My Home Job Search- Legit Work at Home Jobs or Scam? Read My Review to Find Out…

Chances are you were looking for a legitimate way to work from home when you came across the My Home Job Search website.

It certainly looks promising.

But after doing some digging I found out it’s really just a fake job search website run by an anonymous affiliate. And the real purpose of the website is to sell you stuff.

Here’s what you need to know before signing up…

My Home Job Search Review claims to offer people the chance to make $14 to $56 per hour as an employee…

14 to 56 dollars per hour home job

So it seems like you are getting a legitimate home job. And this is what the entire website is supposedly about.

Anyways, if you choose to perform a ‘job search’ you need to put your zip code into the box and answer a series of questions.

Here’s what they ask you:

  • How much would you like to earn each week?
  • How many hours can you work each week?
  • Do you have basic typing skills?
  • When can you start working?

These are the sorts of questions you would expect someone to ask you if you were applying for a real home job.

However, in this case it’s fake.

I’ve run through these questions multiple times. No matter how you answer them, you land on the same page every time… free account

The real purpose of this is to make it APPEAR as though you are applying for a home job. When in reality, all they really want is for you to give them your name and email.

In any case, once you create a free account you get access to this page:

My Home Job Search Members Area

This is where the reality of this website sets in.

All the free membership gives you is links to survey sites, make money online programs and other online business sites they are affiliated with.

So when you join ANY of those through that page, they earn a commission from you.

I know this because I earn a full time income doing affiliate marketing. So I know what an affiliate offer is.

The individual offers they promote change according to what is ‘hot’ at the time. But they are always making a cut and most importantly, NONE of these sites are real home jobs.

This becomes even more evident if you visit the ‘job listings’ tab. Where there are ZERO jobs available…

No Work From Home Jobs Available

So there are no jobs!

As a result, most people would logically click on the other tabs where all the affiliate offers are, or upgrade their membership.

Which is the whole point.

What’s My Home Job Search Really About?

My Home Job Search is a website run by ‘Michael Andrews’, who claims the site is the “#1 trusted mediator between home job seekers and “employers interested in hiring home based workers”.

In reality, My Home Job Search is a fake work from home job site. One that does NOT provide you with any real home jobs at all.

Instead, they promote affiliate offers and their ‘platinum membership’ for $29. This is the true agenda of the website.

Ok. But does my home job search work?

According to the fine print at the bottom of the site… “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

So most people make zero money using this system, let alone $56 per hour.

To be fair, some of the offers they promote are real paid survey websites and are not total scams. So you can join those sites and earn money.

However, the problem is, the pay is VERY low.

At best you will earn $1 to $2 per hour doing online surveys. It’s not a good way to earn money from home at all.

And that’s the ‘good’ part…

The bad part is that they promote all kinds of sketchy ‘make money online’ offers too. The ones that pretend like you can “money using this system” that’s only 20 bucks or something. And then hit you with tons of upsells and you make zero money at all.

For example: is one they promote. Which costs $27 and literally gives you a database of ‘make money’ offers that you can readily find online for free!

Anyways, there are too many to cover each in detail, and the offers change regularly as I mentioned earlier. So the best advice I can give you is to proceed with caution if you’re going to join any of the offers they are promoting.

The take home here is that NONE of this is about a real home based job.

Which means the person running this is marketing these offers in a highly unethical manner. Misleading people into believing they are jobs when they are not.

Who’s Michael Anderson Anyway?

There is no mention of who is running the website other than in the video. Where ‘Michael Anderson’ claims he is the founder of My Home Job Search.

However, since he does not show a picture of himself, there are no links to social media accounts or anything, my guess is that’s just an alias.

Especially when the website ( is using an anonymous domain registration.

I’m all for protecting your privacy online. But when someone is claiming to be the “#1 home job search website” and chooses to hide their real identity, it’s a red flag.

Speaking of which…

4 Red Flags You Need to Know About

There are many red flags throughout the website in general. But I’ve narrowed them down to what I believe are the four main red flags.

1) Fake News Endorsements

One of the biggest red flags I have come to learn amongst scam websites is their claim to have some kind of affiliation or endorsement with the news.

In this case, we are first greeted with a news clip talking about ‘people who work from home’…

Fake News Endorsements

The news clip is real. But the story is NOT about My Home Job Search or anything they are offering. This video is a compilation of old news stories related to ‘working from home’, that is it!

They also throw a bunch of news logos under the video to further make their story believable.

Why do they do this?

Because tricking people into thinking the program has a news endorsement makes it that much more believable. It sucks more people in.

Here’s the fine print at the bottom of their site which discloses it’s fake…


As you can see, there is no news endorsement at all.

2) Fake Testimonials

Another common trick sites like this use is fake testimonials. Much like the previous example about gaining your trust, they use fake testimonials to ‘prove’ their system is working for others.

Here’s one testimonial on the MHJS website to show you what I mean…

Testimonial 1

And here’s another one…

Testimonial 2

I’m always skeptical of testimonials on sites like this though. In most cases they are fake. And after doing some research it turns out my suspicions were correct.

These are just stock photos…

Stock Photo

Stock Photo 1

None of these people use this site to earn money at all. If this really was a legitimate site, why don’t they have real testimonials?

3) Your Personal Information Is NOT Safe

One of the other ways they monetise your use of their site is by renting and selling your personal information to other marketers.  Who will SPAM you with more offers about working from home.

Here’s a screenshot taken from their privacy policy to show you what I mean…

Privacy Policy

It is very common to receive annoying calls, text messages and emails daily from these websites after giving them your info.​

4) Fake Countdown Timer

The last point I want to make is that the ‘countdown timer’ you see on the checkout page is FAKE. This is a common trick used by unethical marketers to trick people into thinking they need to ‘hurry’. So they buy before time runs out and no more spots are available.

All you need to do is refresh the page and it starts over again…. Checkout Page Fake Timer

So it’s not real and it really shows the tactics these people will resort to.

Complaints About

The reality is, real people are not making real money with these ‘jobs’. The people who do buy are losing their money and finding it difficult to obtain a refund.

Like this person who tried calling the number (888-454-9233) after upgrading and could not get any support or help at all.

Here’s part of the complaint this person submitted on

… so next I call the number on their site and it states due to the social media they had a big amount of call volume and then told me to go to the website and register for a premium membership as they were only accepting calls from premium members. Then it just says goodbye and hangs up. Very unprofessional and they had no problem taking my money immediately but I can’t get a response immediately to use the service?

I was unable to find any positive reviews from real people at all. Only negative reviews like this, which further proves the premium membership for $29 is not worth it.

Verdict- Is My Home Job Search a Scam?

My Home Job Search is a scam in the way it pretends to offer people real work from home jobs. When it’s true agenda is promoting affiliate offers and the premium offer for $29.

After everything I saw, and the fact I don’t need or want a ‘job’ since I earn a full time income online, I chose not to buy that premium offer.

So on the plus side there are some legitimate sites they promote within the free membership. And maybe within the paid membership.

But at NO time should you pay for access to a list of websites you can find yourself online. I can say without a doubt they are not hooking you up with real jobs. So that is essentially what the premium membership is about. Selling you access to stuff you can find yourself with a quick online search.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this helps you make a more informed decision about joining.

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