My Review Of The ‘Q Sciences’ Business Opportunity

Q Sciences is an MLM company that claims to help people ‘live exponentially’ with their products and the business opportunity that goes along with them.

After doing some digging I do think the products have merit and they appear to be pretty legit. However, there are drawbacks to consider before joining.

Q Sciences Review

The health and wellness mlm company was founded in 2013 by Daren Hogges who has a pretty prosperous history in the network marketing world. He partnered with a man by the name of Anthony Stephan who is the founder of TrueHope and that is where the company’s flagship product ‘EmpowerPlus Q96’ originated from.

TrueHope and it’s founder Anthony have a strong association with religion claiming that God has given them the answer to treating mental illness and creating life changing supplements.

The Products

After doing some research it appears there is definitely some controversy over the effectiveness of the product but they do have some genuine studies to support some of their claims.

The majority of the studies are fairly generic but there are some specific medical studies that show the effectiveness of Q96.

EmpowerPlus Q96

One of the key reasons I’m not a fan of health and wellness mlm’s is that they notoriously inflate the value of their products and preach this to anyone that will listen.

According to this article, there was an instance in 2013 where an IBO set up shop at a charity walk and was telling people that the products were able to ‘cure any mental illness’.

She allegedly claimed that Q96 could be taken instead of your prescription medication which is clearly not something that should be taken seriously.

In fact there was an documented incident in 2011 where a young man did stop taking his schizophrenia medication in favour of the EmpowerPlus supplements and it led to the death of his father and near-death of his mother after he had an psychotic episode.

Important Note: I am not in a position to state all of the facts in that case or who was at fault but it is clear to me that stopping your prescriptions to take some ‘miracle’ pill without the direct approval of a qualified physician is not the best idea. It is also worth noting that the company does not recommend doing this and it is against their policy to promote the products in this way.

The thing about mlm is that if reps do in fact preach this kind of thing it is very easy for the company to distance themselves by simply saying “those representatives acted of their own accord”.

My conclusion is that there appears to be some research for some of the products and they do appear to have some merit, but I wouldn’t jump right into it believing they are all 100% backed by third party science and research.

How effective they really are is something I encourage you to research yourself very carefully and exercise caution before taking or recommending them. I am not a doctor or health professional in any way so this is all based on my opinion and research only.

The Business Opportunity & Compensation Plan

The business opportunity is apparently the ‘best of the best’ and revolves around the concept of recruiting people who then recruit people. I’ll definitely give this company a thumbs up for openly providing a link to their full compensation plan on their website, this shows transparency which is something I value.

There are several different ways you can earn and I’ll break them down here…

How You Can Earn

Retail Sales: Earn the difference between wholesale and retail when someone purchases product through your replicated website. The trouble is that anyone can get wholesale prices simply by agreeing to a monthly auto shipment which qualifies them as a preferred customer. This will inevitably mean you’ll earn very little retail profits because a lot of people will want to save money and become a preferred customer.

Power Of 3: This is a $50 bonus paid to you when you sponsor 3 reps who have a combined total of 500PV or more, PV is a certain amount of points associated with a particular product. This would equate to somewhere around $600 of personal and customer spending between those 3 reps each month for you to get your $50 commission.

Quick Start: This pays you up to 3 levels deep on any new customers and recruits spending during your first 30 days of signing up. It is based on the PV of their spending and continues to pay you for all of their spending until your 30 days are up. This is good but most people don’t get many customers or recruits in this period of time so I wouldn’t count on this too much.

Residual Commissions: This is where you can earn between 1-5% of the overall volume of your downline organisations purchasing. The higher the rank you achieve the deeper the levels you can earn on, it goes 10 levels deep and there are 13 ranking positions. This commission unlocks after your first 30 days of signing up.

Residual downline commissions chart

Customer Sales Bonus: After your first 30 days you are eligible to earn 20% on all PV above 240PV. This includes PV from you, retail customer and preferred customers. In other words you are paid $0.20 for each 1 PV over 240PV.

Customer Sales Bonus example

Matching Bonus: Once you reach ‘Silver’ rank or above you become eligible to earn a set percentage commission on up to six generations.

For example: If you reach ‘Platinum’ rank then you’d earn 6% of whatever your organisation has been earning in quick start bonuses, residual commissions and customer sales bonuses right down that ‘tree branch’ until it hits the next silver rank or higher. At that point in the branch your second generation will start and earn you 5% until it hits the next silver rank and so on.

Other Bonuses: There are several other bonuses including rank advancement and lifestyle and global pool bonuses.

Getting Started & Staying Active

It costs $49.95 to join and you need to maintain 100PV to take full advantage of the comp plan. Getting 100PV will cost you around $120 or more each month.

There are other options like the ‘Business Acceleration Kit’ which is supposedly for anyone serious about building their business and it costs $474.95 at wholesale.

Business Acceleration Kit

My First Year Cost Estimate

This is what I estimate it might cost the average rep trying to build a Q Sciences business in their first year. It is entirely based on my own research and opinion so please do your own research before making any decisions.

  • Signing Up: $169.90 (this includes the joining fee of $49.95 plus the cheapest option to obtain my 100PV so I am eligible to earn maximum commissions)
  • Staying Active: $1439.40
  • Conventions, samples and other associated costs: $500
  • Total estimate: $2109.30 +

This is not an insanely expensive MLM in comparison to others but it does show you the true costs are far beyond the joining fee.

It’s worth noting that your customers purchasing will reduce the amount of money required each month to maintain your 100PV to the best of my knowledge.

What I Liked

  • More research backing the products than most health and wellness mlm’s
  • Broad range of products and it’s easy to find info about them and their prices
  • The compensation plan was readily available and very easy to understand
  • Initial joining cost is low

What I Didn’t Like

  • Too much hype about the products being some kind of ‘miracle cure’ without hard evidence or FDA support to back this up
  • They teach the warm market technique to grow your business
  • Do not provide an income disclosure

Final Thoughts

I’ve given my thoughts on the pros and cons of this company and its products and overall I think it’s not the worst company I’ve come across.

I do think it’s very easy for these kinds of companies to inflate the value of their products so I am still pretty skeptical of any health claims though.

From a business perspective, hustling family and friends is not going to help you achieve anything worthwhile and unfortunately, that’s what this company teaches distributors.

It’s not a scam, but in my opinion, there are better options to consider if you’re looking to start a home business.

3 thoughts on “My Review Of The ‘Q Sciences’ Business Opportunity”

  1. I truly appreciate your un-bias review on this company and it’s products.

    You made me think on something that’s very true. Health and Wellness MLM’s tend to (based on my 11 year experience with this particular niche) tend to have some behind the scene untold truths that eventually come to light – creating conflict between top distributors and the company.

    Hence, the overwhelming trend of top earners jumping from wellness company to wellness company with their entire teams.

    I have seen it happening so many times, and although, that “trend” isn’t exclusive to Wellness MLMs, it is certainly happening so often that I’ve learned to become skeptical about it.

    Thanks, again!


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