Mindset 24 Global Review: Life Changing Business or Scam?

Mindset 24 Global is different, a true once in a lifetime business opportunity…

Well, that’s what the sales pitch says anyway. While it sounds good, how do you know it’s not just another scam in disguise? You don’t, which is why it’s good you’re reading this review.

I’ll show you what I found to help you decide for yourself…

Mindset 24 Global Review

The company officially launches on September 3rd 2017 and is co-founded by CEO Brian McLane. The website doesn’t say much about Brian’s background, but he has other mlm companies over the years.

As for the other co-founders, there’s no mention of who they are. The company website does show Kevin Harrington and Jay Sargeant as being involved though.

Kevin Harrington is a ‘Marketing Partner’ for the company. He’s a world renowned speaker, author and all round successful entrepreneur. Most people know him as ‘the guy from Shark Tank’ but he also created the infomercial and has run many successful companies.

Turns out Kevin is a big believer in the multilevel marketing business model.

Jay Sargeant is the ‘Chief Visionary Officer’ for the company, and the person responsible for much of the content within the training packages that I explain shortly. He has over 30 years experience within mindset and personal development space.

It’s not the first time Brian McLane and Kevin Harrington have been involved in an MLM company though. In 2011 they both promoted a program called ‘$1000 A Week For Life’ together which appears to have fallen flat.

Mindset 24 Global’s Self Development Products

There’s no doubt about it, your mindset is VERY important as an entrepreneur. Regardless of the business model, you need to have the right thinking if you want to be successful.

Some believe paying for ‘mindset’ training is nonsense. While others spend a good chunk of their time and money reading ‘self help’ books, attending live events and paying $1,000’s for personal coaching.

Whether you’re into this stuff yourself or not, there’s a big market for self development.

The ‘mindset training’ was developed by Kevin Harrington and Jay Sargeant. As mentioned, Kevin has a solid track record in business, and Jay is a successful life coach. The self development technique taught within the training, is known as the NLP model.

The training is priced from $100 to $2,000 as follows:

  • $100 for the ‘series 1’ training package
  • $400 for the ‘series 2’ training package
  • $1000 for the ‘series 3’ training package
  • $2000 for the ‘series 4’ training package

Assuming the material is high quality, those prices aren’t crazy. And each higher level series includes the previous, which means you could buy everything for $2k.

I haven’t purchased any of these myself, so I can’t say how good (or not good) they are.

The Mindset 24 Global Compensation Plan

As you know, this is an MLM business opportunity. So you can earn commissions on direct sales and a percentage of sales made by those in your downline.

Read on to see how the compensation plan works in detail…

Becoming an Affiliate

Anyone can sign up for free, and promote this program as an affiliate. However, there are certain qualifications that must be met in order to earn commissions. You also need to pay a $50 annual fee to remain an affiliate.

Getting Commission Qualified

According to the company’s terms and conditions:

An Affiliate will qualify to receive commissions and bonuses so long as he/she produces one personal membership sale each month or maintains a personal membership in good standing for himself/herself.

Thus, in order to qualify for commissions you have 3 options:

1st Option: Purchase whatever ‘series’ you want to promote yourself

2nd Option: Make one direct sale each month for each series you wish to promote

3rd Option: Make $10k in sales in your first 30 days to qualify for commissions on all series

So, if you purchase ‘series 1 package’ for example, you can earn commissions on the $100 series 1 training package for life. Alternatively, sell a series 1 package directly each month to qualify. The same example applies for each training package.

In order to get “4 star qualified” and earn on ALL packages, you must buy or sell a ‘series 4 package’ and sell an addittional two series 4 packages. In other words, spend $2k and sell $4k worth of product OR sell $6k in product.

This means that the “worst case cost” to qualify for commissions is $2,000.

Ways You Can Earn

In total, the company pays out 70% of it’s revenue to qualifying affiliates in the following ways…

Retail Bonus

Affiliates earn 25% commission on the personal retail sales of any training packages.

Retail Matching Bonus

This is a 100% matching bonus, based on the ‘retail sales bonuses’ generated by your direct referrals.

For example: If your direct referral earns a $200 ‘retail bonus’ for the month, you will earn a $200 matching bonus.

Coded Bonus

The coded bonus operates using a ‘pass up’ downline system. This downline is infinitely wide and deep, but you don’t earn on everyone in your downline.

You only earn commissions on every first, third and fifth member you recruit directly and two out of every three from then on.

This illustration will make more sense if you’re a visual learner like myself:

Coded Bonus Example

This means you have to ‘pass up’ every second, fourth and sixth direct referral to whoever sponsored you. And every third direct referral thereafter on your

The same is true for anyone your direct referral’s bring on board. Their second, fourth and sixth referral, along with every third referral from that point on, is ‘coded’ to you.

This process continues infinitely wide and deep, with the system automatically ‘coding’ members in this way. The bonuses you earn are dependent upon which membership the referral purchased.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can earn:

  • $25 for any series one members coded to you
  • $100 for any series one members coded to you
  • $250 for any series one members coded to you
  • $500 for any series one members coded to you

Provided you qualify to earn on that particular package, you’ll earn the corresponding commission.

Note: If one of your coded referrals upgrades at some point, you are paid the difference. For example, if one of your referrals purchases the ‘series 2 package’ and upgrades to ‘series 4’ later on, you’ll earn $475.

Coded Matching Bonus

Similar to the retail matching bonus, you can earn a 100% matching bonus on ALL personals coded bonuses that your direct referrals earn.

To qualify, you must be at the same level for whatever coded bonus your direct referral earns. And have personally sold 2 of those same memberships.

For example: Your direct referral earns a ‘series 3 coded bonus’ of $250. If you haven’t qualified at the series 3 level, you miss out, if you have, you earn a $250 commission.

Profit Sharing Pools

There are 7 profit sharing pools in total, with 20% of the company’s revenue going into these pools. How much you can earn from this, depends on the company’s total sales and which pool you qualify for.

1 Star Profit Pool

Purchase or personally sell a series 1 package to earn a share in 2% of all training packages.

For example: The company has sold $500,000 worth of training packages for the month, so $10,000 is divided among all 1 star pool qualifying affiliates.

2 Star Profit Pool

Purchase or personally sell a series 2 package to earn a share in 2% of all training packages.

3 Star Profit Pool

Purchase or personally sell a series 3 package to earn a share in 2% of all training packages.

4 Star Profit Pool

Purchase or personally sell a series 4 package to earn a share in 3% of all training packages.

5 Star Profit Pool

Purchase or personally sell a series 4 package and have 5 personal referrals who qualify for series 4 commissions. Earn a share in 3% of all training packages.

7 Star Profit Pool

Purchase or personally sell a series 4 package and have 20 personal referrals who qualify for series 4 commissions. Earn a share in 4% of all training packages.

Super Star Profit Pool

Make $10,000 in direct sales within a rolling 30 day period, and continue doing this to stay qualified.

Is Mindset 24 Global a Scam?

I do not believe Mindset 24 Global is a scam.

Assuming the training products represent good value for money, then the products are legit and arguably worth the money. The cool thing is you can start at $100 and see if you like the training. If you do, then you can buy more as you see fit.

Regarding the business opportunity, there is definitely potential to make good money promoting this. But it does pay to set reasonable expectations of income as a beginner. Like any business, it will take a solid amount of effort to begin making a substantial income.

Finally, mlm itself is not a scam or pyramid scheme. But it is important to consider how much retail sales activity is taking place. If the majority of customers are really affiliates who join and ‘self qualify’ just to recruit other affiliates, it’s not good.

Whatever you decide, I hope this review has been helpful!

2 thoughts on “Mindset 24 Global Review: Life Changing Business or Scam?”

  1. Great review, my wealthy affiliate friend, I decided to give 24mindset a go earlier. What I like the most is that all cost seems to be covered. I found no Ponzi holes in it. The shared pool provides only money that is in the system already and doesn’t promise any money that isn’t there yet. I know, at the end, it’s all about how long the site stay’s online, it’s progress and your own effort. For so far it looks good, Time will learn, I will get you updated in three months.


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