Simple Wealth Creators Review: Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Simple Wealth Creators claims you can make up to $10k per month “virtually on autopilot”.

Certainly sounds like something most people want…

But since you’re reading this, chances are you’re wondering if it’s legit or another scam. Well done. You can never be too careful these days, so it’s smart to do your homework!

Here’s what you need to know before you join…

Simple Wealth Creators Review

Simple Wealth Creators is a multilevel marketing (MLM) system that recently launched and is attracting quite a bit of attention.

The premise is simple- buy into one of three ‘compensation packages’ and qualify for commissions to promote the same packages to others. The higher the package you buy, and the more people you recruit, the more money you can make.

The sales video is a bit overhyped in my opinion. It claims that earning $10k per month with their business opportunity is easy and it all happens on ‘autopilot’…

Simple Wealth Creators Business Opportunity

Unfortunately, making that kind of profit online is never quick and easy. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to get to that point. Regardless of how good the system is you’re promoting.

The company does have a phone sales team in place to help close sales for you, which is where the whole ‘autopilot’ concept comes into play. There are other companies that do this so it’s nothing new. But it is worth noting as it’s a large part of how this system works.

The idea is to get people in the door initially, then the companies telemarketers work to upsell your referrals into the higher level purchases. This does work, but you still need to get people to the sales page in the first place.

And you should know that this same tactic will be used on you too if you join.

As for who’s actually running the show I really can’t say. The website does not disclose who’s behind the company and the whois database shows an anonymous domain registration.

Anyways, before you can decide if this is worth it or not, we need to dig deeper…

The Product Line

There is no way for retail customers to purchase the Simple Wealth Creators products directly. To access the products, you must join the business opportunity as an affiliate.

The products consist of various online business, prospecting and mindset training…

  • Social media training
  • Webinar hosting training
  • Ebook about prospecting
  • YouTube advertising training
  • Sales funnel training
  • Mindset development

There is very little said about what these products actually consist of.

I mean, they might be great products. But they might also be ‘thrown in’ to legitimise the recruiting side of things too. Which is common among these types of ‘systems’.

In any case, there’s really no way to know without joining the biz op.

Interestingly, there’s no way to know which products come with a given ‘suite’. As in, there is no explanation as to what products you receive if you buy the ‘starter suite’ versus the ‘premium suite’ for example…

Product and Compensation Packages

No matter which of the above links you click on, you get taken to the same page featuring the same products. Which is strange considering there’s a monumental difference in price between these three ‘suites’ ($597 to $3,597).

So if SWC really does have the “best digital products currently available online” they’re not selling them based on their individual features and benefits. They’re selling people on the business opportunity, with the products being much less significant.

IF the only true benefit to buying into a higher level is so that you can earn more money recruiting, that’s not a good thing.

The Simple Wealth Creators Compensation Plan

The website does not provide people with an official compensation plan document. But I was able to determine how it works based on what I found for the most part.

So the first thing you need to do if you want to participate in the compensation plan, is ‘buy in’ to one of the following three compensation packages (AKA ‘suites’).

The individual compensation package you buy, determines how much money you can make when you recruit others into the same system.

Starter Suite ($597): Spend $597 to qualify for $350 commissions when your direct referrals purchase this, or any suite.

Deluxe Suite ($2,097): Spend $2,097 to qualify for $1,400 commissions when your direct referrals purchase this suite or a ‘premium suite’. If you sell a ‘starter suite’ package at this level, you’ll earn $350.

Premium Suite ($3,597): Spend $3,597 to qualify for $2,450 commissions when your direct referrals purchase this suite. If you sell a ‘starter suite’ package at this level, you’ll earn $350 and if you sell a ‘deluxe suite’ package, you’ll earn $1,400.

The above breakdown is clear when you read the compensation plan page on the official website and the following FAQ answer…

Simple Wealth Creators Compensation Plan

In addition to direct commissions, you can also earn on sales your direct referrals make. Which is also what qualifies this as an mlm program.

The way this works is with a ‘roll up’ structure. Whereby, if your direct referral makes a sale, but isn’t qualified at the top level, some of the commission ‘rolls up’ to you.

This ensures that the full commission for each sale is always paid out to affiliates. It’s really just a matter of who gets what commission.

The best way to explain this is by way of example (start with Susan and work your way up)…

  • You (premium member)- The remaining $1,050 commission ‘rolls up’ to you
  • Your direct referral Susan (deluxe member)- Earns a $1,400 commission from Susan
  • Susan’s direct referral Peter (premium member)- Pays $3,597 for the ‘premium suite’

As you can see, the full commission for whatever suite is purchased, is paid out in full.

Using the above example, you’re a premium member so you got the remaining $1,050 in commissions. If you were a starter member, you’d only make $350 and the remaining $700 would ‘roll up’ to someone in your upline.


You can make money promoting a system like this. Assuming the company is legit and people actually do get paid, this model can be profitable. There’s really no disputing this.

Your main objective is getting people in the door, so the phone sales team ‘close’ the sales for you. Given there are three progressively higher ticket packages on offer, the commissions are quite large also.

But there’s also a good reason why I do not recommend this system.

For starters, there is clearly no genuine retail sales activity taking place. The system is more than obviously setup for affiliates to join, and then recruit other affiliates. That’s what this is really about above all else.

When it’s all about recruiting instead of selling genuine products to genuine customers, the business opportunity simply cannot last.

Once recruiting begins to slow, which it will, people start to jump ship. And when they do, the opportunity is no longer profitable and there’s another shiny object to take it’s place.

Which is precisely why it’s always the early adopters and heavy recruiters that make the lions share of the profits with these kinds of systems.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has helped you make a more informed decision.

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