Forever Living Business Review (Should You Join?)

Forever Living is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company that sells Aloe Vera based health and wellness products. It was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978 and has since become a multi-billion dollar company with millions of distributors worldwide.

Is it worth joining?

Well, I found some really good points with this company, so it could be worth joining if you like the products and want to make some extra money promoting them. However, as with anything, there are some drawbacks to consider too.

So let’s take a closer look at the company, it’s products and business opportunity in more detail, so you know what it’s about and what to expect if you decide to join.

Forever Living Products

Like most MLM companies I’ve reviewed in the health and wellness space, Forever Living claims to have the ‘secret’ to our optimal health and wellbeing.

The main difference with this company, however, is that their niche is Aloe Vera.

They sell anything and everything to do with this incredible plant. From nutritional supplements and protein bars, to essential oils, skin creams and beverages.

One thing I like about this company, versus other network marketing companies, is that they put a lot of information on their website about their products. Including how they actually grow the plants themselves and the process involved in getting it from farm to consumer.

Here’s a photo from one of their Aloe Vera farms:

Aloe Vera Farm

I think that’s pretty cool. Not just that they provide that information, but also that they grow the Aloe Vera themselves in their Texas and Dominican Republic based farms.

There is debate on how effective Aloe Vera is among researchers though, and I am no expert in this field, so how effective the products are is something you’ll need to decide for yourself.

However, from a business opportunity point of view, there is clearly a demand for what they’re selling and from what I can see, the reviews are fairly positive overall.

The Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

The opportunity is marketed as a way to achieve your dreams by becoming an FBO (Forever Business Owner). The idea is that you try the products yourself and if you like them, tell people you know so that if they buy through you, you earn commissions.

It’s not just about selling products though.

Since this is a network marketing company, it’s also largely about recruiting people into your “downline” so that when they sell products, you earn a cut of what they make.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Getting Started

This is normally the part that hits people unknowingly when it comes to costs. There’s either a heavy upfront cost to join or an even worse monthly purchasing commitment.

This company was very different in that there was no fee at all to join.

I was able to join with a few clicks of the mouse. I also had no sponsor (because I Googled the company rather than being approached) and their website allowed me to sign up under the closest distributor to where I’m located.

That said, you are encouraged to purchase a ‘Forever Pack’ which, as of writing, costs around USD $352.49 at your new distributor pricing.

Forever Pack Costs

That will get you qualified with your 2 CC’s. 

What on earth is a “CC?” A CC (crate credit) is just the amount of points associated with each product. The more the product costs, the more CC’s are attached to it.

Becoming Commission Qualified​

In order to receive a 3% commission on your entire organisation you need 4 CC’s every 2 months with 1CC being directly from you and/or your customers. 

The remaining 3CC’s can be earned from your whole teams efforts.

If you don’t meet this total of 4CC requirement you won’t be demoted but you won’t get your ‘group volume commission bonus’ of 3%. In other words, you won’t get your commission on what your downline is purchasing as a whole in your organisation.

The great thing I found about this company is that (unlike most MLM companies I’ve reviewed) you will not lose your position within the company if you don’t buy a certain amount of product each month. So you don’t have to buy products just to “qualify” which is good.

Earning Money

There are various ways you can earn within this company, such as selling products and recruiting people to grow your team, and I’ll break this down for you now.​

Retail Commissions

You will start by earning 15% commission when anyone goes to your free replicated website and makes a retail purchase. Not to be a stick in the mud but this won’t happen. Why? Because anyone can sign up for free and get NDP (new distributor pricing) right away. The cool thing is if they do that you’ll have someone in your downline and will be working towards progressing in the company.

As you reach the second level, ‘Assistant Supervisor’, you are eligible for wholesale pricing and will make up to 35% commission on retail sales.

Building Your Downline

This is the bread and butter of any compensation plan and is the only way you’ll make any legitimate money. You’ll get a small commission of 5% at the Assistant Supervisor level based on what your direct sponsors purchase. This number increases the further up the ladder you climb.

The Bonuses

There are various bonuses you can receive and as you progress in rank you become eligible for GVB (group volume bonuses) which are a bonus based on what your organisation is purchasing.

Forever Living Compensation Plan Bonuses

Distributor Rank: Joining for free allows you to get your 15% discount and even sell to others with your free replicated website. Don’t expect to be earning anything really until you become Assistant Supervisor (AS) though.

Assistant Supervisor Rank To achieve AS and put yourself into a position to earn you will need to come up with 2 CC’s within 2 consecutive months.

Supervisor Rank: To move up to ‘Supervisor’ level (3rd rank) you need 25 CC’s. The cool thing with this company is that those 25 CC’s can be gained from your whole team. So once your whole team purchases 25CC’s worth of product in any given 2 consecutive month period, you’ll be bumped up to Supervisor level.

This is one of the fairest compensation plans I’ve ever come across though all things considered. I am not promoting this company, and personally the products don’t interest me, but I have to call it like I see it. I’m not saying run out and join but it looks legitimate and fair to me.

What I Like

  • The company has zero complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website which is virtually unheard of within this space
  • It’s free to join and there is a low overall first yearly cost
  • They don’t make you buy products to maintain your rank
  • The company seems very dedicated to product quality

What I Don’t Like

  • Not much in the way of third party science to back up some of their claims
  • They do not provide a compensation plan or average distributor earnings on their website
  • They teach you to recruit people you know to build your business, which fails the majority

Final Thoughts

Forever Living is a legitimate network marketing company that sells legitimate, high quality products. So if you like the idea of selling Aloe Vera based products, and building a team of like-minded people who do the same, this could be a great opportunity to explore.

On the other hand, network marketing isn’t for everyone.

Generally speaking, you should expect to face a lot of rejection and work hard, while earning very little money, before getting very far. That’s just how this sort of thing works.

This is also why I recommend learning real internet marketing skills, so that you can generate leads consistently and not have to rely on family and friends to build your business.

Doing so can give you an advantage as it allows you to generate quality leads consistently, and for very little cost. So if you’re serious about making real money with Forever Living, or any company for that matter, it’s well worth taking the time to properly educate yourself.

Otherwise, you could end up like most hopeful network marketers who give up after a few months or years, with nothing to show for it, other than a garage full of unused products.

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