Should You Become a Perfectly Posh Consultant?

You deserve to be pampered, and Perfectly Posh wants to do the pampering! Cool.

But does that mean you should become a consultant and promote their ‘pamper products’ to your friends and family? Well, I’m not a rep so I’m not here to convince you to join.

I’ll just show you what this company is about so you can make your own mind up.

Perfectly Posh Review

The company was founded by Andrew McBride and Ann Dalton back in 2011.

Andrew McBride was the President of the company, but he was relieved from his role in earl 2017 for reasons unknown. The company released a video explaining why this happened, but the explanation given was extremely vague. It was a bit like watching a politician dodge an important question. Lots of words, very little insight.

Ann Dalton CEO
Ann Dalton
Andrew McBride Founder
Andrew McBride

Anyways, Ann Dalton is the CEO and is confident the company is on track for a successful future. According to the company website, she’s passionate about providing consumers with the best ‘pampering products’ possible within the United States.

The company distributes it’s products via the multi level marketing business model, also known as network marketing.

The Pamper Product Range

The products in the companies catalog consist of a range of natural creams, soaps, lotions, body butter, shampoos and many other items.

PerfectlyPosh Products

Pretty much anything aimed at helping woman look great and feel ‘pampered’ within these five categories:

  • Hands and Feet
  • Face and Lips
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Bath

The reviews I found were mixed in regards to both product quality and the company in general. Since I don’t know much about these, it’s hard to tell you how good they are. They do seem more expensive than their alternatives though.

For example, the standard soap is called ‘Chunk’ (lol) and costs $9 per bar. While the ‘Snarky Bar’ (what the?) costs $12 and appears to be some kind of ‘specialty soap’.

Snarky Bars

They all come in different ‘flavour themes’ which will naturally appeal to different customers. The marketing behind these products is pretty cool. The products stand out as unique which is important. That being said, paying $12 for a bar of soap seems pretty wild.

When it comes to price though, it does depend on the ingredients, the products effectiveness and what similar products are selling for. It really comes down to whether or not people who are not involved with the business will pay this kind of money.

The company claims their products made in the US and that they source their ingredients locally which is cool. They also say they are free from harmful ‘fillers’ and they do not test them on animals. Basically, they say they are the best thing ever. Surprise surprise.

Are these products really worth the cash? I can’t say for sure since I haven’t tried them. This is really only something you can decide for yourself.

The Perks Customer Rewards Program

As a customer, you can join the Perks Loyalty Program which rewards you with ‘perks’. These are points that you can redeem to buy products or receive a discount. It all depends on how many points are accumulated and how many points are associated with each product.

Either way, 10 perk points equates to $1 you can use to purchase products.

Perk Rewards

You also earn points when you refer friends and family to purchase through your link and at home parties, which essentially makes this program the customer equivalent of being a consultant.

You can also use your perk points to purchase a consultant starter kit which is cool.

Becoming a Perfectly Posh Consultant

To become a Perfectly Posh consultant, all you need to do is purchase a $99 starter kit.

The starter-kit comes with popular product samples and some ‘tools’ to get started. It also comes with a free replicated website where you can send people to make sales.

Consultant Starter-Kit

To get started, you don’t need to be referred by a consultant yourself like some network marketing companies. You can simply type in your zip code and the system will find a consultant for you.

As part of your consultant agreement, and in order to earn commissions, you must also agree to be paid via ProPay. This is a third party merchant services company and signing up with them is essential if you want to become a consultant.

This is all part of the company’s new Posh Pay Program.

As part of this program, commissions are paid into your ProPay account. From there, you can then transfer your money to your bank or use it to purchase products from Perfectly Posh.

You also receive a linked ‘Posh Pay Debit Card’ which (it appears as though) you can use like a standard debit card.

Here’s the basic fees for registering with ProPay:

  • $7.95 annual fee
  • $1 fee to transfer funds to your bank account
  • $2 ATM cash withdrawal fee

Not huge fees. But it is kind of annoying they make you do this rather than just paying you normally.

Anyways, after paying the $99 plus the $9 shipping fee, you are now a ‘Protege’ consultant. Read on to learn how you can actually make money with this biz op.

The Perfectly Posh Pay Plan

As a Perfectly Posh consultant, you can earn commissions from personal sales and sales made from those you recruit.

Here’s the Pay Plan chart the company provides which shows the commission rates:

Perfectly Posh PayPlan

While it’s great the company shows people this compensation chart upfront, it’s also kind of confusing. In the following section, I’ll show you how all of this fits together in a way that makes sense.

Direct Sales Commissions

Direct Sales Commissions

Quite simply, this allows you to make money by selling products to customers.

As a basic ‘Protege’ consultant you can earn 20% commissions on direct sales, and from the ‘Pink’ ranked consultant onwards you can earn 25% commissions.

These commissions are paid weekly based on Personal Volume (PV). PV is sales volume arising from your own personal orders, and those of your non-distributor customers. For every $1 your or your customers spend on products, you earn 1 PV.

For example: If one week you purchased $50 worth of product yourself and sold $150 to your customers, you would have accumulated 200PV that week. This would equate to a $40- $50 commission depending on your rank.

A monthly bonus is also paid out from ‘Pink 1’ ranked affiliates onwards of 1-6% which is calculated in the same way.

Downline Commissions

This is where the mlm component kicks into gear and where you can potentially earn passive income.

This particular company uses a ‘unilevel’ downline system which places you at the top, and those you recruit under you. Your referrals can also place referrals into your downline, infinitely wide and deep.

Unilevel Downline System

This aspect of the pay plan begins from ‘Pink 1’ ranked affiliates onwards and the commissions are based on ‘Team Value’ points (TV). This is just sales volume within your downline, where 1 TV equals $1 in product spend within your downline.

While TV is based on the entire sales volume within your downline, the commission rate you earn on that volume is calculated  according to your rank, and the rank of your first level referrals- AKA your “frontline consultants”. These are the consultants you directly recruit and who are placed into the first level of your downline.

This is critical to understand as it underpins this entire section.

This compensation plan is less about which ‘level’ a referral is on beyond level 1, and more about ‘teams’. As in, your downline could span 163 levels deep for example, but the only thing that matters is the total TV, your rank and the individual ranks each frontline consultant.

Each frontline consultant essentially represents a separate team (or leg) for the purpose of calculating commissions.

For example: If you had 12 front line referrals, they would each represent a team under you. Imagine that each of these teams accumulated 100 TV each for the month. That equates to 1200 TV combined. So, this is 1200 TV total within your entire downline, but it is separated across 12 frontline referrals. The percentage paid on each teams TV (100 TV each team) depends on their 12 individual ranks.

Here’s a rank chart which shows the commission percentages based on rank:

Downline Commissions Chart

Using the same example as above, if you were a ‘Pink 2’ affiliate you’d make 3% on any of your 12 front line teams that ranked ‘Protege’ and 2% on those ranked ‘Pink’ and so on.

Imagine that 6 of your frontline referrals were ranked Protege and 6 were ranked Pink. This would pay you 600 TV @ 3% ($18) and 600 TV @ 2% ($12), or a total $30 commission for that month.

In any case, the higher your rank, the higher the rank of your frontline affiliate you can be paid for. Also, you are not paid on affiliates who are ranked higher than you.

There is one last thing I need to mention about TV. This sales volume is based on the entire downline, until Premier ranked affiliates come into play. Read on to see what I mean.

Premier Generation Commissions

Whenever an affiliate is promoted to a ‘Premier’ ranked affiliate anywhere in your downline, they essentially become a separate team. Regardless of where they are positioned.

They are still part of your downline and you still earn from them, but the way you earn from a Premier referral and every referral under them is unique.

Here is the chart that shows the commission rates for this:

Premier Generation Commissions

As you can see, the earning potential here is unlocked for Silver, Gold and Platinum ranked affiliates.

For example: A ‘Silver Premier’ ranked affiliate earns 2% of the sales volume generated from a ‘Premier team’ within their downline. You would also earn this same 2% on any other Premier teams anywhere else within your downline. This is known as your ‘first generation’ Premier team.

Gold Premier ranked affiliates qualify to earn from a second generation ‘Premier’ team. A second generation is formed once an affiliate is promoted to Premier under an existing Premier team. The same applies for 3rd generation Premier teams.

In other words, your 1st generation Premier team continues indefinitely until someone under that Premier ranked affiliate becomes a Premier ranked affiliate themselves.

Ranks and Qualifications

Ok. So we’ve discussed the different ways you can earn.

This section is about how to achieve these ranks and (as a reference) what they allow you to earn.


Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions

Qualify by:

  • Purchasing starter-kit


Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions

Qualify by:

  • Buying/ selling $1000 worth of products

Pink Plus 1

Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $2000 in sales volume across your entire downline regardless of rank (CV)
  • 1 Qualified Frontline Consultant (QFC)

Note: CV takes into account ALL sales volume from ALL affiliates in your entire downline. It doesn’t matter where they are or which rank they are at. A QFC is a frontline referral that generates 200PV or more each month.

Pink Plus 2

Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $4000 in CV
  • 2 QFC’s

Pink Plus 3

Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $8000 in CV
  • 3 QFC’s


Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
  • 1st generation commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $20,000 in CV
  • 4 QFC’s
  • $6000 in TV (your entire downline excluding Premier ranked affiliates)

Silver Premier

Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
  • 1st generation commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $6000 in TV
  • $30,000 in CV
  • 4 QFC’s
  • One 1st generation Premier ranked affiliate

Gold Premier

Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
  • 1st and 2nd generation commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $12,000 in TV
  • $40,000 in CV
  • 4 QFC’s
  • Two or more 1st generation Premier ranked affiliates

Platinum Premier

Eligible commissions:

  • Direct sales commissions
  • Downline commissions
  • 1st and 2nd generation commissions

Qualify by maintaining:

  • $500 in PV each month
  • $20,000 in TV
  • $100,000 in CV
  • 4 QFC’s
  • Four 1st generation Premier ranked affiliates


Some opportunities are better than others, and some are more ethical and sustainable.

Spotting the difference largely comes down to the value of the products and the emphasis placed on recruiting. If the company generates a large portion of their revenue from genuine retail product sales to non-affiliates, and affiliates are not purchasing products just to qualify to recruit, that’s a good sign.

If the majority of revenue is coming from affiliates and the products aren’t good value… then it may indicate a recruiting scheme. These schemes are not sustainable, and are not worth joining.

What do I think about all this?

As far as the products go, I have zero interest in them and wouldn’t know the first thing about pretty much any of them. As far as the pay plan goes, it’s pretty standard. Commissions are based on the sale of (seemingly) genuine products.

I do think that the $500 monthly requirement is a bit steep, especially considering an affiliate could literally just purchase the whole $500 worth each month just to qualify. In other words, there could be quite a few ‘posh’ garages kicking around.

Whether or not this is actually happening though, is anyone’s guess.

If the products are worth buying, and the company is operating ethically, your biggest hurdle is growing your downline. Companies like this teach you to chase your friends and family which simply doesn’t cut it. It sucks for building your business, and it sucks for your relationships.

If your goal is to make anything more than a few extra bucks, it’s worth developing a better strategy than this. Assuming you can sell the products and with the right team building approach, it’s certainly possible to make money with this company.

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