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What Are Joel Litman’s Stock Picks for 2022?

Joel Litman is pretty well-known in the investment newsletter space, and I’ve looked into several of his presentations recently to find out what his latest stock picks are. In short, many of Litman’s recent picks have centered around the biotech and healthcare space, and after looking into his clues, I’ve managed to uncover some of them. Aside from that, my research suggests that there are several technologies Litman is bullish on, including 5G, IoT, and electric and autonomous vehicles. And

Joel Litman with Jared Kelly discussing the L.O.C.K. System.

What Is Joel Litman’s L.O.C.K. System? (Hidden Alpha)

In a recent presentation, investment guru Joel Litman said that the “L.O.C.K. system” can help you uncover “high-flying stocks on the verge of beating the market.” And according to Litman, he uses this system as part of Hidden Alpha, a stock advisory service he runs aimed at helping subscribers find high potential stocks. But what exactly is the L.O.C.K. system? How does it work? And is it the real deal? That’s what I’ll be discussing in this post. Let’s start

Joel Litman during his SynBio presentation on the Altimetry website where he also discussed Steve Job's "Final Prophecy."

Joel Litman’s SynBio Stock Picks (All You Need to Know)

Joel Litman recently released a presentation about Steve Jobs’ “Final Prophecy,” which he says is now coming true and is “about to create a historic wave of stock market wealth.” According to Litman, the next big wave of money is headed to a subsector of the markets very few people are paying attention to. And it all has to do with a “totally new type of technology breakthrough” that he says Steve Jobs talked about in 2011. “And I want

Alpha Profit Code Review: Is Hidden Alpha Worth It?

In a recent presentation on the Altimetry website, Joel Litman says we’re on the verge of the “complete disruption of a $12 trillion industry.” And as it turns out, he was referring to the health care industry. He also said that, with the help of his “Alpha Profit Code,” you could see gains of 250% to 1,000% in “less time than you think” by accessing his latest research and recommendations. It’s a bold prediction, but Litman says hedge funds have

Stock market graph and analysis of financial information.

Hidden Alpha Review (is the Stock X-Ray Machine for real?)

Today I’m reviewing Hidden Alpha, an investment subscription developed by Joel Litman of Altimetry, which he says could help you make money investing in the stock market. I initially stumbled across this via an advertisement about a “stock x-ray machine” which is apparently a tool Joel and his team use to help identify winning stocks. And it seemed interesting, so I decided to take a closer look to see what all the fuss was about. In this review, I’ll show