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What Is TradeSmith’s “Cash Out Code” System About?

I recently stumbled across a TradeSmith presentation about “Cash Out Codes” and was curious to know what it was all about, so I decided to look into it. In short, TradeSmith’s CEO, Keith Kaplan, says there are 3,318 stocks in the “Red Zone” right now, and “buy-and-hold investors” could see potentially devastating losses over the next 12 months. However, he claims there’s a way to “capture maximum potential profits” by getting out before a “catastrophic plunge,” and it all has

Is Keith Kaplan’s Infinite Income Loop Legit? (TradeSmith)

Keith Kaplan of TradeSmith recently released a presentation about his Infinite Income Loop system, which he claims can help you “generate instant cash” with a few clicks of a mouse. According to Kaplan, he’s developed an algorithm that focuses on three stocks each month with the least risk that could help you “see up to $2,880 in a single month.” Is it legit? The trading method Keith Kaplan’s system is based on is selling put options, which is a legitimate method

CoPilot by TradeSmith (Earn “Friday Royalties” Each Week?)

I stumbled across the CoPilot by TradeSmith system through a presentation called “The Friday Royalties Summit” featuring Racheal Pierce and Keith Kaplan. During the presentation, Keith says it’s possible to “accelerate your retirement by 10, 20, even 30 years” thanks to a “relatively new financial instrument” that’s overlooked by most investors. He says you could take 28 years worth of stock market gains, and cut them down to just one Friday, every week. Without investing in regular options, penny stocks,