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Closeup of person making homemade candles to sell

Is Selling Homemade Candles Worth It?

Lots of people like making candles as a hobby, but some have gone a step further and wondered if they can turn it into a business as well. But is selling homemade candles worth it? Selling homemade candles can be a profitable venture because the candle market it thriving, there’s an average profit margin of 25-50% for new businesses, and there are multiple places you can sell them. You can sell a candle for $5-$20, and an average candle costs

Pile of firewood on a heap. Coniferous and deciduous stacks of firewood.

Is Selling Firewood A Good Way To Make Money?

Smoke billowing out of chimneys and crackling of fire logs is something that many people enjoy during the colder months, and it’s a popular method to heat a house.  But of course, to burn firewood, you first have to buy it; and if someone buys it, there has to be a seller. And if you’re looking to earn a few extra bucks for Christmas, you might want to jump on the firewood train. So, this leads us to the question:

Toilet paper rolls on table

Can You Make Money Selling Toilet Paper Rolls?

The average person goes through 100 toilet paper rolls per year. That might not surprise you, but what will is the fact that people will actually buy the cardboard tubes the paper is wrapped around! But can you make money selling toilet paper rolls? Yes, you can actually make $60-$240 per year selling rolls to people looking to use them for crafts or other like purposes. All you have to do is collect them, make sure they’re clean, and sell

Example of making and selling wood crafts

Is Selling Wood Crafts a Good Way to Make Money?

Wood crafts are all the rage for both the trendy home decorator and the business executive who appreciates fine craftsmanship. There’s no shortage of people looking for quality wooden products – and maybe that’s why you’ve decided you want to try your hand at selling them. But can you actually make money doing that? Wood craftsmen can bring in a steady stream of income creating products like furniture, kids toys, pens, or even home decor and selling them on various

Woman holding Box of plastic bottles

Can You Make Money Selling Bottles?

As of a few years ago, in 2017, people across the world have collectively been purchasing over one million plastic bottles per minute, and less than ten percent of that actually gets recycled. What happens to the vast majority of them? They’re thrown away, either on the side of the road or in the garbage. But there is a positive side to this: that means there’s hundreds of thousands of bottles just waiting to be collected and recycled – for

Crane in Scrap Metal Yard

Can You Make Real Money Selling Scrap Metal?

Did you know that only 30% of scrap metal actually gets recycled? That means there’s literally piles of metal just waiting to be turned into cash! But can you make real money this way? Yes, it is possible to earn money selling scrap metal like aluminum, cobalt, copper, iron and steel. It’s pretty simple too. All you need to do is collect it from various sources and sell it to a scrap yard. And since the going rate is about

Make Money Selling Aluminum Cans

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Aluminum Cans?

Over 100 billion aluminum cans in the world are not recycled per year. That means billions of cans are either filling up landfills or are tossed on the side of the road. So, maybe you’ve wondered if you can collect some of those and turn them into a bit of cash. But how much money can you make selling aluminum cans? Selling aluminum cans isn’t going to be the most lucrative money maker, but some people make upwards of $100

Make Money Selling Experiences on Airbnb

Can You Make Real Money Selling Experiences on AirBNB?

Airbnb rents out 500,000 rooms on average per night, so it’s no wonder why they’re the top player in the space. Maybe you’ve wanted a piece of the action, but don’t have any extra space to rent out. Well, the good news is you can host experiences on Airbnb without having to rent out part of your home! But can you make real money selling experiences on AirBNB? Yes, you can earn money by hosting an experience on Airbnb. Hosts

Pile of Junk Batteries to be Recycled

Can You Make Money Selling Junk Batteries?

If you’ve ever gone out to your car in the morning, only to hear the dreaded clicking sound when your engine won’t start, then you know what it’s like to need a new battery. But what do you do with the old one? Well, if you’re like me, you take it down to the auto parts store, where they give you a (really small) credit towards your next one. Maybe that’s what led you to start considering selling your –

Can You Make Money Selling Reclaimed Wood

Can You Make Money Selling Reclaimed Wood?

If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ve probably noticed that reclaimed wood is increasing in popularity – and cost. So much so, in fact, that maybe you’ve thought about turning it into a side-hustle for yourself.  But can you actually make money selling reclaimed wood? The quick answer is yes, you can. How much you can make depends on the quality and rarity of the wood, as well as how you plan on selling it. With extremely low start up costs