7K Metals Review: Make Money Selling Precious Metals?

7K Metals claims to offer people the best prices on gold and silver related products.

I did some research on the gold bars and found that this isn’t exactly the case. On one hand there are discounts to be had and you can make money, but there are some things you should know before joining.

7K Metals Review

The website for this company was registered on the 22nd of September 2016 and there’s been some buzz surrounding it’s launch. The founders are Zach Davis, Josh Anderson, Richard Hansen and the CEO is Sam Cook.

Zach Davis
Zach Davis
Josh Anderson
Josh Anderson
Richard Hansen
Richard Hansen
Sam Cook
Sam Cook

According to their website:

We provide a way for people of all walks of life an avenue to obtain the most sought after products in history at the best possible price. It’s that simple.

So, the companies main selling point is giving people the best possible price on precious metals. I’ll show you how the business works and whether or not you really are getting the best prices.

The Gold and Silver Product Range

It is important to look at the products of a company like this to understand how viable the business opportunity will be. Is there a genuine retail offering here or is it just about recruiting?

Well, the company sells gold and silver coins and bars, as well as Numismatics which are definitely tangible products.

According to ProvidentMetals.com:

Numismatic coins are considered collectible and are not produced in modern times. These coins are are primarily valued for their rarity and not as much for their actual metal content.

In other words, these coins are about historical value instead of the actual value of the gold or silver itself.

They have a shop on their website which shows the ‘members price’ for each of these products which is good. In order to buy you must be a US resident and buy a membership (join the affiliate program).

How Do The Prices Compare?

In some respects trying to compare prices is fruitless because they fluctuate all day every day and it all depends on what you are buying. That said, I figured it was worth doing a quick ‘spot comparison’ to show you guys how the 1oz gold bar prices compare with the more well established companies.

Important Note: This is purely based on my own research so do NOT make any buying decisions based on this. The parameters of this comparison are as follows: 1oz gold bar, paying by credit card and including shipping to the United States as at the 26th December 2016.


A 1oz ‘gold bar’ with no information about it’s origin costs $1,144.50 and they don’t display the exact shipping cost to non-members. The website states that shipping is somewhere between $5-$25 though and they also include a 2.5% credit card surcharge.

Total Price= $1,178.11 to $1,198.11

Source: https://www.7kmetals.com/Shopping


A 1oz “Republic Metals” gold bar comes to $1,154.81 and shipping costs an extra $7.77. They also include a 3% credit card surcharge.

Total Price= $1,197.22

Source: https://sdbullion.com/1-oz-republic-metals-gold-bar


The exact same 1oz Republic Metals gold bar costs $1,158.06 plus shipping of $9.95 to anywhere in the US. They don’t have a credit card surcharge as such, but the price did climb to $1,240.61 for payment with a credit card.

Total Price= $1,216.26

Source: http://www.silver.com/1-oz-rmc-gold-bars/

Based on the above, the best case is 7KM being $38.15 to $18.15 cheaper depending on the cost of the shipping. However, next to SD Bullion there is potentially almost no savings to be had buying through 7KM. More importantly, in order to buy from 7KM you must become a full member for $250 which obliterates the potential savings on this order.

From a customer perspective, unless you plan on buying a much higher quantity of gold and/ or unless they have better deals on other products, which they may, there is no advantage to buy through them.

1oz Gold Bar

There is also ZERO information about the gold bar itself on their website for consumers who are weighing up their options. I mean, who in their right mind is going to shell out $250 for no overall savings just to see if “maybe” the 7KM gold product is better quality? Good luck with that.

Consumers in this day and age are WAY more savvy than they once were. Many WILL compare these prices and come to the same conclusion I have, this is just plain logic. The other companies supply detailed information about the type of gold they are selling, they are well established and have built trust in the marketplace. They also offer volume discounts without having to join their club!

Buying through 7KM might appear cheaper at a glance, but after digging it’s not so great and you don’t even know what you are getting.

That said, this is only based on my spot comparison with the gold bars and maybe in time they will show consumers more information. As it stands though, there’s no advantage for the majority of consumers to purchase through 7KM. Plain and simple.

The 7K Metals Compensation Plan

This company uses the multi level marketing business model along with a ‘binary’ downline structure and (in comparison to many other comp plans I’ve reviewed) it’s a very simple compensation plan.

Team Commissions

A binary downline system works by only ever allowing an affiliate to have two referrals directly under them, a left and a right team or “leg” as it is commonly referred to.

Binary Downline

As you can see from the example above, an affiliate’s team is split into two sides. These are separate sides for the sake of calculating commissions, but are both part of your downline.

There are two different commissions you can make based on your team’s performance.

Step 1 Team Commissions

Each time your left and right team reaches 500 points in a given week, you’ll make $500. Points are earned based on selling memberships and/ or any “coin of the month” purchases happening in your downline.

These points continue accumulating for as long as it takes to reach 500 points in each team.

Step 2 Team Commissions

Each time both of your teams reach 1,000 points in any given week, you’ll make $1,000. Your left and right team under you represents a ‘tracking center’ and is capped at earning $1000 in commissions in any given week.

The Point Reset System

Any points your teams generates above 500 and below 1,000 in any given week, reset to zero at the beginning of a new week.

Team Commissions Points Reset

In other words, you have a maximum one week window to get from 500 – 1000 points before they reset. You could also reach the 1,000 point cap in both teams, and your points would naturally reset at the beginning of a new week in this case too.

This is clearly stated in the compensation plan:

Points will reset to “0” at the beginning of the next pay period when either Step 1 OR Step 2 Team Commission is earned.

Here’s a couple of examples to illustrate how this works…

Example 1: If your left team reaches 550 points and your right team reaches 925 points by the middle of a given week, you would earn a $500 commission. Cool. Assuming you earned no more points beyond this before the end of the week, your points would reset to zero because you earned a ‘Step 1 Team Commission’.

Example 2: You’ve accumulated 400 points on both teams over a couple of months. You enter a new week, and by the third day reach 500 points on both sides, thus earning a $500 commission. Cool. In that same week, you go all out and generate 1,200 points in your left team and 1,076 on your right team. You would make a $1,000 commission and the remaining 276 points would be reset at the start of the new week.

On one hand it’s good how points are carried over if you don’t reach 500, but it sucks if your team is somewhere between the 501 and 999 point mark each week.

Matching Team Commissions

This pays out a 5% matching bonus on whatever your personally sponsored affiliates earned in a given month on the previous income stream. For example, if you had personally recruited 6 people and they all earned the $1,000 bonus, you’d make 5% of $6,000, which is $300.

Becoming An Affiliate

The cost of becoming an affiliate is either a one off $250 OR $75 plus $10 per month thereafter. If you plan on buying any bullion products though, you must pay the $250 upfront.

Getting Commission Qualified

Getting commission qualified is a matter of generating 25 “points” each month which means taking part in the $98 “coin of the month” program OR selling at least 1 membership per month. You also need at least two direct referrals, one on either side of your binary downline.

Final Thoughts​

On one hand, there is a tangible product and the prices are marginally cheaper. However, only better IF you buy the membership for $250. It is possible that the savings are better throughout other products they sell, but based on the gold bars (and based on the lack of information about the gold bars) I can’t see why a typical customer would buy from 7KM. It simply makes no sense.

Regarding the compensation plan, affiliates are being paid commissions for selling memberships (AKA recruiting other affiliates) and when many of those same recruited affiliates pay the monthly $98 to stay commission qualified. In other words, this appears to be less about actual retail sales and more about chain recruiting.

This is never a good thing when it comes to mlm because only so many people will join the opportunity. When recruiting slows (and it will) the only money to be made will be through retail sales.

As I said earlier, I can’t see the advantage of their retail offering to consumers unless they are buying bulk. Even then, other companies offer bulk discounts as well. It’s not a scam as such, but as it stands I do think there are better and more sustainable options to consider for a home based business.

14 thoughts on “7K Metals Review: Make Money Selling Precious Metals?”

  1. Lorabeth? You got victimized? By $250. Lol seriously? Lol. I must get victimized by my cable internet bundle. ?. No one is gonna get rich, stealing $250 from you. But that aside.

    $250. Gets you a membership. Not a guaranteed return. If you buy $100,000 worth of Metals or $20 worth, you get it at cost. That’s the benefit of the co. Yes I earn an average of $1,000/mo from their RETAIL product, which is the coin of the month, and memebership sales. Less than 1 in 10 on my team have actually joined to “build a business”. the other 9?
    Just for the benefits of the memebership which is to buy good and silver at the best possible price. I’m sharing my hobby with others. I’ve been collecting coins since childhood. I’ve done it without 7K, I’ve done it with Modern Coin Mart. And in fact, still buy from various websites. The company is not made for you “I wanna get rich quick people” it’s made for preppers, collectors, and metal stackers. With the money I earn, I buy 50oz Of Silver each month. When I earn more, I’ll buy 100. I sometimes go to gun shows, with a 500 Oz box of silver and advertise my price plus the membership at a booth and get 3 or 4 sign ups. If you stack heavy. One discounted Monsterbox, more than pays for your membership.

  2. Hi my name is Lorabeth Powers & I’m looking for any1 who was victimized by 7k Metals! I just spoke to the FBI because if you Google pyramid scheme you’ll notice that the definition describes 7k Metals to a T & the only way for the FBI to investigate this is if I have victims who lost money who are willing to come forward, could you help me with this?

    • LoraBeth, I am not a member of 7K, but you need to get a life. 7K is a network marketing company, not a pyramid scheme. The definition of a Pyramid Scheme is the exchange/collecting of money with no exchange of goods. With the Coin of the Month program they have, that takes away your Pyramid Scheme Claim. The coin of the month being the goods. SMH

  3. Thanks for your post it gave me a lot to think about. I have now signed up with 7KMetals and I took the $250 Option. I personally love the Con of the Month and the amount that I am learning from the site is brilliant.

    I know I can buy ANYTHING online and find it cheaper somewhere else but you have to look past cheaper and for me the value that I am offered played a big part in joining the system.

    I look forward to sharing my purchases with my kids.



  4. I think the 250 would be for the people who are looking to build a business or get some type of ROI. If you’re looking to just buy coins then another alternative would be researched. Keep in mind the 250 is to start up your own business and this is your start up fee. It’s no different if I started up a candy store with a store front but for much more overhead of course. You will pay something no matter if you’re looking to start up a business. The good thing about starting a company with a tangible product is you can’t eat or drink it and . I wouldn’t pay the 250 at all if I was just buying coins when ever I want. But you do have people out there that sign up for membership based companies just so they can get some type of discount and that’s becoming more of a thing now. Most mlm companies make changes usually after 6 months or so based off of the feed back that company receives from the members. Thanks for the info.

  5. Here is the link to the actual compensation plan for 7K Metals, it should clear up any confusion referred to above: http://about.7kmetals.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/7k_Compensation_Plan_Doc_10.17.17.pdf
    The critical requirement to preserve accumulated points is to have personally done something at least once every forty-five days, that is enroll someone, or buy a numismatic ms70 “coin of the month”, otherwise you would be considered “inactive” and lose accumulated points after the 45th day of your last activity.

    • I did link to the actual compensation plan within this review. Although it appears to be no longer active when I clicked on the link in my review just now. So I’m guessing it’s been updated again.

      Anyways, thanks for the update. Much appreciated 🙂

  6. The unpaid-on points DO NOT RESET to zero for the next week.

    Giving this false information is a big deal, because this aspect of the plan is one of it’s best points. Have an agenda?

    • First of all, I take the accuracy of my reviews very seriously.

      I work hard to provide well researched, accurate, and unbiased reviews to help people make a more informed decision. But that doesn’t mean I’m perfect or that I don’t make mistakes either.

      Apart from your accusatory tone, I do appreciate your comment as it altered me to the following:

      1) The details of the compensation plan have in fact changed since this review was published. It was once accumulate 500 points to earn $1,000.

      2) The point reset system does exist, but was not explained as well as it could have been. At least, not according to the 2017 version of the comp plan.

      As a result, I went ahead and updated this aspect of the review. As I always do when I find a discrepancy or an update.

      To explain how this works according to the facts laid out in the official compensation plan:

      – Once both teams reach 500 points at any point in time, you earn a $500 commission (points less than 500 on both teams, carry forward until the $500 commission is earned). This is known as a ‘Step 1 Team Commission’

      – Once both teams reach 1,000 points within a given pay period (week), you earn a $1,000 commission. This is known as a ‘Step 2 Team Commission’

      – Team sales do NOT accumulate beyond 1,000 points per team. Each week, the maximum commissions from each ‘tracking center’ is capped at $1,000

      – Points will reset to 0 at the beginning of a new pay period when either the $500 commission OR the $1000 commission is earned

      These are the facts according to the comp plan, which means there IS a resetting of points. This is clearly stated in black and white. Any points accumulated between 501 – 999 in any given week will logically reset at the beginning of each new week.

      The only time points are ‘carried forward’ is when an affiliate’s team has accumulated less than 500 points.

      It is possible I’m mistaken about this aspect, but this is the only logical conclusion I could come to based on their official compensation plan document. Feel free to point out (with proof) that what I have stated is not correct if you disagree. If you are correct, I will happily update this review.

  7. Thanks for your investigation Tim, I am the same as you, Have done the net works for years, one was great called “Mainstreet” with Ruff from the Ruff times, the membership was 150 and you got to use condos for $99 per week. We did it go lots of benefits , then it all went to hell. I am going to look at what you have as I think the internet is where it is at.

    • Hi Lawrence, my pleasure and I’m glad you found this review helpful. For sure, whatever opportunity you get involved with, learning to leverage the internet is one of the best things you could do. The more you learn the more you will see just how vast the opportunity really is online. Anyways, thanks for dropping by and all the best moving forward! Cheers


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