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36-Month Accelerated Income Plan: $4,804 Monthly Dividends?

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. In this post, we’ll be discussing Tim Plaehn’s 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan that he says could help you “generate a $4,804 income stream,” starting with “as little as $25,000.” Is it the real deal? The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan is essentially a method of investing for high-yield dividend income developed by Tim Plaehn of Investors Alley. And it comes with a $49 subscription to The Dividend Hunter service. Both the “plan” and service are

Options Floor Trader PRO Review (Legit Jay Soloff Service?)

Welcome to my review of Options Floor Trader PRO. I discovered this options newsletter through an email that led me to a presentation on the Investors Alley website. Jay Soloff, the man behind it, says he can help you turn your spare change into potentially hundreds, even thousands of dollars in as little as 23 days. I’ve seen many presentations about making money with options over the years, so I admit I was a little skeptical. Still, I decided to