American Diversified Publications – Scam or Legit Home Job Directory?

American Diversified Publications claims to help everyday people get a home job through their ‘exclusive’ home work directory.

They make getting your hands on a real work from home job seem easy, all you need to do is fork out the money for their secret jobs list!

And they go to quite an effort to appear legitimate too. But I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to home jobs, because many of them are in fact scams.

Anyways, I did my homework. Read on to see exactly what I found before buying…

What Is American Diversified Publications?

American Diversified Publications says they help regular people make money from the comfort of home, by means of their job directory. The digital download version costs $35 and the ‘hard copy’ costs $34 plus shipping of between $7 – $15 as of writing this.

So the company doesn’t actually employ you itself, it simply gives you a list of businesses willing to pay you to complete simple tasks. Which means we need to determine just how legitimate this ‘home workers directory’ really is.

Considering there are many legitimate and trusted job directory websites online already, the listings would need to be very exclusive to justify paying for this information.

I spent quite a bit of time researching this company, and I am yet to see ANY credible proof that this ‘list’ is worth paying for.

Who’s Running The Show… and Where?

The American Diversified Publications website ( does not list the people running it. According to the WhoIs database however, the domain is registered to a Kyle Shaw. And the business location shown is 685 E I-10 Service Road, Slidell, LA 70461.

Kyle Shaw

This is also the same address listed on the company website itself on their FAQ page.

Oddly, the BBB website shows that the company operates from an entirely different address (677 E I-10 Service Road Suite A Slidell, LA 70461).

Not sure why there is a mismatch there…

Anyway, I did some research using Google Maps and found that neither of those addresses are in use by American Diversified Publications…

Google Maps Arial View Business Location

As you can see, neither of the listed addresses have anything to do with ADP whatsoever. One is a mechanical workshop and the other is a furniture manufacturer!

Google Maps Location of Business Street View

Yet, they claim to have been in “the same geographical location for over 20 years” on their FAQ page. With the first instance of this claim dating back to March 2015 according to the Web Archive

Web Archive FAQ Page ADP

This logically means that the company started prior to 1995, which contradicts the BBB website which says they started in 1999. In any case, they are clearly lying about being at the same location for 20 years, or at all for that matter.

Who’s really running the show and where are they really located? Anyone’s guess.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, the idea is to buy their ‘home workers directory’ list by mail order or direct download. At which point, you are supposedly going to receive a list of jobs you can apply for and begin earning money.

Home Workers Directory

To figure out if the list is legitimate, I think it’s worth analysing the types of  ‘jobs opportunities’ they feature. There are 7 types of jobs they list in total as follows…

Mailing Program

Mailing Brochures As with all of the ‘opportunities’ listed, none of the elaborate on the specifics. The first opportunity they list claims you can become an ‘active participant’ in their new mailing program.

It says “you receive immediate payment for all the envelopes you secure and mail with our brochure.”

The key phrase there being secure and mail our brochure.

No company is going to pay you any sort of reasonable money to simply send envelopes. They would simply outsource such menial work. Which is why I believe this is really about promoting their offer, via their affiliate program.

The way this works is, you promote this company’s job directory online. And for every person that purchases a directory through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting products and services as an affiliate. Not at all. In fact, this is a great way to build an online business and earn money online.

But you should be careful of who you work with and what you promote.

In this case, you are promoting something that is questionable at best. And either way, you certainly don’t need to buy their brochure to do participate in their free affiliate program.

Most legitimate affiliate programs are free, and by no means is it a job. It’s a business.

Home Assembly Jobs

Home Assembly Jobs CD Cases

Home assembly jobs are among the biggest scams online. I am yet to find any legitimate ‘home jobs’ in this space.

In most cases, they lure you in with a fee and you never get anything to assemble. If you do, oftentimes they reject what you’ve assembled so you have to continue buying more raw materials until you “get it right”. Which as you probably guessed, no one ever does.

Telephone Operator and Mystery Shoppers

I’ve grouped these two jobs together simply because their credibility can be summed up in the same way.

Telephone Operator
Mystery Shopper

As in, telephone operators and mystery shoppers are legitimate jobs. And in most cases, you can do this type of work from home.

So the question becomes not so much about the legitimacy of the job itself, but whether you are really getting access to an exclusive list.

There are tons of these types of jobs on offer by legitimate, trustworthy job directory sites. Right now. Sites you do not have to pay to get access to, and jobs from real companies.

I don’t see the sense in paying some website to get a list that ‘might’ have better options.

Computer and Internet (AKA make money online)

Make Money Online It’s true that you can generate a significant income using the internet. There is no disputing this.

But there is an absolute plethora of misinformation out there about how to go about doing it.

Here are the so called ‘computer and internet’ opportunities they list…

Surfing the internet: you can make VERY small amounts of money this way but I do not recommend it.

Rating websites: I have actually found a legit site in this space called which you can join for free and earn money with. So this is a legitimate way to earn. But again, why pay someone to find these sites?

Computer programming: Unless you have studied this at university or have real skills in this field, forget it. Ditto to paying some sketchy looking site to find these jobs though.

Email based opportunities: I wrote an article about email processing jobs and I can safely say this is not a good way to earn money. And many of these ‘jobs’ are complete scams.

Data entry: Without a doubt, data entry is one of the biggest scams going online. There are real jobs in this space if you go through a real job provider, but in most cases they are scams.

Survey Websites

Surveys The website claims that “Kristy P is an expert on making money with surveys” and will help you make the big bucks.

While it is true that you can earn this way, I am very much not a fan of survey sites.

Primarily because the going rate (regardless of the site and how dedicated you are) is around $1-$2 per hour at best. This is a gross misuse of time that could be spent making real money, building a real online business. I think so anyway.

As for who this ‘Kristy P’ is, that’s all they say about her. And I couldn’t find anything to prove the claim that she’s an expert on surveys.

Facebook Cash

Sharing On Facebook This is all about promoting American Diversified Publications as an affiliate, using Facebook.

Apparently, you can “make money from home doing almost nothing”. All you need to do is “share our special link on your facebook page” and they will do everything from there.

Where do I start with that claim…

Nobody is every going to “do all of the work” for you. You can make significant money as an affiliate, and it is a legitimate business model. But it takes real work to get real results. Plain and simple.

From the description they provide, you’re essentially going to be spamming Facebook with your affiliate link.

First of all, that is super lame and a ridiculous way to build a business. Second, unless you have a massive network you will not make much money at all this way. Third, you are promoting a product that (in my opinion) is almost certainly a scam from what I’ve seen.

Complaints About American Diversified Publications

It didn’t take me very long to find a  number of complaints posted about this company around the web. Almost every review I found was negative and from people who were not happy with what they paid for…

ADP Complaint
ADP Complaint Ripoff Report

That complaint (see link below) was made on Ripoff Report in 2016. This person apparently did not receive what was promised, the company was unreachable, and their account was overcharged.

The following negative reviews I found on the BBB website (see link below)…

Negative Reviews ADP
Negative Reviews about ADP on the BBB website

As you can see, these people say the directory is BS, and that the company is extremely rude and unhelpful.

Here are the links to the complaints I found…

I was only able to find ONE positive review for this company. Considering they say they’ve helped “thousands of people over the last 20 years” it’s funny they only have one positive review…

Positive Review ADP

You’d think if they are legit, there’d be more positive reviews than this. In fact, it’s possible that review was put there by the company itself which is not uncommon. But I can’t say for sure though.

If you know of other complaints, please let us know so we can warn others, and feel free to share your thoughts about this company in the comments below.

The Verdict- Is American Diversified Publications a Scam?

I personally believe American Diversified Publications is running a scam. Yes. It appears they are taking advantage of everyday people who are just looking to make some extra money from home.

I didn’t purchase the ‘job directory’ myself, so I cannot say for sure it’s a scam though. I guess there is a very small chance they really do give you an ‘exclusive job directory’. But I seriously doubt it.


For starters, I’ve reviewed many programs on this site, and I’ve seen many scams over the years. So experience (and instinct) initially told me that this was sketchy.

But sometimes even good programs can appear untrustworthy at first, so I needed to do more digging.

At which point I found several large holes in the companies story. As in, where they are located and how long they’ve been in business. Then I looked at the actual ‘jobs’ being offered. I know first hand that in most cases, these so called home based jobs are scams.

And while there does appear to be some legitimate types of jobs listed in their directory… why pay these people to find jobs you can find online for free? Jobs from REAL companies, using trusted job directory websites.

Lastly, some of the complaints I found were enough to confirm my suspicions.

What you decide is up to you, but I cannot recommend ADP to you in good conscience.

7 thoughts on “American Diversified Publications – Scam or Legit Home Job Directory?”

  1. I want to tell the entire World that American Diversified Publications Inc. Company is; DEFINATELY A SCAM !! They are not only Rude, but Liars and Thieves as well!! I am disabled and my husband and I both decided this would be a great way for me to not only make some extra income, but to also have somethingto do that I would enjoy at my own pace. First, they sent me a booklet I already had, so I called to let them know I was returning it along with a project that I wasn’t able to do ( May 2018- You do the Math) which I was told was not a problem and would receive a refund before my next bank statement. I have been calling and getting passed along to more people and numbers then I care to mention. Therefore, they claim they didnt received anything in the mail that I sent back to them, even though I have the Post Office receipt. Now, they just hang up on me when I call about getting my refund back, unless it’s a recording that hangs up too. These people are a disgrace if not less!!!! Calling them a Scam is the PG Version! Their company should be called: American Diversified LIARS R US Inc.- …. Publish that !!!!

  2. i robert order your book in feb 2018 i got the book on 3-4-2018 i was ver un-happy i send your book back 3-6-2018 and to date ie 5-15-2018 i still have not gotten my refund backin your mailin program it promis a 100% satisfaction guarantee full refund i sent a momey orderfor$49.00on02-26-18 chech your phone recording someoneon your staff call me a un-educacted aminal that attack my character i have one witness on this phone call and one witness at the post office that i mail the book back

    • Hi Robert,

      You have posted this comment on a review of ADP. So you will need to send this to the company itself via email, as they are not likely going to monitor this post.

      All the best getting your refund anyways and thanks for dropping by.

    • I sent them money for the book too on November 1,2019 and still haven’t received any thing from them by money order I thought it was a scam but when I just review about them I have already sent the money and i’m on the phone with them now got me on hold they say they are busy helping other people and get back to me as of yet!

  3. This company is full of b.s…. I paid for the kit, My choice was mail processing, but it’s false advertising .. I have yet to receive and returned envelopes, and every time I try to contact someone they hang up on me… I just wanted to make money from the comfort of my home… Once I paid that first time, I wasn’t expecting to have to pay again and again ..l smh.. Such a waste of time and money..


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