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What “Last Great Value Stock” Is Karim Rahemtulla Pitching?

A stock teaser presentation from Karim Rahemtulla has been doing the rounds lately, and it’s all about a “$2 stock” he’s referring to as “The Last Great Value Stock.” According to Rahemtulla, this company is “like Tesla on steroids,” and he thinks it “has a real chance to go to $50 in the years ahead.” What company is he teasing? That’s what I wanted to know. So I dug through the clues he shared in the presentation, and in this

Bryan Bottarelli’s Trade of the Day Plus (Is It Legit?)

Hi, today I’ll be looking into a trading service called “Trade of the Day Plus,” run by Bryan Bottarelli of Momentum Traders Alliance, LLC. In the presentation for the service, Bryan says he recommends “one simple trade” every Wednesday evening. And that, since the service began in October of 2020, his recommendations have generated an 83% win rate for subscribers. Is it legit? I am a little skeptical of some of the Trade of the Day Plus claims, but I