Can You Really Sell Isagenix Products Online Profitably?

Updated: March 3, 2018

Chances are you’re an Isagenix distributor or considering joining, and want to know if it’s worth selling this stuff to people beyond your warm market.

Awesome. You are on the right track.

In this article I’ll show you how they stack up against competing brands, and how to go about selling Isagenix online.

Is This Really About Selling or Recruiting?

In my experience in reviewing MLM companies, it’s always more about recruiting rather than selling products. That is the power of the multi level marketing business model. Under the right conditions, there’s nothing wrong with this.

In some cases though, it can be too much about recruiting. Especially when the majority of product sales are coming from  Isagenix independent associates in your downline, who are just trying to stay active.

I recently wrote an article about the Isagenix business opportunity itself. This goes into more detail about the recruiting side of things, and the compensation plan. Including the various costs involved and a discussion about how worthwhile it is.

Anyways, let’s take a look at what you can expect if you want to sell this stuff online…

A Comparison To Alternative Products

Before you can think about selling these products you need to understand how they compare to other competing brands in the market and how good they really are.

This will help you understand if there’s any real opportunity in selling Isagenix on the internet or not.

Here’s 3 of the companies popular products and a similar product to compare with each so we can see how they stack up…

Note: I am NOT affiliated with any of these companies so this is completely unbiased.

Weight Loss Shakes

IsaLean- This is their core stand alone weight loss product in the form of a meal replacement shake. It retails at about $52 for 14 servings. The price for a 30 day supply @ 1 shake per day is $111.30.

IsaLean Shakes

IdealShake- This meal replacement shake is produced by a well known and trusted brand with plenty of good reviews online. It’s selling for $49 at for 30 servings. The price for a 30 day supply @ 1 shake per day is $49, less than half the price of IsaLean.


Summary of Comparison: The advantage I can see with the Isalean shake is that it contains more protein in comparison to IdealShake and it has had some clinical research conducted to boost it’s credibility. Worth noting is how this research was funded by Isagenix itself though. And according to an article written by Dr. Harriet Hall the results are inconclusive at best.

Either way, it is important to know what people are saying if you can overcome the objections. Overall though, this looks like a potentially viable product to sell online under the right circumstances. If it helps people lose weight, and you can justify the higher price that is.

Energy Drinks

AMPED Power- There is very little real information on this product and the ingredients on the company website other than “it’s super great”. After doing some digging I found a product description stating they have some kind of propriety blend with a few listed ingredients.

It costs $37.95 for 20 servings which works out to $1.90 per serving.


Pre JYM: This pre-workout formula has a ton of information on the ingredients and exactly what has gone into making it. It has a lot of great reviews and doesn’t hide behind a ‘proprietary blend’ either. It is priced at $47.97 for 30 servings which works out to $1.60 per serving.


No proprietary blends info

Summary of Comparison: AMPED has a significant lack of product information, a lack of customer reviews in comparison and it’s more expensive. However, the PreJYM formula ticks all of those boxes which makes it the clear winner here.

Personally, I’d buy this even if it was more expensive and I think a lot of consumers would after researching both. It’s not to say AMPED is crap, not at all. But from the point of view of a consumer doing their research (which they do these days) I can’t see how it compares. This is what matters.

Anti-Ageing Pills

Ageless Essentials: This Isagenix product supposedly “helps protect you from the effects of ageing and gives all round support” according to their website.

Ageless Essentials

There is little evidence to support this claim anywhere that I can find and it looks to me like a womens multi vitamin. It costs $89 for a 30 day supply and it has mixed reviews online. The really great reviews seem to be obvious paid comments using generic comments like “best vitamins ever!” or “Great vitamins!!” which is never a good sign.

Here’s one review from a verified buyer from Amazon I found by someone having used it for 3 solid months:

Customer review

XtendLife Total Balance: This product is the closest match I could find online. It has a lot of high quality ingredients, great reviews and claims to do a very similar thing. It comes in at $40.89 for a 30 day supply, less than half the price of Ageless Essentials!

XtendLife Total Balance

Summary of Comparison: At less than half the price, better quality reviews and a lot more product information I think XtendLife comes out on top here. I personally can’t see why anyone would choose Ageless Essentials, unless it was because they were a distributor trying to build their business.

Final Thoughts On Selling The Isagenix Product Range

To me it seems the Isagenix products are very expensive in comparison to similar (and more established) products in the marketplace. Unfortunately this is the case all too often with mlm companies. I’m not saying there is no value at all in their product range. But I think it is important to understand how they compare, in this case not very well.

It’s easy for the company leaders to proclaim how superior their products are but after looking closer I am personally not so convinced. Are you convinced? If so, why? Let me know in the comments.

At the very least consumers are going to be having these doubts too. So if you are thinking of selling these products that matters. Your business might be the most important thing in your life, but the consumer only cares about what’s best for them.

Ask yourself… why should people buy Isagenix over a competitor?

The certainly don’t have the lowest retail prices. So it might pay to highlight why you think the quality is so much better when trying to sell Isagenix. This could help to justify the price and help you increase sales.

Here’s a snippet I took from an interesting article on consumer perception relating to food purchasing that indicates a trend towards more skeptical consumers when it comes to health claims:

Consumer Perception in buying products

I don’t think the majority of people will believe IsaGenix is ‘far superior’ though. At least not from what I’ve seen. The online consumer (and the consumer in general) is MUCH better informed as to making product purchases these days.

They won’t just take a companies word for something.

Maybe you know of other advantages I haven’t brought out to this point. I don’t claim to be an expert on health products, but my advice is to really learn your product well so you can show people why it is superior.

I would spend some time learning from the companies own resources first and noting down the key advantages they are stating.

For example, the following Isagenix video shows how they go to great lengths to ensure their products are ahead of the curve when it comes to quality, safety and how effective they are…

Note that I’m not endorsing this video in any way. I’m just sharing it to help you learn more and further your research, if this is something you’re keen to do.

In any case, if you want to sell Isagenix health products, the best thing to do is learn how to attract leads into your business with your own website. This is by far the best and most cost effective approach to building your business.

Your warm market simply won’t cut it if you plan on making more than a few extra bucks.

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