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Uncovering Tilson’s “Perfect Portfolio” (“Tech Titan”) Picks

Whitney Tilson’s latest Empire Research presentation focused on a company he referred to as “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” and three “Tech Titan” stocks he’s bullish on. Tilson gave his first pick away for free (Berkshire Hathaway) but kept a lid on his three tech company picks. To get those, you need to join his Empire Stock Investor newsletter for $49 and see a report he created called “The Perfect Portfolio.” I looked into his picks, though. And in this post,

What “$4 Inflation Stock” Is Whitney Tilson Teasing?

Whitney Tilson just released a presentation about a “$4 Inflation Stock” that he believes could “soar by 1,000% over the next couple of years” and even more long term. He also claims it could help investors beat the current “surge in inflation,” overcome rising interest rates and survive the market volatility we’re seeing. “This stock could soar by 1,000% over the next couple of years. Over the long term, I could see you making 25x… 50x… even 100x your money.

Whitney Tilson discussing his 2022 predictions in a video on the Empire Financial Research website.

5 Whitney Tilson Predictions for 2022 (Stock Picks Exposed)

Former hedge fund manager turned stock picker Whitney Tilson is one of the few “investment gurus” I pay attention to in the financial publishing space. And not just because of his track record and insights, but because he thinks outside the box. At the core, Tilson’s philosophy is one of a value investor; he has said on multiple occasions that his biggest mentor has been Warren Buffet, who’s arguably the greatest value investor of all time. However, while Tilson’s investment

Whitney Tilson discussing his America's Next Big Monopoly Quaternary Code stock pick on the Empire Financial Research website.

America’s Next Big Monopoly: Tilson’s Quaternary Code Stock Exposed

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Whitney Tilson about “America’s Next Big Monopoly,” a company he claims will change everything about the way we live and disrupt countless industries thanks to a new technology called the “Quaternary Code.” According to the presentation, Whitney Tilson’s past discoveries have “monopolized their industries and soared as much as 20,000%.” And apparently, he’s now sharing the “biggest story of 2022,” a “new potential monopoly” that he predicts could hand investors gains of 1,000%

What Are Whitney Tilson’s 5 “Connexa Terra” Picks?

Today I’m reviewing a presentation from Whitney Tilson about a technology he’s calling “Connexa Terra.” According to Tilson, it could reduce your everyday expenses while giving investors the “opportunity to make 3x… 5x… even 10x” gains within the next few years. What’s it all about? And is the presentation legit? That’s what I’ll be delving into in this post. Let’s start by breaking down Tilson’s “Connexa Terra” prediction. Then, I’ll show you what stocks I think he’s teasing and give

Is Whitney Tilson’s “Netstake” a Legit Opportunity?

Hi, and welcome. Today I’m looking into a presentation from Whitney Tilson of Empire Financial Research about an opportunity he’s calling “Netstake.” According to the presentation, there’s one “little-known company” using Netflix’s blueprint to “help create America’s next big obsession” that could become a “$516 billion wealth exodus.” What is Netstake? And is this a legitimate opportunity? That’s what I wanted to know when I decided to look into Whitney Tilson’s claims. And in this post, I’ll show you everything