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Is Clickworker Legit or Scam? (2020 Review)

Lots of people have heard of online microtask sites, like Clickworker, as a virtually effortless way to earn some extra cash. But is it legit? Clickworker is an online workplace platform where you can make money completing a variety of digital tasks that involve things like writing, researching, translating, data processing. It’s a legit site, but there’s a limited availability of tasks, which ultimately makes it an unreliable source of full-time income. Read more to find out what tasks they

BonusJunkies website review feature

BonusJunkies Review (Yup, It’s a SCAM!)

I came across BonusJunkies today and ended up joining to see what all the fuss was about. It’s a new site that claims you can make $500 to $1,000 per day inviting friends to the platform. Is it legit? BonusJunkies might look like a legit way to make money online, but it’s actually a long running scam that was previously known as SurveyJunkies. They claim to be a social influencer platform that pays you $15 to $25 per friend you

Arise work from home website

Is Arise a Work From Home Scam? (2020 Review)

At first glance, Arise looks like a legit work at home site. According to their website, they can help you start a mini-call center business, which can provide you with a flexible income and work-life balance. But is it legit? Arise isn’t a scam, it’s a real company that helps you start a work from home call center business. However, it’s not job, so there are costs involved and there are no guarantees you’ll make money. There’s also lots of

ZoomBucks website

ZoomBucks Review: Legit Site to Make Money?

ZoomBucks is just one of the many survey sites out there. And with so many floating around the internet, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth it and which ones are just scams. Is ZoomBucks legit? ZoomBucks is a “get-paid-to” site where you can earn points by completing offers, surveys, and watching videos. You earn $1 for every 1,000 points and can redeem it for gift cards or cash via PayPal or Skrill. It’s not a scam,

Speechpad transcription website

Speechpad Review: Legit Transcription Jobs or Scam?

Transcription has long been one of the most well-established work from home jobs. And companies like Speechpad seem to have streamlined the process making it easier than ever to earn extra money online. But is it a legit work at home company or scam? Speechpad is an online company that hires remote transcriptionists, captioners, translators, and reviewers, who earn an average of $0.25-$1.00 per audio minute which gets paid out every Tuesday and Friday via PayPal. So it is legit,

Woman's hand using laptop to illustrate concept of working from home posting links.

Link Posting – Legit Work From Home Job or Scam?

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve probably found a site that says you can make money posting links. As if all you need to do is signup, post a few links and watch the money roll in. Is it legit? Link posting is not a real job or business model, it’s a long running scam that has been ripping people off for years. The sites running these scams claim you can make money just by “posting links on the

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How To Work From Home Selling Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have been exploding in popularity in recent years. They have a great profit margin – they’re cheap to make, and they sell for more than double the cost of production. So, maybe you’ve decided to try and get in on this business model yourself! Here’s how to make and sell bath bombs from home: Get an Inventory Setup an Online Store Market Your Bath Bombs Sell Your Bath Bombs Read on to learn how to make bath bombs, user testing jobs website review Review: Legit User Testing Job or SCAM?

When thinking about earning money online from home, most people think of blogging or getting paid for surveys. However, tech people are likely to flock to software assessment sites, like That being said, there are a number of fraudulent work-from-home opportunities out there as well. So, is just another scam, or is it legit? is a quality assessment service where testers help find and report bugs in apps, games, or sites. Testers get paid $5-$50 per bug

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Is MyPoints Safe or Should You Avoid It?

When most people search for a way to earn some extra money online, one of the first things they’ll stumble across is a paid survey site. But there tends to be a stigma that surrounds them.  Lots of people immediately associate them with a scam. And that’s totally understandable – some survey sites are legit, and some are fraudulent. With MyPoints being just one of the many that are out there, you might be asking yourself if MyPoints safe to work at home website

Is Legit or Just Another Scam? (2020 Review)

With 39% more people working from home on occasion now than they did just eight years ago, it’s not surprising that crooks caught on to the trend and have flooded various work-from-home niches with scams. And because transcription is a common target for online malefactors, it’s easy to see a company like Rev and wonder: Is this just another scam? Rev is a well-known online transcription service that hires transcriptionists, captioners, and foreign subtitlers to work on files from companies

VIPKid online learning platform

Is VIPKid a Legit Company or Scam? (2020 Review)

It seems that as time goes on, more and more people are searching for new ways to work from home – and teachers are no exception. In fact, there are lots of companies out there that are supposedly hiring teachers for online teaching gigs, like VIPKid. But there are a lot of scams out there, so you might be wondering: Is VIPKid a legit company? VIPKid is an established online learning platform headquartered in Beijing where degree-holding, experienced teachers can

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Is Inbox Dollars Safe and Legit? (2020 Review)

Inbox Dollars is a reward site that pays you cash for taking surveys and participating in other online activities such as shopping, reading emails and watching videos. It sounds like a cool way to make money online, and according to the website they’ve paid out over $59 million in cash to everyday people from all over the world. But is it legit and safe to use? Inbox Dollars is legit and safe. It has been around since the year 2000,