Same benefits as a Platinum affiliate, but earn $1,300 commission for Diamond recruits.

In addition, you can also earn ‘upgrade commissions’ so that if your referral upgrades their rank/ membership, you earn a commission. The amount you can earn depends on your rank, the rank they upgrade to, and the rank they upgraded from. In any case, this commission is capped at the maximum each ‘level’ can earn.

For example: If you are a Silver affiliate and recruit a Starter affiliate, you make $50. But if that recruit upgrades to a Silver or higher, you will earn an addittional $150 commission. The total commission here is capped at $200, since the maximum commission eligible to be earned for Silver memberships is $200.

Override Commissions

This is where the multi level marketing (MLM) aspect comes into play. The reason being, this is where you earn on not just one level (ie. your direct referrals) as you would a straight affiliate program. You also earn commissions on THEIR referrals too.

  • You
  • Your direct referral (your level 1)
  • Their direct referral (your level 2)

To participate in this aspect of the compensation plan, you must be either a Platinum or Diamond affiliate.

Platinum Affiliate Override Commissions

  • Free affiliate: $12.50 Starter/ $50 Silver/ $125 Gold/ $225 Platinum/ $325 Diamond
  • Starter affiliate: $37.50 Silver/ $112.50 Gold/ $212.50 Platinum/ $312.50 Diamond
  • Silver affiliate: $75 Gold/ $175 Platinum/ $275 Diamond
  • Gold affiliate: $100 Platinum/ $200 Diamond
  • Platinum affiliate: $100 Diamond

Example: Peter (a Platinum affiliate) recruits a Silver affiliate, who recruits a Gold affiliate. Peter earns a $75 override commission.

Diamond Affiliate Override Commissions

  • Free affiliate: $25 Starter/ $100 Silver/ $250 Gold/ $450 Platinum/ $650 Diamond
  • Starter affiliate: $75 Silver/ $225 Gold/ $425 Platinum/ $625 Diamond
  • Silver affiliate: $150 Gold/ $350 Platinum/ $550 Diamond
  • Gold affiliate: $200 Platinum/ $400 Diamond
  • Platinum affiliate: $200 Diamond

Example: Samantha (a Diamond affiliate) recruits a Gold affiliate, who recruits a Platinum affiliate. Samantha earns a $200 override commission.

Here’s how I came up with these exact numbers…

The sales page tells us that Platinum and Diamond affiliates can earn between 25 to 50% override commissions on any sales made by direct referrals under you. Then we see the following chart (as shown on the sales page) which seems to contradict that…

Commissions Chart

Here’s how the “25-50% commissions” fits into the equation (using a quick example)…

  • Diamond affiliate (you)
  • Gold affiliate (your level 1)
  • Platinum affiliate (your level 2)

Your level 1 affiliate earns a $500 commission from the Platinum sale they made. But the total commission payable for any Platinum affiliate membership sale is $900. So there’s still $400 ‘up for grabs’. So (as a Diamond affiliate) you earn 50% of this $400, or $200.

This same principal applies if you’re a Platinum affiliate. Except in that same example you’d earn the lower 25% of $400, or $100.

Is Automated Income Systems a Scam?

The reality is, you can make money with Automated Income System. And you do get a product (leads and traffic) so I won’t call it a scam.

On the plus side, you can earn money as a free member and significant override commissions from the work your free members do. Which is not something most MLM companies can boast. Not to mention, having a phone sales team at your disposal does simplify the ‘selling’ aspect of closing high ticket sales.

Assuming they do pay commissions as they say, there is definitely money to be made here. And there are some unique aspects to the compensation plan. At least, as far as MLM’s go.

That being said, there are drawbacks to consider with this system.

The main one being- this is ALL about affiliate recruitment, rather than selling genuine products to genuine (non-affiliate) customers.

The core objective is to sign up, pay money to qualify for higher commissions, and recruit others to do the same. Which is never a good thing. Especially when it comes to MLM, and regardless of how much money you stand to make.

In any case, the product clearly takes the back seat with this system. To make matters worse, the quality of the product (leads) is in question, since the leads are (really) being sold for a fraction of 1 cent each.

It is well known that for any MLM company to stand the test of time, it cannot be focussed solely on recruiting. There must be genuine products, and there must be a good amount of retail happening.

To be clear, I’m not someone who calls all MLM companies a scam or a pyramid scheme. But I do call it how I see it, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

Bottom Line

Even though you are ‘just getting people to call a number’ it will still take time, effort and money to make a full-time income with this system. Anyone telling you different is simply not being straight with you.

Sure, you can go out and tell everyone you know and/ or SPAM social media to make a few sales. But that will be short lived at best and it’s not a smart way to run a business.

To make money with this, you will absolutely be spending money on traffic to get people to call the number. And you will need to learn real internet marketing skills to succeed.

That’s not a problem if you’re serious about building a business.

But there are many great ways to build an online business, so it’s worth making sure that whatever you get involved with is right for you, and something you genuinely believe in.

After all, you’re going to be selling this same system to others…

What you decide to do is up to you. But hopefully this review has given you some insight into both sides, so you can make a more informed decision about joining.

21 thoughts on “Automated Income Systems Review – Legit Money Maker or Scam?”

  1. I am a Gold Member and my sponsor is not really helping me but trying to get me to spend more money. And i did not get one response from emailing my Gold level leads to 300 people. This is very frustrating especially since my sponsor is not really helping me. What is the best way to advertise the automated income system? Sincerely Rickey

    • If it is allowed, contact me through my Facebook page and I will suggest some alternative lead
      sources and marketing help.
      Roger Neumann

  2. I joined internetbreakout as a diamond member
    As such I purchased 500000 email leads
    I have been active during the last five months
    Sending emails to all purchased leads
    The number of leads opened emails are less than 100 and follow up brought no results
    I have also tried texting and other means without success
    The guys that they are earning a fortune are cheating to lure you to buy
    My experience is telling me that the system is SCAM

    • You’re spot on. Those leads would be absolute rubbish when you take into account what I explained in the review. This is about mass chain recruitment and the only ones making the big money are the experienced marketers pimping this bizopp. That’s about it.

    • Hi Damilola,

      I do not own, work for, promote or endorse this system.

      If you need help making this work, you will need to contact the people that referred you or the support they have, if any.

  3. You can delete my last comment. I had no idea it was posted, I just didn’t see it.

    “Worthless products” do not make for a pyramid scheme!
    Come on man, you MUST know that!

    There is no pyramid. No one has to “get 2 who also get …” be fair!

    If I sold counterfeit products at a farmer’s market, how is that a pyramid?

    Believe me. The compensation structure HAS changed!

    Your blog, YOU do the work!

    • Worthless products do play a big part in evaluating a pyramid scheme. Because it means people are joining solely for the purpose of qualifying to earn recruitment commissions. This is exactly how a pyramid scheme works.

      Worthless products are not the only deciding factor, I agree. But when you have worthless products and people are recruiting people who recruit people across multiple levels, and the entire emphasis is on mass recruiting, which it is here, there’s some very real concerns.

      The fact that the compensation plan has changed since publishing this review (a little over 2 months ago) is news to me. I have marked this review for an update though, so thank you for letting me know.

  4. I am not leaving my affiliate link.

    Join AIS and upgrade fully and NO ONE can earn money from your “level” or anyone below you.

    You ONLY get paid on ONE level below your level if your member fails to upgrade. And this does NOT come from your member, but is money your member WOULD receive from HIS member but he failed to upgrade high enough

    IF you too do not upgrade high enough, you too will not get paid from your member’s recruitments.
    That money goes to admin, not the level above you – if there is one.

    This of course benefits admin but does not make AIS an MLM!

    There simply are no “multilevel” payments to be received, just upgrades or you simply MISS payments.

    The only issue, which I agree with you on, is that the leads package is PROBABLY worthless, as all purchased leads usually are.

    I have not verified this to be the case, YET… But that particular reality is common to MLM – worthless, irrelevant or bogus products that are NOT the source of income.

    Still, worthless products do not alone make a business an MLM!

    The payout levels you mention are simply WRONG also…

    • I never said you posted your affiliate link- I said the person who commented earlier left their affiliate link and I removed it. I said this only because you suggested I was ‘censoring comments’ on this review- which is simply not true.

      Only getting paid on your level 2 referrals if they don’t upgrade, is irrelevant to this argument. The fact remains- you are still earning from level 2 referrals in your downline- which constitutes AID a multi level marketing program.

      I have explained the logic behind this quite clearly, several times now. So let’s agree to disagree Anthony. I am not going to continue this back and forth with you about what does or does not constitute an MLM.

      The only issue, which I agree with you on, is that the leads package is PROBABLY worthless, as all purchased leads usually are. I have not verified this to be the case, YET… But that particular reality is common to MLM – worthless, irrelevant or bogus products that are NOT the source of income.

      That’s more than a small issue. If the products are worthless, then AIS is operating as a pyramid scheme. When members are earning money just for recruiting others into the same scheme, with no other reason for joining, it’s not a legitimate business. Such schemes are not sustainable and result in significant losses to people. Especially those at the bottom and who come in late in the game.

      Also, this is not how all MLM’s operate. Although few and far between, there are legitimate MLM companies that do sell real products and that do not operate as a pyramid scheme.

      The payout levels you mention are simply WRONG also…

      My breakdown of the compensation plan is based on the official website itself, and it’s absolutely accurate according to that. Feel free to point out where you think I am wrong though, I’m keen to know why you say this. If I am wrong about some aspect of the comp plan, I will gladly update the review.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Can’t contact anyone at the company. Also when some one call that ###number the man on the other side try to steal your referral by given them a different CODE.
      So be careful.

  5. I have not yet committed to AIS. But having read the reviews and knowing a great deal about leads and marketing, I give Tim (AFFILIATE UNGURU) high marks for his unbiased but clear review.
    In response to Matt’s comment (1/5/18), I must say this: Were AIS a scam, you could NOT earn money as a free member. Nor as an upgraded member (Platinum or Diamond in this instance), you would not earn overrides on a free member’s sales.
    For these reasons alone, AIS does not fall under the definition of a Ponzi scheme or can be considered a scam. AIS does qualify as an “affiliate” program, as it only pays for direct sales (unless you are Platinum or Diamond).

    Even so, on those two levels, you receive override sales commissions on just 1st and 2nd degree (2 levels) sales, in accordance with FTC guidelines. You had best be an experienced marketer and leader–not a passive marketer–if you wish to participate at those levels.

    Anything deeper than 2 levels is to be considered as an MLM.

    For further explanation, I refer you to the Amway 1979 case (

    I know three people who have been involved since AIS launched, and all have made money–irrespective of the levels they purchased. One is a Diamond member, and he has affirmed to me that he receives such overrides on his free members sales.
    Quite frankly, in my 25+ years in following the MLM industry, to me, this is a first!
    So in reference to Matt’s cautionary note:
    If you cannot afford to do this business (and yes–it qualifies as a business), DO NOT SPEND your hard earned money.
    That is, if you cannot afford to join as a FREE member!
    On the other hand, I have sufficient knowledge of other’s results with AIS, to be a paid affiliate.
    This is what I have learned from the others who are already involved.
    Over 50% of those who sign up, will go for a GOLD membership. Apparently, 500 dollars is the sweet spot in terms of commissions sought.
    YES–as Tim (affiliate Unguru) says, you must advertise this–as you would any other program–if you wish to make any money.
    Lastly. I agree with Tim with respect to the leads. I suspect that nearly 40% of them (perhaps higher) are duds, and unmailable.
    My own experience with leads like this is that one should always verify the list before mailing to it–particularly when they are less than a nickel per lead! This involves additional expense on your part. Most companies that do this charge about $0.01 per lead and usually have a minimum order requirement.
    The bottom line, for me, is–you can work this for free, but be prepared to take a long time before you can earn enough to upgrade (i.e. pay from profit). Otherwise, I advise starting as a Silver or Gold member. Twenty percent of your sales at those levels will outweigh the earnings received of all the others.

    • This IS multilevel marketing. I’m not sure why the company says it’s not.

      An affiliate program pays an affiliate for direct sales alone, there are no ‘multiple levels of earning’ involved at all.

      Whereas, with multilevel marketing, affiliates earn on both direct sales and from the people they recruit. This may only come into play at certain ranks and it may only run two levels deep. Yes. But it still constitutes a multilevel marketing structure because you are earning money on ‘multiple levels’ as oppose to direct sales alone.

      One of the key differentiators between a legitimate MLM and a scam, is the emphasis placed on genuine product sales versus mass recruiting.

      As mentioned in my review, AIS clearly places a lot of emphasis on recruiting. The leads you buy are not the main focus and when you logically consider the underlying cost of the leads, it’s almost as if they’re ‘thrown in’ as a bonus. In any case, those same leads are almost certainly going to be used to recruit more people into AIS.

      So my point being, this is MLM and it’s very much about recruiting. I personally prefer affiliate marketing as a business model, because you promote products people already buy and you don’t have to recruit people into a ‘downline’ to be successful.

      • Technically, I guess this is MLM but, that’s just for paying out the same amount of money on the different levels. If your referrals are as upgraded as you are, there’s no money to be had and you won’t get paid. This is just not how MLMs work as, you typically get paid on many to even infinite levels, and at each level, the same money is paid, monthly, to the levels above them. In this case, the upline just picks up on money the downline member COULD have gotten. And of course, NO monthly payments!

        Needless to say, you are also not hawking and buying “amazing products” every month…
        Products you never even needed before that “wonderful business opportunity” came along!

        Not to say there aren’t issues to consider…

        • Yeah so it’s not the ‘typical’ MLM in some respects, I agree. My point is just that it is an MLM and it’s strange how they pretend like it’s not. Personally, I call a spade a spade.

          That’s true, you are not buying ‘lotions and potions’ and filling your garage with stuff you’ll probably never use. However, as you say, there are still issues to consider. As in, clearly the underlying value of the core product (leads) holds little value, considering that most of the revenue from said product is paid out in recruitment commissions. This is probably the biggest red flag with this bizop in my opinion.

          • It is NOT mlm. you don’t earn from those below you. I could tell you all about AIS, but since you censor comments unreasonably, I won’t…å

          • Clearly you do not understand what an MLM is then (you do earn on multiple levels with AIS).

            And the only ‘censoring’ I did was in ONE comment, where someone tried to leave their affiliate link. I do not allow people to SPAM their affiliate links on my website. Never have, never will.

  6. I am just saying to everyone here. Just be careful before signing up for anything online. I had signed a contract from a trading site called or This was is in 2016. I thought I would be making money and being able to get money from this trading group. This trading group in “Now in Administration”. I am going to my bank soon in the next week or so to see what they can do. I URGE ANYONE WHO DOES TRADING ONLINE DON’T! THEY ARE A MAJORITY OF THEM THAT SCAM YOUR MONEY EVEN BITCOIN! YES EVEN THEM! They are there to get your own hard earned money that you have saved, they want you to sign up, after you do you won’t see any return for your money. Sorry this is just where I’m coming from. There is a site you can go to called If you think you have been scammed try these guys. On the other scale though, with you have to pay either $425 USD now and the other $425 USD later or pay the full amount of $800 USD to get your money back from any online trading scams that you have been involved with. I am not in a position to pay the people either. Why can’t there be just a simple process in life where if you want your money back from online scammers or trading where you can just a write a simple report to them and then hopefully get action? I guess nothing these days are easy to do.

    I see what these Automated Income Systems are doing. It is free to sign up,yes it’s “free” but if you want to get more leads etc out of this site you will need again to PAY to upgrade your membership to get the better deal of getting better leads, whatever they are selling.

    Yes it may look good to do and sign up but again if you want to sign up, again you are using your own money to get the upgraded membership and better leads,etc.

    I’d say for anyone else who wants to comment, I’d say this:

    Sign up for this Automated Income Systems -“Free” to sign up
    To upgrade “You”, yes “You” need to pay for these packages here!

    Starter affiliate ($97): 10,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
    Silver affiliate ($297): 50,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
    Gold affiliate ($597): 100,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
    Platinum affiliate ($997): 250,000 biz opp leads and traffic package
    Diamond affiliate ($1,497) 500,000 biz opp leads and traffic package

    This is using Your own money if you want to upgrade!
    Is this really worth own money to use this site? I will say this! Absolutely NOT!
    There are better ways to make money online. Trading is not one of them, this site I won’t recommend to anyone! Research yourself and see what is good for money online. Be cautious and don’t be sucked in to anything that you may know which could be dodgy or outright scammed!

    The old saying goes like this “If you know something looks good to be true, it probably is.”

    Brother in Christ

    • [self promotion removed] is my promo code. Yes I use this program. I do received my payment as promise. Basically the writes is honest give a Fair view on it.

      MLM , affilate we all know is promote , share , with those want to earn money online.

      I been an internet marketers for some years. I do have to admit some are scam etc etc but my logic is simple. I don’t like to complicate IM stuffs as long the company , or the person pay me , there is a system there , I don’t feel is a Scam.

      what is scam ? Is people promise u something yet there is no things behind in depth and worst never pay u on time. So far AIS always pay on time. No hard to be free member , test out. I do know free members does earn. There is a Facebook group for all AIS members to discuss etc , Hope it helps and thanks for the write out of AIS good review there


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