Should You Become an It Works! Distributor?

Becoming an It Works! distributor could change your life…

Or could it?

It’s no secret that It Works! is a successful company in a competitive niche, so they must be doing something right. But does that mean you should rush out and join the bizopp?

Not necessarily.

Read on to learn about this company, its products and business opportunity, so you can make an informed decision about joining either way.

Overview of It Works!

It Works! is a network marketing company that was founded by CEO Mark B. Pentecost in 2001.

The company operates in the health and wellness niche, specialising in nutrition, beauty and lifestyle products.

The flagship product is the “Wrap” (AKA Ultimate Body Applicator) which is a body wrap that supposedly helps tighten, tone and firm the body.

However there are dozens of individual products on offer, from diet supplements and Keto coffee, to anti-aging cream and essential oils. All of which are sold through the companies official website, and through an international network of independent distributors.

The same distributors who joined It Works! in the hopes of earning money.

But does it (actually) work for distributors?

Well according to the company… it does (no pun intended).

Mark claims that the company “empowers people to live the life of their dreams” with the business opportunity.

And there’s a lot of success stories from ‘regular people’ to back this up, which makes that claim a lot more believable. Not to mention, the company is making $100’s of millions in sales, expanding globally and has been featured in Inc. 500 several times now.

So they must be doing something right, right?

Maybe. But as I said earlier, that doesn’t mean that YOU should join or that you will make money promoting this as an affiliate.

Either way, there are definitely some things you should know about how this business opportunity works before diving in.

Let me explain…

The It Works! Business Opportunity Explained

The It Works! business opportunity revolves around the concept of network marketing (or MLM).

The idea is to signup, get yourself ‘qualified’ and start promoting the products and business opportunity to others. In doing so, you can earn commissions on your own product sales, and additional commissions when your referrals make sales.

In other words, you can earn from both customers and distributors.

Earning from customers is pretty straightforward. You are given a unique affiliate link, which takes people to your ‘replicated online storefront’. And if they buy something at retail, you earn the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

However, most people won’t be paying retail. Because in order to get a massive discount, and pay wholesale pricing, all they need to do is become a ‘loyal customer’. Which simply means signing up for a 3 month auto-ship.

So instead of earning a retail commission, these sales earn you other rewards and bonuses, as set out within the It Works! compensation plan.

This is the same document that outlines the second main way you can earn revenue, by referring others into the business opportunity.

This is really the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the opportunity, and it’s where the ‘residual income’ aspect comes into play. Exactly how much you can earn depends on your own sales volume, your team’s performance and your rank within the company.

Explaining how all of this works is really an article in itself…

So I highly recommend you read my full review of It Works! for a detailed breakdown of the business opportunity and compensation plan if you want to learn more (coming soon).

Becoming an It Works Distributor

Becoming an It Works! distributor means you can start selling these products and referring people into the business.

Process of Joining It WorksAnd to get started, you simply need to visit the official company website ( OR find an existing distributor’s link to join through.

The signup process is the same either way, except you will have a ‘sponsor’ if you join through someone, which has its advantages. For example support and coaching beyond what the company provides by default.

In any case, to become an It Works affiliate, you need to purchase a “Business Builder Kit” for $99.

From there, you need to select a product package according to your personal preference, which costs you no extra.

The remaining steps are all about putting in your details, setting up an auto-ship and adding payment information.

Once you complete this process, review your order, and hit ‘submit’, you are now an It Works! distributor.

However, there are certain requirements you need to meet, if you want to become “commission qualified”.

And understanding this is critical, because without qualifying yourself, you cannot earn from either loyal customer or distributor orders, and you cannot participate in the bulk of the compensation plan.

So how do you get qualified?

Well the good news is that upon joining, you automatically become commission qualified. However, from your second month onwards, you need to either place an 80BV auto-ship order OR maintain at least 400 ‘personal business volume’.

The first option works out to roughly $100 in automatic monthly product shipments (AKA auto-ship). The second option means you’ll need to personally purchase and/ or sell 400PBV worth of product each month, to retail or Loyal Customers. Which works out to buying and/ or selling hundreds of dollars of products every month.

This is very common in MLM, practically every company you come across, requires distributors to meet a certain sales quota. Even if those sales come from you personally.


It Works! is a network marketing company that allows independent distributors (AKA affiliates) to sell their products and refer others into the business opportunity.

On the plus side, this does appear to be a legitimate company, and there’s definitely earning potential when you consider both the demand for the products and the compensation plan.

I also like how the company leverages online marketing and smart ‘customer to distributor’ strategies within their app. I think this sort of thing will really help distributors build their business above some other companies in this space.

With that being said, there is a downside to the MLM model in general.

Which is the whole ‘qualifying’ aspect of bizopps like this. Unfortunately, many people who buy these products are really just distributors who want to qualify for commissions, rather than people who just plain love the products.

Affiliate marketing is a similar business model, but there is no qualifying, because affiliate programs are free to join. You simply earn commissions on product sales, and there are no monthly requirements to ‘stay active’.

You are also not limited to promoting products from one single company, you can promote products from ANY company running an affiliate program, which is the vast majority.

To be clear, I’m not saying that It Works! is a scam or pyramid scheme.

I’m just giving you some scope, to help you decide if this really is a good choice for you personally.

I guess the best option would be to try the products yourself to see if you like them, and then decide if you’re going to be happy buying these each month, until you build up enough sales to cover your monthly quota.

Either way, there is potential to earn either an extra income or a full time income as a distributor, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and consistent effort.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this article helpful.

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