Will The Conversion Pros Convert You Into a Recruiting Machine?

The Conversion Pros is a platform with a suite of marketing tools aimed at driving leads into an mlm business. Regardless of the niche or company you promote.

Overall there’s value from an ‘all in one’ product perspective, but it’s not the answer to all of your lead generating problems and there are drawbacks to consider before signing up as I explain.

What Is Conversion Pros?

One of the most difficult things for anyone trying to build a network marketing business is finding targeted prospects, piquing their interest and converting those prospects into paying referrals. Let’s face it, chasing family and friends sucks right? Yep! The fact is, without leads you don’t have a business.

This product has been put together to help you win the battle and build your downline leveraging online marketing techniques. But is it really all that great? Well, there’s pros and cons with everything and this is no different.

Who’s Behind It?

David DubbsTCP was created by David Dubbs who’s apparently a top recruiter and refers to himself as a “rockstar”. Cool story bro.

I don’t know about you but that kinda makes me want to run the other way!

For the purpose of this review though, I really don’t care if he calls himself Captain America. I’m only interested in the ‘rockstar status’ of Davids products.

How The Products Stack Up

There are 12 tools designed to help you get leads and each play a different role in helping you build your organisation and it costs $50 per month.

Capture Page Creator

Capture Page Creator A capture page is a webpage you send people to in order to ‘capture’ their email address and send them to your offer. Most mlm companies give you a replicated website and generic landing page but they are rarely geared to capture a prospect’s email address.

Building an email list allows you to build trust and re-market to a highly targeted list of interested people, in particular, the ones that didn’t sign up on the day. It’s not about spamming people to buy stuff though, it’s about building a relationship with a targeted group of folks who have already expressed interest in whatever it is you are offering.

There are quite a few capture pages included and some do look pretty decent, while others look a bit cheesy in my opinion. Either way, there’s plenty there so you have options and they appear to updated regularly which is cool.


TCP Autoresponder This tool is used to contact the people who have given you their email address on your capture page. The idea is to have an automated sequence of emails to send to your email list and continually test and tweak these emails to achieve optimal results. It appears TCP gives you training on these techniques which is potentially very worthwhile.

The biggest value I can see with this autoresponder is that you can send out unlimited emails and considering the price, that is very high value. However, the value depends entirely on the quality of the autoresponder in comparison to other companies in the market. Especially in terms of the delivery rate.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing ToolThey’ve included text message marketing functionality within the tool set so you can send out text messages to those who’ve given you their number on your capture page. This can be quite effective but the downside is it can potentially affect your opt in rate on your capture pages.


Because a lot of folks are not going to give you their email address AND phone number (especially if they don’t even know you) so they’ll just leave and move on, or give you a dummy number. While it’s nice to have I’m not convinced it’s the best approach for a capture page.

Auto VoiceVoice Messaging Message & Dialler

This is a way for you to automatically send pre-recorded voice messages to you prospects and auto dial their numbers until someone picks up. Can’t say this interests me personally but again, it’s an option.

Don’t go too crazy with this tool or you’ll end up getting some super annoyed folks reporting you for spamming, understandably.

The Blog Creator

Blog CreatorThis gives you the option to build a WordPress blog and use that as a marketing tool. I can safely say this is the most effective approach to getting leads, hands down. To be more specific, this is the best approach to attracting those leads in the first place. In order to make any of this work you absolutely must be getting traffic to your pages. Traffic (website visitors) is the single most important element you need to master.

For example, the local hardware store can have the greatest tools known to man, the best customer service and even the best prices. But if they aren’t getting people through the door they face inevitable failure. It really is that simple.

This will take the most effort to master but done correctly you can attract an unlimited number of leads into your business for free through Google, Yahoo and Bing. That is priceless and worth every bit of effort. It seems the training TCP gives you on implementing this strategy is limited at best. To make this work you need to learn the correct approach and get the right set of tools and support from people who build websites/ blogs for a living.

Learn more about building a successful lead generating website here.

Mobile Website Builder

Mobile WebsitesThis is a neat little tool that allows you to build a customised mobile website. You don’t really need to build a separate website to do this but it does make life easier if you are new to internet marketing.To achieve the very same thing as this tool you’d simply create a dedicated opt-in page on a mobile responsive website, like the website I show you how to build in the link above.

Again, it is cool to have and makes things super easy but it’s not the only way or even the best way.

Marketing Videos

Marketing Videoshis is essentially a list of videos they’ve put together to place on you capture pages. They are tailored to different niches so it doesn’t matter what company you are in. If you do join this I recommend using these sparingly and in conjunction with your own videos though so you can see which ones convert better.

People like to see you, not a bunch of paid actors and fake smiles. Being successful in the online space isn’t about bells and whistles, it’s about helping people and giving them genuine value.

Personally, I wouldn’t use these if I was serious about promoting this or any other company.

URL Rotator

URL Shortener This tool allows you to automatically rotate different capture pages you’ve put together to test and see which ones work best. For example, you might set things up to show people “capture page 1” for the first 300 clicks and then swap over to “capture page 2” for the next 300 clicks. The beauty of this is you can set and forget, then come back to see exactly which pages have converted the best. This kind of data is absolutely essential to your success.

It also make life way easier when using a system like TCP.

For example, if you have a bunch of your affiliate links placed in your email sequences, various advertising and social media sites. Instead of changing all the links individually in every place to test them, this does that for you automatically in one place.

In other words, this tool saves you time and gives you some good data to make better marketing decisions. That said, this is nothing new and there are many rotators out there, many of which are free.

Other Tools

The last few tools aren’t anything too special so I threw them into one.

Tiny URL is a free service you can get elsewhere through sites like Bitly that allows you to shorten a long URL like ‘www.mylongassurlthatlooksugly.com’ into somehting much shorter and attractive. Why do this? Some social media websites prefer this kind of URL, it’s sometimes good to mask affiliate links and it can give you some good insights into your links and how they are performing across the board. So it’s a useful tool and it’s good to be included in the system given everything is integrated.

They also have a QR code generator and an invoice tool. Cool. Nice extras but nothing to write home about.

What About Traffic?

On the website there is a menu option about traffic (the most fundamental ingredient of all) but it doesn’t show you anything. It simply points people to an option to buy leads. While the option to buy quality leads might come in handy I definitely don’t recommend starting there unless you have a lot of extra cash lying around. It can be a massive money pit and you won’t always see results.

It is not exactly clear how they are teaching you to drive traffic but from what I have seen it focusses on paid traffic like solo ads, banner ads and things like this. Not my cup of tea and not the best way to drive traffic in my opinion.

Would I Use This?

Probably not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile product to consider depending on your needs and what you are trying to accomplish. I wouldn’t use this personally because I already know how to drive traffic for free in any niche I choose and I’d prefer to use companies that specialise in the main tools TCP is offering. For example…

Email Marketing: I use MailChimp (Aweber is also good) for my email marketing since that is their sole focus. The tools these 2 companies give you are quite simply the best in the industry. You can create free accounts with the two I mentioned but the cost can go up into the $100’s per month depending on the size of your email list. By that time you should be making well enough to cover that cost though. If not, autoresponders are the least of your concerns.

Capture Pages: Companies like ThriveLeadPages.com specialise in high converting capture pages and tools to grow your email list. TCP simply doesn’t stack up to that level of quality and functionality since these companies specialise in this one product. This costs $67 one time and is continually updated.

Website/ Blog Building: TCP utilises WordPress which is great, but with what you are given, you aren’t going to be able to take your blog very far without buying addittional training and tools. I got my start with Wealthy Affiliate and it is hands down the best, most newbie friendly website building platform out there. It makes the whole process incredibly simple and highly effective. It showed me how to go from having no clue to making a regular income online through building niche websites in WordPress and there are tons of success stories like mine. You can start this for free and premium is $49 per month which gives you up to 50 websites with hosting, training and support among other things all included.

Referral Program

Conversion Pro uses a 3 level unilevel compensation referral program. This means that you can unlimited referrals on levels 1,2 and 3 but no deeper.

Compensation Plan

Tier 1: $20 per direct referral you bring in

Tier 2: $3 per referral on your second level

Tier 3: $2 per referral on you third level

It’s a really simple structure and potentially quite a lucrative one given the commissions are recurring. As long as your referrals stay on, you continue getting paid each month. How long they stay ultimately depends on how good the product is.

What I Liked

  • Decent suite of tools that would benefit network marketers overall
  • Good ‘all in one’ solution for those getting started marketing an mlm online
  • You can try it out for $1
  • Facebook page and weekly webinars to help grow your business

What I Didn’t Like

  • No explanation on the traffic generation strategies being taught on the website
  • Having to put your phone number in to access information about TCP is not good (in my opinion)
  • Better quality products can be purchased individually and in some cases will work out cheaper
  • The addittional (and essential) costs of web hosting and a domain name are not explained in the sales material for the blog aspect

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a decent set of tools that someone in the mlm game could utilise to get more leads into their business. A lot of the products can be accessed for free though and in my opinion there are better alternatives if purchased individually. The good thing about this is how everything is under one roof. This makes life easier for a newbie to internet marketing and provides an actionable solution for getting mlm leads.

Signing up to this is not going to give you leads for $50 per month without doing any work. These are tools and they only work if you are getting traffic. In my opinion, the best strategy to drive traffic is for free through the search engines and while TCP may touch on these things, I can safely say they are not the best solution for this.

Overall it’s a reasonable suite of tools and a good ‘all in one’ solution for network marketers looking to attract leads in the online space.

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