Can You Make Money Writing For Verblio?

If you’re looking for some at-home work and you have some decent writing skills, you’ve probably considered writing for a site like Verblio.

But can you make real money this way?

Blog and content writing service Verblio will pay their freelance writers a minimum of $10.50 per 300-400 word article. You get paid once a week on Monday via PayPal, however you’ll only get paid if your content is accepted by the customer who chooses from multiple writers’ articles.

Let’s take a closer look at what Verblio is all about, how it works, if you can really earn money with them, and more!

What’s Verblio About?

Verblio is an online blog and content writing service. They offer writing services for things such as:            

  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • E-books
  • Product descriptions

Verblio writers are freelancers, meaning that you get to make your own schedule, but you also have to cover your own expenses and take care of your own taxes.

Another plus is that Verblio offers a wide array of subjects, so there’s bound to be a content category that you’d be interested in.

How Does Verblio Work?

Before you sign up for Verblio, you should make sure you’re eligible – and to be eligible, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be legally allowed to work in the U.S.
  • Have a valid U.S. social security number

And even if you don’t live in the United States currently, if you’re able to legally work there, you’re still able to work for Verblio.

That’s a bonus if you’re military personnel overseas or a nomad trying to earn a living while traveling the world.

Once you’ve deemed you’re eligible, the next step is to go to Verblio’s website and apply.

First, you have to give some general information (like most other sign up processes), including:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Password

Upon providing this information, you’ll receive an email confirmation giving you your application instructions.

The application process then includes the following things:

  • Passing a grammar test
  • Completing a plagiarism training module
  • Writing a sample that will be reviewed by their in-house team

If the sample you write isn’t up to their quality standards, you won’t be accepted. If it is good enough, however, you’ll be able to offer it for sale to a customer right away.

They say that you don’t have to have prior experience to get accepted, but having experience in freelance writing is always a benefit.

Once you get approved, you’ll be able to start writing for Verblio immediately.

How Much Can You Make?

How much you get paid is based on word length, but it starts at $10.50 per 300-400 word article/post, and they offer content ranging from 300-3,000 words.

To put that into perspective, a standard 1,000-word blog post should take an experienced writer anywhere from one-and-a-half to two hours to complete (of course, the more research involved, the more time it could take).

That means that, theoretically, it would pay an average of $15-$21 per hour.

And going based on that average, you could reasonably complete 12 articles/posts per day, and if you did that five days a week, you’d earn about $2,600 per month or more.

However, that’s all assuming that Verblio has plenty of work available and you get paid for each article you complete.

How Do You Get Paid?

When you’re searching for content to write, you’ll be able to see the pay and size of the job before you begin the request. This is a nice feature if you only want to write content of certain length.

However, one downside to the pay for Verblio is that you only get to invoice for written content once a customer purchases it.

So, if a customer is not satisfied with your work -or is more satisfied with someone else’s – that means you won’t get paid for that work.

And keep in mind that there are multiple people who submit work for the same content request, and the customer chooses which one they like best. So, you might not get paid for every content piece you write.

When you do earn money, Verblio pays through PayPal every Monday, and this is the only way they offer payment. However, if you don’t have a PayPal, it’s free to sign up for one.

Is Verblio Worth It?

Verblio is a nice option for some side income, especially because you get to write when you want and how much you want.

But there’s definitely some negative aspects to Verblio that reviewers and ex-writers have been quick to bring to light.

According to some writers who have worked for Verblio, you can waste a lot of time writing for them to not get paid. This isn’t because Verblio doesn’t pay out on invoices, but it goes back to what was mentioned above: you only get to invoice for your work once a customer purchases it.

And this is the way that a lot of these sites work, but it does seem a little unfair. Especially when some people claim that requests for work were sent to over 130 writers! That means that you’re competing with literally hundreds of people for perhaps only $10 or $20.

Honestly, these systems aren’t that great, and if you find yourself with strong writing skills, you could try being a freelance proofreader instead.

What I Like

  • The application process is simple
  • There’s the potential for a lot of income theoretically
  • There’s a wide range of subjects to write on

What I Don’t Like

  • The pay system makes it hard for you to consistently get paid for your work
  • Your work could be rejected even if it’s high quality
  • They only pay through PayPal


In the end, Verblio is a way to earn some extra money on the side, but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on it as my full-time income.

If you’re looking for something with legitimate full-time-income potential, I would highly recommend considering becoming a driver for GrubHub or another delivery app. It offers much more consistent work with all the flexibility that this side gig would offer.

However, if writing is something you really want to get into, this would be a great stepping stone to becoming a bona fide freelance writer. It would be a great way to build up your experience while earning a little bit of money and homing in your writing skills.

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