BetterPoints App Review: Legit Way to Make Money?

Did you know that the European Union spends 80 billion Euros a year because of inactivity? Well, that’s crazy (and true), so it’s no wonder why BetterPoints would want to encourage people to get out and get active!

But is it a legit way to make money?

Yes, you can actually make money with the BetterPoints app. You earn approximately 1 pound (or $1.29) for every 1,000 BetterPoints you earn, which you can exchange for gift vouchers to spend at your favorite retailers!

But before you dive in head-first, let’s take a closer look to see what this company is really all about and the process of earning the points and making money.

What Is the BetterPoints App?

BetterPoints is an activity tracker, but it markets itself more as a “behavior change company.”

Ultimately, though, they’re similar to many other get-paid-to-exercise apps: you do a healthy activity and get rewarded with points that you can use to buy products or donate to charities. 

What’s in it for them?

Their goal goes beyond just encouraging people to be more fit. The company desires people’s overall well-being to improve by being more active. And in turn, that shift in well-being will (hopefully) result in positive community change.

They also want to make an impact on the environment by promoting carbon reduction by encouraging people to be more active, including doing things like walking to work or to the store instead of taking your car.

They even reward you for things like recycling and carpooling, in the hopes that enough people will get on board to make a change and help the earth!

All of their rewards that they offer on the app are funded by grants, donations, sponsorships, and partner challenge contracts. 

They have an entire platform and software designed to help individuals, communities, and businesses do their part in being healthy.

How does it differ from other walking apps?

What makes this different from other apps that pay you to walk like Achievement or StepBet for example, is their focus on the environment.

Because that is such a strong emphasis for them, they offer rewards for both exercise and things that help the environment (ie: recycling and carpooling).

They offer a more well-rounded approach to your overall health, while still using their points-and-rewards system as an incentive to get people involved on their platform.

How Does It Work?

Making money with this app might seem a bit confusing at first, so let us break it down for you in a few straightforward steps:

  1. Download the app and register
  2. Join a rewards program
  3. Log your activities
  4. Get rewarded!

It seems simple enough, let’s go into detail and get into the nitty-gritty to better understand just how this app operates.

1. Download the app and register

The BetterPoints app is available for both iOS and Android devices. So the first step is to go onto your app store and download!

Then you’ll need to register, which includes answering questions about your age and providing information such as your name and email.

You have to be 14 years or older and you have to be a UK resident – which can be a major downside if you live anywhere else in the world, because it’s not available there (yet).

2. Join a rewards program

If you are able to participate, you’ll want to find a rewards program to join after you register.

Basically, there’s different programs that are run by different partners or sponsors, and they’ll focus on different things.

For example, some programs will focus more on exercise, while others will focus more on getting rid of your carbon footprint.

You can pick as many as you want, so long as they’re available (there are time limits on them!).

3. Log your activities

Once you’ve chosen your program(s), you’ll be given the different forms of activities you can do and keep track of.

For example, if one program focuses on you becoming more active, you will have multiple different options to choose from – walking, cycling, running, etc. Whichever you choose to do, you’ll want to log your data each day.

You aren’t able to link it to any external pedometer, like FitBit or Garmin. Instead, the app tracks your steps (or activity) through your phone’s GPS, so the app has to be running in the background to work efficiently.

4. Get rewarded

As you complete activities, you’ll start earning points (appropriately called “BetterPoints”).

You can expect to earn 2 points for every minute of activity, and up to 300 points per week.

If you wanted to donate to a charity, you would need to rack up a whopping 20,000 points.

And if you wanted to use your points to get a product, you’ll need to save up a minimum of 3,000 points (approximately).

How Much Can You Make?

According to their website, there is no way for you to actually turn your points into cold hard cash. It’s relatively similar to Sweatcoin’s rewards system: BetterPoints is, in a sense, their own digital currency. 

It does differ from Sweatcoin, though, in the fact that you basically exchange your points for gift vouchers, which can be used the same as cash. And you can pick from a variety of retailers – such as Hotel Chocolat or Evans Cycles – to get your gift voucher to. Then, you can spend away!

But how much can you really expect to earn?

Well, the approximate exchange rate for BetterPoints is 1,000 points equates to 1 pound (or about $1.29).

So, if you only make about 300 points per week, that means you would earn 15,600 points per year. So, in the UK, that’s 15.6 pounds, or roughly $20.

While that might not add up to a lot, they do offer surveys you can participate in sometimes that pay you more. Some of them reward 5,000 points just for answering a few short questions!

Some people have even claimed to make 40 pounds (about $51) within a period of five months.

So, how much you make really depends on how active you are and how dedicated you are to participating in other things, like surveys.

Is It a Scam?

No, BetterPoints is not a scam. It is a legitimate app that rewards you points not only for walking, but also for running, cycling, recycling, and carpooling! And you really can exchange those points for gift vouchers to spend at various select retailers (or donate them to charity).

Pros and Cons

Even though it’s not a scam, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically the right fit for you. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons so you can decide whether or not you should invest the time giving this app a try.


  • Can earn money for a variety of things, not just walking/exercising
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • You can use the gift vouchers like cash or gift cards to your favorite retailers


  • Only available in the UK
  • Only uses your GPS, which isn’t always accurate
  • Can’t get cash directly, only gift vouchers to certain places


Overall, the BetterPoints app is a legitimate way to earn some extra money – and a good one if you’re concerned about getting healthy while helping the environment.

Unfortunately, this app is only available to those in the UK, so that severely limits the amount of people who would join if they could.

But even if you could join, you shouldn’t expect to make a ton of money from it any time soon. If you were trying to earn a steady source of side income, and you want to stay active, then there are other ways you can get paid to walk besides using an app.

All-in-all, though, it’s free to try, so there really isn’t any downfall to testing the waters – especially since it would help you become healthier in the process!

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  1. All well.but I find it strange that some people win every day or almost every day bonus. Points and competition so I term it needs to be looked into as fairness. I don’t see anything on a lucky draw where same person wins. Constantly.


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