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Happy excited women making and assembling crafts in home workshop

Do Legit Home Assembly Jobs Actually Exist?

If you’ve been searching for a legit way to make money assembling products from home, you’re not alone. A lot of people are interested in this type of work because it’s simple and flexible. But are any of these jobs actually legit? Most “home assembly jobs” advertised online are scams that ask you to pay a joining fee or purchase a “starter kit” to get started, then either don’t provide you with any products to assemble or continually reject your

Closeup of person making homemade candles to sell

Is Selling Homemade Candles Worth It?

Lots of people like making candles as a hobby, but some have gone a step further and wondered if they can turn it into a business as well. But is selling homemade candles worth it? Selling homemade candles can be a profitable venture because the candle market it thriving, there’s an average profit margin of 25-50% for new businesses, and there are multiple places you can sell them. You can sell a candle for $5-$20, and an average candle costs

Preparation of bath bombs. Ingredients and floral decor on a wooden vintage table.

How To Work From Home Selling Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have been exploding in popularity in recent years. They have a great profit margin – they’re cheap to make, and they sell for more than double the cost of production. So, maybe you’ve decided to try and get in on this business model yourself! Here’s how to make and sell bath bombs from home: Get an Inventory Setup an Online Store Market Your Bath Bombs Sell Your Bath Bombs Read on to learn how to make bath bombs,

Toilet paper rolls on table

Can You Make Money Selling Toilet Paper Rolls?

The average person goes through 100 toilet paper rolls per year. That might not surprise you, but what will is the fact that people will actually buy the cardboard tubes the paper is wrapped around! But can you make money selling toilet paper rolls? Yes, you can actually make $60-$240 per year selling rolls to people looking to use them for crafts or other like purposes. All you have to do is collect them, make sure they’re clean, and sell

Example of making and selling wood crafts

Is Selling Wood Crafts a Good Way to Make Money?

Wood crafts are all the rage for both the trendy home decorator and the business executive who appreciates fine craftsmanship. There’s no shortage of people looking for quality wooden products – and maybe that’s why you’ve decided you want to try your hand at selling them. But can you actually make money doing that? Wood craftsmen can bring in a steady stream of income creating products like furniture, kids toys, pens, or even home decor and selling them on various

Can You Make Money Selling Reclaimed Wood

Can You Make Money Selling Reclaimed Wood?

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ve probably noticed that reclaimed wood is increasing in popularity – and cost. So much so, in fact, that maybe you’ve thought about turning it into a side-hustle for yourself.  But can you actually make money selling reclaimed wood? The quick answer is yes, you can. How much you can make depends on the quality and rarity of the wood, as well as how you plan on selling it. With extremely low start up costs