GoodLife USA Review: Should You Join The Club?

It sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Live the good life and help others do the same.

But chances are if you are reading this review, you want to know if GoodLife USA is legitimate, or some kind of scam right?

Well done. It’s good to do your homework when it comes to these opportunities to know what they are all about.

I’m not promoting this, but I did some digging and I’ll show you exactly what I found to help you decide if it’s worth joining.

GoodLife USA Review

Mark SeyforthThe company was founded by CEO Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner in 2016 as a ‘travel and lifestyle’ discount club with a multi level marketing business opportunity attached.

It appears Mark is the guy with the most experience when it comes to network marketing, but it does look like they have quite a talented team behind this operation.

While there are a few travel based mlm’s in existence already, there are some key differences with this company that make it stand out. Either way, it’s gaining traction:

Google Trends Data Goodlife USA

As you can see from Google Trend data above, people are all over this right now.

The Good Life USA VIP Club Card

One of the biggest selling points of this company is it’s ‘VIP Club Card’ that they are giving away.

GoodLife USA VIP Club Card

It supposedly comes preloaded with $200 you can use for travel, and you can earn $100 just for giving this away. So, you get $200 for free, and then give these cards away for free to make $100…

What’s the catch?

There’s not really a “catch” as such, but when you boil it down they are giving you free access to their travel portal, up to a set amount of savings.

Let me explain…

Once you register your card, you can immediately access the companies travel portal which (according to the company) provides people with 100,000’s of discount options on hotels. When you log in, you will see the savings on various destinations and you can book accommodation accordingly. The card gives you up to $200 in travel savings.

For example: If I logged in and found a hotel for $100 per night, which is normally $160 per night to the general public. If you book this, you have saved $60 and you card now has a balance of $140 left over to use in future.

Put simply, you get a maximum of $200 worth of hotel savings with this card.

In addition to this, whenever you hand one of these cards out and the person uses it, you make 50% of whatever they saved as a commission. This means you can potentially earn $100 per card you hand out, or using the above example, you’d make $30.

I’m not sure how the actual income side of this works in detail though. As in, how or when that money is paid to you. Unless I am missing something, this is not explained in the official compensation plan material which I’m about to cover in detail.

Assuming this is all legit and there’s no hidden surprises, I think this is a brilliant system.

The ability to give people something for free, that actual helps them save money, and pays you an income is pretty amazing. The company knows people are going to compare prices too, so they back the travel savings with 110% guarantee. Giving this card to people is going to be easy too, I mean who doesn’t want awesome travel savings?

From a business perspective, this is the perfect way to introduce someone to greater membership levels, and the business opportunity.

Customer Membership Levels

The natural progression from the VIP Club Card is a person deciding they want to save more money, by joining the paid membership levels.

Customer Membership Levels

As you can see, the prices range from $11.95 per month with no setup fee, to $59.95 per month with a $199 setup fee with each membership offering different savings.

Total 1 year cost of each membership:

  • Silver: $143.40
  • Gold: $538.45
  • Platinum: $858.45

Note: these prices are different from what Independent Business Owner’s (IBO’s) pay.

There are all kinds of ways to save with this besides just hotels:

Goodlife USA Membership Benefits

According to the company, you can save on just about everything. I can’t say how good the savings are though, since I haven’t joined this myself.

The Platinum costs are pretty high just to access savings, but it depends on the individual. If they travel a lot and the savings are there, it could be well worth it. In reality, it depends on many factors and is something you should consider carefully yourself before joining.

The GoodLife USA Compensation Plan

After becoming an IBO, you can share this business with others and generate an income in various ways. In order to qualify for this compensation plan, you must recruit two IBO’s yourself, or get 20 customers.

There are some confusing aspects to know within this comp plan, but to the companies credit, they have broken things down on their website in a very clear manner. In fact, they have explained their business model better than just about any mlm company I’ve come across.

I was genuinely impressed by this. I can’t stand it when companies try to hide the details so to me, this was a good sign.

Read on to learn about the various ways in which you can earn.

2X20 “Shared Social Network” Commissions

This is the bread an butter of the compensation plan and while they have renamed it, this is essentially a “2X20 matrix” downline system.

The screenshot below was taken from the company website which illustrates this:

2X20 Social Networking Matrix

A 2X20 matrix places you at the top and two affiliates under you, and so on, 20 levels deep. A full matrix equates to 2,097,150 positions in total. Each sale of a membership that takes place, corresponds with an amount of CV at the rate of $1 per point.

This not only comes from members you enrol personally, but your IBO’s members as well within your 2X20 downline. You are paid 5% of ALL the CV within your downline each month on levels 1-15 and 2% on levels 16-20.

For example: If I had 35 people within the first 15 levels of my downline who generated $3,500 in sales for the month, I would make 5% of $3.5k, or $175.

Each membership type generates a different amount of CV as follows:

  • Silver: 4CV
  • Gold: 20CV
  • Platinum: 30CV

The more members both you and your IBO’s sign up to Platinum, the more money you will make.

Given the nature of this type of downline, people are placed into your downline from the efforts of the IBO’s above you. And when you sponsor someone directly, they are placed “somewhere” down the line depending on where there is a free space.

Shared Team Commissions

From your third direct referral onwards, you start creating “shared team” positions.

Instead of a direct referral slotting into their own position within your 2X20 downline, you actually join them in that very same position as a ‘partner’. Once both you and your shared team partner place a direct referral under this position, it is qualified to start earning.

This operates on the same 5% of CV rule, except the commissions are split between you and there’s a bunch of other aspects that differentiate this. It’s pretty elaborate, but I’ll do my best to explain this.

Shared Teams Example

The above picture will almost certainly make no sense to you at this point.

Don’t worry, it confused me and I’ve reviewed 100’s of these comp plans 🙂 I wasn’t going to go into this at first, but I thought it may help some of you who are trying to weight this aspect of the comp plan up.

Anyways, the best way to think of the shared team commissions is in two parts and I’ll break this down below.

Part 1

Within any given month, the first $60 in commissions within your shared team goes to your partner, and everything up to $560 is split 50/50 with them.

For example: If you make $560 in commissions under that shared position, you keep $250 and your partner gets $310.

You accumulate CV from your entire downline as normal AND you accumulate whatever CV is generated under your shared team in addition to this, according to the shared team rules.

Using the numbers within the illustration the company gives (above) here is how it is broken down:

  • The total CV in the shared team worked out to 11,280CV
  • 5% of this equates to $564 in total commissions to be paid out

You: Earn $250 from this

Partner: Earns $60 plus $250, or $310

As you are probably thinking, there is still $4 to be paid out though. This is where part 2 comes into play.

Part 2

  • There is $4 in payable commissions remaining
  • Everyone in your team, below the guy circled in blue, produced $1,762 in CV
  • This means that “your” teams efforts accounted for 26.66% of the total effort under the guy circled in blue
  • 26.66% of $4 equals $1.07 rounded up which gives us our correct numbers

You: $250 from part 1 + $1.07 from part 2 comes to $251.07

Partner: $310 from part 1 + $2.93 from part 2 comes to $312.93

It may be worth visiting the company website to learn more about this, since they provide illustrations and explain things in detail. You can view their compensation plan here. That is not an affiliate link, I am not promoting this.

As if that wasn’t elaborate enough, there is also another concept called “crossover” which places every even numbered shared team in a separate downline, outside of your downline. Other IBO’s automatically place their shared teams in yours.

Fast Start Bonuses

This operates on an entirely different downline system, called unilevel.

Rather than randomly place direct referrals wherever they can fit, this keeps track of exactly who you signed up, and who they signed up, right throughout your organization. There is no width or depth limit placed on this.

Unilevel Downline SystemHow much money you make depends on who you sign up, what membership level they sign up into and what membership level you are at.

IBO Fast Start

If You are a Silver IBO you make the following:

  • $25 on Silver IBO’s on tier 1
  • $75 on Gold IBO’s on tier 1
  • $75 on Platinum IBO’s on tier 1

If You are a Gold IBO you make the following:

  • $25 on Silver IBO’s on tier 1 and tier 2
  • $75 on Gold IBO’s on tier 1 and $25 from those on tier 2
  • $75 on Platinum IBO’s on tier 1 and $50 from those on tier 2

If You are a Platinum IBO you make the following:

  • Same as above
  • Same as above
  • Same as above, but you make $25 from Platinum IBO’s on tier 3

As you can see, the higher your membership level, and that of the IBO’s you refer, the more money you can make.

Customer Fast Start

You can also earn this bonus for customers, and it’s a lot simpler. Regardless of your membership level, you can make the following off of any customers you directly refer, in addition to all other income streams.

  •  $25 for signing up a Silver customer
  • $50 for signing up a Gold customer
  • $100 for signing up a Platinum customer

In addition to both of these fast start bonuses, Gold and Platinum IBO’s can also earn “Dream Dollars” on various tiers which can be redeemed for travel.

Rank Advancement Bonuses

Each time you reach a new milestone within the company, such as sales, referrals and so on, you reach a new rank.

Rank Advancement With Goodlife

Some companies tie this into the compensation plan way more than this, and restrict what you can earn based on your rank.

In this case, it’s pretty simple. You earn a bonus each time you “rank up” from a simple gift, to cars, jet-skis, and luxury holidays. You can also share in a percentage of total company revenue along with other top earners.

IBO Membership Levels

Much like the standard “member” membership levels, there are different prices depending on how you want to start your business.

Total 1 year cost of each membership:

  • Basic IBO: $79
  • Silver IBO: $228
  • Gold IBO: $618.45
  • Platinum IBO: $938.45

These prices include the startup fee, and 11 months of membership since the first month is covered. There is also a $39 annual renewal fee for IBO’s to keep their account active on top of these figures.

Personally, if I was going to join this company, I wouldn’t be coming in at any less than the “Gold” level because you are giving away potential Fast Start Bonuses on your second tier. That’s not a huge cost to be involved with something like this all things considered.

Final Thoughts

There’s definitely some good potential to make money with this company.

I’m a fan of their marketing, and the way they are showing distributors to hand out cards is no doubt a big contributor to their success thus far. Who doesn’t want $200 in discount travel right? And it’s the perfect way to introduce people into the business opportunity. Whichever way you look at it, this is smart marketing and it’s working.

I also liked the amount of information the company provides on it’s website. I think it goes above and beyond in this respect and openly gives people all the info they need to weight this up. At least, everything except the level of discounts available.

The entire business model hinges on this though. As in, are the discounts really there?

They do have a 110% money back guarantee in place, and they’re well aware of how savvy people are going to be with this stuff since almost all travel is booked online these days. It stands to reason, if they are giving people free cards to check out their savings portal, they must be confident in the savings they offer.

They also have a system in place that helps reps learn from other reps within their own online community which looks cool. Time will tell how good that turns out to be, but I like the idea of it. If there’s one thing I’m not a fan of when it comes to mlm, it’s people being told they an just get their friends and family and that’s enough. It’s not. At least these guys appear to be training you beyond this so that’s another positive.

Should you join? I think that’s only a decision you can make.

I am not promoting this company so there’s no ‘join now’ button at the end of this review. I think it’s worth doing your homework to determine how good the savings are first and foremost. If you like what you see, and think you have what it takes to recruit, then it could be a good opportunity for you. Either way, I hope this helps you decide.

16 thoughts on “GoodLife USA Review: Should You Join The Club?”

  1. Absolute JOKE!!!
    I joined last year. After given out over 280 cards, Goodlife terminated all of them and had me start from scratch. When the website updated later in the year, I was able to keep track of my new earnings. No surprise, I was never paid. I was told give it 60-90 days, it has been 9 months and never made a penny. I just spoke to a rep about recently being charged for 2 months of a back office fee that I never agreed too. He said, “We sent you 127 emails in your back-office.” What a joke, I have no emails. I do remember logging on a couple months ago, read over the new contract and declined it.” The rep said, “If you declined it, you would not be able to sign in.” I said, “I did decline it and it’s not my fault your system didn’t update.” The rep then said, “Do not raise your voice at me.” I was clearly not raising my voice. I also asked why I never got paid. He said, “Are you wishing to terminate your contract?” I said, “Yes, because I can’t work for a company that doesn’t pay, so why have I not got paid?” He then said, “I have no answer for you so I will submit that you want to cancel.” It’s easy to fall in love with a company’s promises, but once you get in you won’t know the truth of how they truly operate. BEWARE! By the way, I highly doubt any positive review on here is legit. Remember there are people who get paid to write positive reviews and there are people who prematurely write good reviews (they are writing off emotions, not experiences).

  2. Have joined prior to the ETA joke, The company is so disorganized and without any real leadership, seems to be a couple good old boys trying to swim in a pond way to big and way to deep for them. There has been more people dropping out of this company in the past two months, than people actually joining. WARNING: PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE SIGNING UP! The cards are another joke, people have not been able to access the so called benefits and when they do… a whopping $3 to $6 dollar savings, maybe! I was a PLATINUM IBO, and was truly hoping the Executive Team would have got their program together, unfortunately I have more negative feedback than positive.

  3. This was a very in-depth and thorough post on Goodlife USA. I happen to look at Goodlife USA 5 months ago and after a bit of a research I decided to join. I have been in the MLM industry for over 10 years and have been a part of several companies. Goodlife USA to me is arguable the best online opportunity out there today that smart multi marketers will gravitate towards as well as newbies. Interestingly since this post was written to date, we are talking about a whole different Goodlife USA. They have made so many positive changes and enhancements you feel nothing but proud to be a part of it. I would strongly recommend the writer of this post who did such a thoughtful post of this company to look at Goodlife today and do another post on Goodlife USA.

    • Thanks for the heads up about the changes Keith. I have noted this post to be updated, although I cannot promise a time as of yet. Cheers

    • If it was the best online opportunity then why did only last maybe two years. I was left with several 100 cards that ii purchased when the website was shut down. Nobody made any money in that program in 2 years.

  4. After doing a lot of research I bought the IBO gold package and I was excited to get started working with this company. There benefits site was under construction for about 48 hours then finally I had access to see the product and what I can save… I thought the product was a joke! I compared hotel rates with Expedia and Kayak vs Goodlife and with Goodlife I was able to save just 8% at the highest and 0.1% at the lowest. I was very disappointed in the product. I also could not find any rental cars in Phoenix AZ. I tried more searches and the discounts were just a joke. How could someone pay such a high monthly fee in order to save $6 on a hotel??? I really think this opportunity is just for the opportunity. I could not feel right in promoting this product. Maybe you can find some great savings but I sure didn’t. I got a refund when I cancelled my account. All in all its a great compensation plan but a crappy product.

  5. I have called 100 times in three months and never got anyone on the phone. Now commissions are not being paid on time. Hear we have to wait another 30 days. smh

    • If you called one hundred times and got no answer you might have being calling the wrong number because my experience calling for different reasons is the very opposite. I am glad I was able to call and speak to a live customer rep over and over again and didn’t have to send a ticket in to get a respond 24 to 48 hours later like many companies do.

  6. I received a VIP guest card from a friend and I was highly disappointed in my findings!

    I opened the Goodlife Reservation site and the Holiday Inn website at the same time. This way I could do a quick comparison.

    The pricing on Holiday Inn’s website was significantly cheaper than Goodlife’s! For example, I looked at two different properties, a Crown Plaza and a high end Holiday Inn.

    The Crown Plaza was $101 on the Holiday site and $124 on Goodlife. Also, Holiday had the opportunity to reduce my room rate to $89 per night if I would pre-pay.

    The upscale Holiday was approximately $50 cheaper on the Holiday site!

    I understand that Goodlife has a 110% price match guarantee, but that would mean I would have to research my room rates every time I decide to travel. I would expect that Goodlife would have the best rates.

    Also, I would have to file a claim form every time I travel!

    Additionally, even if I could save a few dollars, I do not travel enough to make up for the monthly fee that I would have to pay to utilize this membership.

    Comp Plan is very confusing!

    STAY AWAY from these guys!


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