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What’s Mark Skousen’s “$0.20 Inflation Trade” Pick?

Today I’m looking into a presentation about a “new warning” from Mark Skousen regarding inflation, rising rates, and a “$0.20 option trade” he’s recommending. For whatever reason, Mark Skousen himself wasn’t featured in the presentation; the whole thing was presented by Roger Michalski of Eagle Financial Publications. Nevertheless, Michalski said he has a “shocking forecast from Dr. Mark Skousen,” which apparently has to do with an “inflation tsunami” coming that could trigger a “stock market catastrophe” the likes of which

Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies (2021 Review)

Hello and welcome to my review of Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies. I stumbled across this advisory service while researching different services run by some of Mark Skousen’s colleagues over at Eagle Products, LLC. During his Forecasts and Strategies presentation, Mark talks about things like investing in gold, earning dividend income, and basically how to create long-term wealth. I found it to be quite informative. So I decided to look at what the service is all about, who Mark Skousen