AWOL Academy Review: Legit System or High Ticket Scam?

I discovered AWOL Academy recently while browsing the web. It seemed more interesting than the standard ‘make money online’ offers out there, so I decided to take a closer look.

The first thing I did was attend the live webinar which wasn’t too bad, and I eventually decided to buy some training. In this review, I’ll show you what I found after buying.

What Is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy ( was created by Keala Kanae and Kameron George, and they launched this program officially in 2015.

According to their website AWOL is:

The world’s most comprehensive Internet Marketing, Education and Mentorship platform. Period.

The name AWOL stands for ‘Another Way Of Life’ and actually existed years before the ‘academy’ under the name ‘Project AWOL’. Except it was quite different back then.

Turns out Project AWOL was the name of Kameron’s team within a high ticket multi level marketing program called Empower Network. Apparently, this ‘project’ provided training and referrals for anyone who joined EN under them.

Kameron George
Kameron George
Keala Kanae
Keala Kanae

I’m not certain, but it appears Keala was also involved in EN between 2012-2015.

In any case, EN and Project AWOL had a disagreement in 2013 which eventually led to it’s demise. Fast forward to 2015, and Kameron and Keala have created AWOL Academy which is a stand alone program.

Like EN, they provide internet marketing training and mentoring, and it’s also a high ticket system. But there are some key differences.

AWOL Academy Review

The training begins at $99 which gets you started with affiliate marketing, and moves through to the ‘Elite’ level training and mentoring package for $10k. Purchased individually, there’s $15,884 worth of products within this program. If you purchase the Elite package for $10k though, it includes everything.

Like most people, I started by attending their free webinar hosted by Keala.

Surprisingly, there was actually some good value in this webinar for beginners. I also found Keala to be honest and upfront. Rather than pushing hype, he emphasised that it takes real work and effort to succeed, and that it’s not for people struggling financially.

I genuinely respected him for this. It shows integrity.

AWOL Pro Academy | $99

AWOL Pro AcademyAfter buying the AWOL Pro Academy package you are kind of ‘forced’ to complete the following 4 steps before you are able to continue. Here’s the 4 steps:

  1. Watch a relatively short welcome video
  2. Complete your profile and contact information
  3. Complete the ‘AWOL Coaching’ steps
  4. Book your coaching call

You should probably set aside at least a few hours to get through all of the above. The first two steps don’t take very long to complete, but the third step is fairly in depth.

In a nutshell, you answer some questions about yourself and what you want to achieve, and move onto a training video. This video is presented by Kameron and Keala who give you some insight into internet marketing, why it’s worth it, and how they got started.

The fourth step was just booking a coaching call which I did right away. I received my call about a week later on schedule. We had a brief chat and for the most part I just asked about the affiliate program which I explain later on.

Anyways, once you get past all of this, you can access the 4 module training which includes 25 videos.

Module 1 (6 videos)

The first video in this module gives you an overview of what you are going to be taught moving forward. That is, affiliate marketing with paid traffic.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products for a commission which isn’t new in itself, but it absolutely works.

This module is about understanding the fundamental concepts of this business model and getting everything setup properly. You are shown how to purchase a domain name, web hosting and install WordPress. You are also shown how to setup a custom email address with your new domain name.

In other words, this module is about setting up the initial framework of your business.

Affiliate Marketing Training

Learning this stuff can be daunting for beginners, but Keala has a good teaching style and doesn’t skip anything which makes it easy to follow along.

Module 2 (12 videos)

This module is all about setting up your landing page and email autoresponder, which are key components of your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Example

The landing page (AKA capture/ squeeze page) is where you send people before they visit the sales page for whatever you are promoting as an affiliate. The idea is to collect email addresses from people who visit this page, and send them onto a relevant promotion.

All of this is explained in detail within the training. Just know it’s mission critical.

The autoresponder is an essential component of your landing page. This integrates with your landing page so you can build an email list and contact people well after they leave your landing page. Meaning, more chances to make money.

He also explains the concept of tracking and split testing to maximise results. This is where I personally got a lot of value, there are some great insights here.

To get all of this setup he recommends the following 3 services:

  • LeadPages | Landing page builder | $48 – $79 per month
  • GetResponse | Email autoresponder | starts at $15 per month
  • ClickMagick | Tracking system | $12 – $17 per month

These are quality products and they’re essential to making money with a business like this. There are different ways of doing things, but this is simple and it works.

I haven’t used ClickMagick myself, but Keala spends a fair amount of time showing you how it works and how to use it for your campaigns. The importance of tracking your results and split testing is enormous and this program looks pretty cool.

Anyways, Keala walks you through all of this within 12 videos so it’s very easy to follow.

Module 3 (3 videos)

This module begins by showing you how to find affiliate products to promote.

Keala explains the different types of products you can promote and at which time. You can also promote many offers to your email list over time so this is important. He also shows you where to find these products and how to sign up for the various affiliate programs he recommends.

The training moves onto traffic generation using solo ads.

This is basically sending promotional emails to other marketer’s email lists for a negotiated per click price. I don’t have a lot of experience with solo ads, but they can work if you can find the right supplier and if you have the right funnel in place.

Keala explains what solo ads are, what you should expect to pay and how to utilise them.

Module 4 (4 videos)

There’s over 3 1/2 hours worth of training in this module. He covers email marketing, tracking, maximising revenue and setting your advertising budget.

There was a lot of good training here, and not just beginner stuff either. The email marketing insights he provides and the analytics training were awesome.

In the marketing budget section, Keala walks you through a month by month scenario of what to expect within your first 12 months. How much you earn depends on your traffic quality, conversion rates, and ad spend among other things.

In any case, he gives people realistic expectations and a path they can actually follow, rather than waffle on about getting rich in a few months. I thought that was pretty cool.

Summary Of AWOL Pro Academy

This course shows you how to make money as an affiliate using solo ads. You are shown how to setup your sales funnel from scratch and integrate everything properly. You also learn how to test, track and tweak your campaigns for maximum results.

In addition, you get some great insights into sales funnel strategies, email marketing, increasing revenue, tracking, split testing and other relevant topics. Without question, this is jam packed with value for 99 bucks.

Could you take what you’ve learned and start making money?

You will have enough to get a campaign up and running. Assuming you choose products to promote within a big niche like ‘make money’ or health and fitness, you’ll find solo ad traffic. You have the fundamentals in place, so you could take this and get started.

That being said, there’s still a LOT to learn about generating traffic, email marketing, increasing conversions, choosing the right products to promote and a host of other topics.

You should absolutely expect to spend more time learning, more money on your education, and have a reasonable ad budget if you intend on making real profits. At least, within the scope of this method of internet marketing.

That’s where the addittional products come into play. To get the most out of this and actually make it profitable, you’ll need the next $2,291 worth of training at least.

As of writing this, I haven’t purchased any other products from AWOL.

But there is a lengthy video in the members area that explains what each course is about, so I’ll give you the heads up below. If I do decide to purchase any of the following products, I’ll update this review accordingly.

Inbox Academy | $297

AWOL Inbox AcademyAs the name suggests, this course is all about email marketing. Once you’ve got your funnel setup and you’re sending traffic to it, you need to know how to construct emails that generate sales.

  • Module 1: The Basics
  • Module 2: Email Deliverability
  • Module 3: Open Rates
  • Module 4: Click-Thru Rates

This does appear to be quite a comprehensive training. Once you get past the basics, having  your emails delivered, opened and your links clicked on is super important and something you can always improve upon.

Conversion Academy | $997

AWOL Conversion AcademyThis course is about helping you increase conversions across your sales funnel. The higher conversions you have at any point in your sales funnel, the higher your profit.

  • Module 1: Epic Story Telling
  • Module 2: Mind Control Hacks
  • Module 3: Live Sales Formula
  • Module 4: Evergreen Sales Formula
  • Module 5: High Ticket Sales
  • Module 6: Affiliate Tracking

After years of experience, there’s no doubt some nuggets of wisdom in this course.

Traffic Academy | $997

AWOL Traffic AcademyThe more targeted traffic you have, the more money you will make online. Period. This course apparently shows you how to leverage Facebook and a bunch of other platforms to increase your traffic.

  • Module 1: FB Traffic Academy
  • Module 2: YouTube Traffic Formula
  • Module 3: Instagram Traffic Formula
  • Module 4: Bing/ Yahoo Traffic
  • Module 5: CPA Traffic Formula

The Facebook traffic training looks pretty decent and potentially worth buying this course for in itself. But I’m only speculating.

Masters Academy | $3,497

AWOL Masters AcademyIt seems as though once you get to this point, you should be making money using the training you’ve already purchased. This goes into mindset training, accounting and wealth building more so than internet marketing so it makes sense.

  • Section 1: Mindset Hacks
  • Section 2: Wealth Strategies
  • Section 3: Solopreneur to CEO

They also mentioned there is a lot going to be added to this course in future. I’m not sure when the video was made, so they may have already added more sections. Either way, looks like a good training for boosting your existing results.

AWOL Elite | $9,997

AWOL EliteThis is the pinnacle of their product range, it’s a 2 hour weekly webinar and mentoring within their private FB group and forum.

This is definitely a big investment. But once you are making money, being able to ask Keala and Kameron questions and get reviews of your funnel is potentially priceless.

As of writing this, when you purchase Elite you also receive each of the previous products.

Promoting AWOL Academy

The training is geared more towards the ‘make money’ niche, so the natural progression is to promote AWOL. But you don’t have to do this. The training will work for other products and verticals from what I’ve seen.

Becoming an affiliate costs $39.95 per month which is something anyone can find out as a member, or by ‘Googling’  AWOL affiliate program.

Here’s what I learned from my coach:

  • Commissions are 30% of whatever your referrals purchase ($30 – $3,000 commissions)
  • You earn 3% of whatever your direct referral earns from promoting AWOL
  • You do get access to ‘done for you’ funnels for AWOL and extra training
  • Affiliates are required to purchase Traffic Academy to participate

The 30% high ticket commissions are nice, and the cost of the affiliate membership includes funnels, training and other stuff so is arguably worth it. I’m pretty sure he said you earn 3% on whatever your direct referrals earn in commissions each month. But he might have meant you earn 3% on the actual purchases of your direct referral’s customers.

There is a difference, but either way there are two tiers of earning.

As far as having to purchase Traffic Academy to participate, this is quite common among high ticket funnel systems. But unlike almost all similar systems I’ve looked at, you don’t have to purchase everything to promote everything. For example, you can still earn commissions on Elite purchases, if all you ever purchase is Traffic Academy.

It’s also a logical purchase because your main job is driving traffic when you are using their existing funnels. Assuming it’s a good product, you can also use this training for any online business which makes it worth buying either way.

Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

Given the high price and how you can promote the same system you’ve joined yourself, many will argue it’s a scam. The truth is, it’s not that simple.

On one hand, there’s nothing wrong with promoting the same education platform you use yourself. In fact, it’s good to promote products you get genuine value from yourself. If the products represent good value for money, the price is relative.

On the other hand, if people are paying $1,000’s for useless products just to qualify to promote the same system… it’s a different story. Also, if the marketing is all ‘get rich quick’ hype then I’m not a fan.

Based on my experience, these guys have been very open about the costs involved. They emphasise that it takes a solid effort to see results regardless of which products they buy and more importantly, you are paying for quality training.

Can you find this information anywhere for free? Maybe some parts. But you could say that about almost any digital info product or course. Seriously. Yet, people happily pay for specialised knowledge. It’s a multi billion dollar industry.

In my opinion, AWOL is not a scam.

Is The $10,000 Guarantee For Real?

The guarantee is real, but there are very strict conditions. As you would expect.

The biggest requirement is that you need to be an Elite level member. This is the membership with all the coaching, so you are working closely with their team to make sure your campaigns are generating revenue.

Also, you must complete the ‘5 pillars’ of success each day in your business which is explained in detail inside the members area. Here’s an overview of the 5 pillars:

  1. Listen to audio daily (20-30 mins relevant topics)
  2. Read daily (20-30 mins relevant topics)
  3. Generate traffic and leads daily
  4. Email your list daily about
  5. Mastermind daily (answering/ asking questions within the AWOL community forum)

Put simply, you need to be an Elite member who takes massive action, and who has a decent advertising budget. It appears as though you can use this guarantee for other niches, but I’m not entirely sure about this.


I haven’t purchased every single product within AWOL Academy. However, based on my experience so far, I can safely say there’s a lot of useful training and it was worth the money.

You are shown how to get started, and you’re given valuable insights into email marketing, tracking and split testing, sales funnels, among other important topics.

If each course continues to offer this value and it’s not just about promoting AWOL, then there’s a lot to like about it. Accessing all of the training does cost a substantial amount of money, yes. But if you can use this training to build a highly profitable online business with paid traffic, then it may be a worthwhile investment.

61 thoughts on “AWOL Academy Review: Legit System or High Ticket Scam?”

  1. scam

    • That’s accurate. I joined and then some coach called me and never had contact with him again. All he wanted to do is sell me more courses. In one of the videos, Keala Kanae was telling people to sell their cars to be able to afford the courses. There was a lot of good material in the course. There was also a lot of filler garbage.

  2. While everyone is dropping words here , some of us from the developing countries are becoming more confused as to which program is actually worth spending a long time savings for. This idea of FUNNEL in the industry I think is the reason why the charges are weighing heavy on someone who’s starting out. But if you have done hard work seeking for information about the products listed in AWOL academy you don’t have to spend much much money on any program but it would take time and resources before you would have success.

    • Hi Jinga,

      I don’t recommend spending a long time savings on any program. It IS possible to bootstrap your entire online business from scratch, I did it myself and I show others how to do it here.

  3. Someone told me about this program and their vegas events. Awol’s sole business is providing “education” to people who go to them hoping to become millionaires within a few months. Once they have their hook on you, you’ll forever be putting money into their pockets VS soaring on your own.

  4. I am a student in graduate school. Real training programs tell you from the beginning how much they cost pre year or pre class. They don’t tell you that the training is free like the ad I saw and then act so invested in getting you to that free class that you wonder what’s going on…

  5. Hi Tim,

    My first introduction into Affiliate Marketing was by a video on youtube by Keala Kanae. A lot of what he said made sense to me as a salesman. He said find a problem someone has on the internet and solve it. I think it is probably a good program, but very costly to get started. I searched all over the internet for programs and finally ended up at Wealthy Affiliate, as you well know. I chose Wealthy Affiliate because I didn’t have to put a lot of money up front to get started.


    • Yeah he definitely knows his stuff, but I agree it’s an expensive program. And you don’t have to spend $1,000’s to build a profitable online business. That’s why I love WA, you get everything you need under one roof for a very low price point.

      Thanks for your comment! Cheers

        • Wealthy Affiliate is free to get started with, and the Premium membership is $49 per month. I wrote a post comparing these two memberships here which you may find helpful.

          That is out of my hands completely, I have no idea if they will or not. But as far as I know it is only the free memberships that a handful of countries are excluded from.

    • Absolutely, without a doubt. By joining most programs online you are joining that persons funnel and they are making money off you in one way or another. The only question is, are they offering value and what will you get out of it.

      In some cases, you will learn a lot and what you learn, eventually, can potentially change your life. In other cases, you will lose money as they make you jump through hoop after hoop trying to get to the ‘golden goose’. So it pays to make sure you are getting value for your money and learning something.

  6. Thanks for this honest and in-depth review on AWOL Academy. I appreciate the time and money you invested to test this product. This is really just another high-ticket upselling product which the biggest winner is always the founders.

  7. Spent $99 just be upsold for a $15,000 program. Kinda a rip off if you ask me. Great presentation I must say but damn. Not worth the money IMO. Spent over 3 hours watching videos. Still picking up my jaw from the ground. Lol

  8. Nothing is wrong with charging for quality affiliate marketing training for new comers ($US99.00). What is wrong is not disclosing that the $US10,000 guarantee is only for the elite members.

    Most other aspects of the program are disclosed upfront, why the details of the $US10,000 guarantee are not disclosed? It seems that the guarantee is only to influence you to sign up

  9. What I don’t understand with AWOL academy is the testimonies of “struggling” people suddenly (a few years is pretty quickly) being catapulted ahead in life by using AWOL. I am a 21 year old with financial problems (long story. hurt myself and can’t work for months) who figured this would be a great way to generate some income while I’m forced to be in bed, so I went ahead and bought the $99 course, only to discover that I actually need $10,000 to get started with this. In that sense, this company seems very unethical. The facebook ads, the webinar, and Keala himself all talked about “going from nothing” to earning thousands using these programs, but they certainly have a different idea of “nothing” ($10,000 +) than I do ($0). I’m certainly happy for those who have the money to begin this program in order to gain greater financial freedom than they already had, but for me, I think I’ll just have to attempt to get my $100 back and go back to a regular job as soon as my body allows.

    • I know what you mean about the high ticket upselling with programs like AWOL.

      This is definitely a controversial marketing strategy and something that turns a lot of folks off. Many people can’t afford the higher level products (which in reality you need to make this program work) and feel taken advantage of when they discover this.

      This is one of the main reasons why I don’t promote high ticket programs like this as an affiliate. I prefer to show people a more affordable way to get started online that I know works well.

      I built my entire online business (affiliate marketing) on a shoestring budget. It did take me over a year and a half to get to the point of a full-time income and it did take a considerable amount of effort. I won’t sugar coat it. But it was well worth it, and it’s how I know you can create an income online without spending over $10k on training plus paid traffic. Without a doubt.

      Programs like AWOL can definitely work for you. And I personally think that (as far as these sorts of programs go) it’s one of the less scammy ones. But you don’t have to join something like AWOL to become successful online. Not at all. So I wouldn’t count yourself out just because you’re low on funds.

      If you follow the right training, take massive action, consistently, you can succeed within the online space with a very low budget. That’s the great thing about affiliate marketing. The profit potential is high, you are building passive income, and the costs are very low depending on how you go about it.

      Anyways I hope this helps, and all the best moving forward. Cheers

    • i found the same thing. They are not upfront or ethical in my opinion. If you have studied body language you can see that in the webinar Kaene is not being 100% truthful and did not answer my questions on whether it was an MLM business. He skipped the questions he didn’t want to answer.
      Also, he says you can make $10,000 in 3 months taking the course. After finding out about the $10,000 fee the truth is you are going to pay HIM $10,000!! :-)) NO MENTION OF THIS EVER which means some people pay the $99 (He tells them to
      get a job driving Uber at night to pay for it) and then can’t continue with the costly parts of the course so are out $99 unless they ask for a refund. (and most people won’t ask for one and companies know this and count on it!) Even if they get it, they have wasted valuable time that could have been spent on a different course or trying to buy some discount items at a store and checking on the Amazon app what they sell for and if they are able to make a profit sell it on Amazon. A woman I watched on the news purchased 4 items marked down at Walmart and another store (toys ,etc.) made a profit of $35 after all the fees. At the same time they could keep learning with all the material people post online plus make extra money for a different less costly course. Or could start a facebook group themselves for Newbies who could share information with each other for free. Or they could take the $10,000 and go to the fair in China they have once a year where all the top Amazon sellers buy their products and give speeches and apply everything they’ve read once they get home. I learned a great deal just from some webinars and reading different things people write online that they put affiliate links in to earn money for themselves. After awhile you can piece together all the info. Or buy a book on the entire process , probably much cheaper. I think $10,000 a year is a lot of money as you have to pay Amazon fees, income tax, shipping fees, product cost, business license, software, accounting unless you know how to use Quickbooks yourself, Amazon fees, shipping label fees, in some cases inspection fees to have your product inspected before it’s shipped to Amazon, then 20 cents a box for Amazon to put on your label or something i forget, etc. etc. Gas, also liability insurance once you are considered a business and not just selling stuff at home. There are substantial costs without paying someone $10, 000 every years. That cost could rise anytime too. He does make a lot with the $99 thing. Maybe a NEWBIE could use some of this info and search more and start a NEWBIE webinar and charge $49.99. LOL Good Luck!

  10. i am really considering buying this and putting the money into it just to see what will happen ……if it works it works if not well man i will make the time for it

  11. I really appreciate reading all of this information on AWOL. What bothers me is that they will not give you any of the details of how they really make their money. I was assuming that at some point they would “spill the bean” and tell you that you locked into a flat commission rate of a % of what you earn in revenues. If they were to tell me up front that it is $10,000 per year to get up to and continue as an elite member, I might be okay with that if it is ALL they get out of me.

    I have owned my own businesses for 15 years now and while that fee may sound daunting to some, if in fact it is all I will ever pay them on an annual basis as an elite member, then I believe it is likely worth it if you are bringing in 5, 10 or 15 times that in revenues. I just wish they would be up front about these training and annual fees.

    Is that in fact a correct assumption in that $10,000 is all you will ever pay on an annual basis or is there some commission that is attached to actual revenues earned as well?

    Thanks for your honesty in providing this information that I have been unsucessful in trying to get out of them directly.

    • Hey Dave,

      They are mostly upfront about their fees and how you make money. But I agree, not about the annual fee side of things. At least, thats not something I found either until someone recently commented about it.

      I believe that, if you pay the $10k, that covers all the training and mentoring costs. And when you earn commissions, you earn commissions when others buy the various products. So when the customer pays, you earn a commission. You also get a cut of the sales made by your direct referrals.

      Thanks for your comment and all the best! Cheers

  12. Do you also have an understanding that the Elite program for $9,999 is a one time fee and not a yearly cost? Or is it only me? 🙂

  13. I don’t think this is a scam at all. I am a nubie to internet marketing but I have just finished a successful 28 year career running my own business and am now interested in branching out into something new. As an old timer with lots of experience, I hope my following comments will be of some use to those embarking on a career as an entrepreneur for the first time.
    After spending a considerable amount of time learning the basics(which are all new to me) and now continuing on to the more esoteric skills of entrepreneurship taught by Kaela in the subsequent training, I can tell you this: many of the things he talks about are pure gold so pay attention. Fostering your client list, gaining their trust before bombarding them with offers, split testing your ideas and going with the most successful ones, tracking EVERTHING, creating quality traffic, strategically and ethically using the concepts of “influence” inherent in the human condition…the list goes on… these are all fundamentals in a successful business and they are all touched on in the training. I am actually quite amazed that Keala as such a firm grasp on all of this at such a young age. It took me years in business an untold amounts of money to perfect all these skills in my own business. You have access to all of this at a fraction of the cost I incurred,
    Having said all that, I will grant you that I am in the enviable position to afford to proceed with this without worrying about the short term financial outlay and I completely understand the concerns of a young person starting out in these difficult economic times; however, from a purely cost/benefit perspective AWOL is well worth the money. I hope this is of some help to the budding entrepreneurs out there. Good luck to all you youngsters in the crowd. Carpe diem. Keith

  14. Hi Tim

    Do you know if this program does in spanish? And do you think that after paying $1000 I can start making money or do I need to buy the entire master class (10k) to start working?. I’m very interested in starting an online bussines.

    Sorry if i have any mistake, i don’t speak english perfectly.

    Thanks for help me. Have a good day.


    • Hey Edith,

      Do you know if this program does in spanish?

      I am really not sure about this.

      do you think that after paying $1000 I can start making money or do I need to buy the entire master class (10k) to start working?

      Possibly, but it depends on where you are at in your affiliate marketing journey. If you’re a total newbie, probably not. I’m not saying you’d need to purchase the whole $10k package, but there’s still a lot more to learn. Each individual product is designed to teach you a specific aspect of affiliate marketing. Traffic, email marketing, conversions etc.. all of which are important to your overall success. And you also need a budget for traffic with this model also.

      Hope this helps, and all the best! Cheers

      • Hey Tim, I have been doing a lot of research on AWOL and have found pretty good comments/reviews so far. I understand that their will be some hard work involved on my part, and to be honest I am very interested. You mention we have to have a decent budget set in place to make 10k. any idea?

        • Hey Santana,

          It’s difficult to say how much your ad budget should be exactly, as there are many variables at play. For example, what niche you choose, the type of traffic you buy, the funnel itself, conversion rates, and the commissions you can earn per sale/ average customer value etc.

          The cool thing about AWOL is, Keala does take the time to show you the hard numbers and the formulas needed to work this stuff out. The recommended ad budget is explained in detail within the $99 training. You get a realistic look at the length of time it takes to get anywhere with a small ad budget (I can’t recall the exact amount, but about $400 per month I think) and re-investing your profits each month. The example he provides shows how it can easily take a year to get into profits.

          But again, it all depends. And when you do make paid traffic profitable, even if it does take a while, it’s a pretty cool thing. Passive, scalable income.

          It might pay to run the numbers carefully on a spreadsheet before committing to anything. Work out all of the important metrics such as commission rates, conversion rates, traffic cost, and your ad budget on a month to month basis. Then, you will have a good idea of what you’re up for going into this and hat you stand to make. As annoying/ boring as this may be, doing this stuff, even very simply, can help you set realistic expectations of profit/ loss.

          Hope this helps! Cheers

          • Hey Tim,
            Yeah you make good points and puts me some what at ease. It’s just that 10k is a thought pill to swallow. Anyways if nothing changes nothing changes and it might me time to do something different and not be left behind. I really appreciate your advise and the help.
            Santana V.

  15. Hi Tim… Thank you for the info… I’m interested in buying AWOL Academy and went through the initial webinar training last night. I’m finding very useful information that I can apply to my already built website/youtube, including other social media and believe this to be a good source to help me generate income with what I already have. Do you think this is possible, OR after purchasing AWOL, would I need to focus on creating new sites with word press and so on in order to get the proper training? My thing is the arts, so I’m not so sure this is something of much interested to the masses as is other more popular demands, like “weight loss”, “how to make money online”, and so on… Also, according to Keala’s webinar, I have a grace period to buy the course and after that grace period, I can no longer buy it for that price… Is this correct? Thanks again for your input–Marisela

    • Hey Marisela,

      This is more geared towards the bigger niches (weigh loss, make money, dating) but by all means you could apply this training to other niches. I personally don’t think it’s really a good idea though, given how the training is geared for the bigger niches. And yes, you would really be needing to create new WordPress sites, which is easy enough since this is more about installing a plugin called LeadPages and creating landing pages, than an entire site.

      As far as the discount goes, unless something has changed you should still get the $99 product for $99, regardless of when you buy it.

      Thanks for dropping by and all the best! Cheers

  16. The time in florida is 10.09 am july 18 2017 and these commentaries are this day around 11.55 am 11.38 am 12.16am

    • I am located in Australia, hence the time zone on this blog is set (for posts and comments) to AEST- which is ahead of the US by almost a day.

      Skeptical much? For crying out loud lol.

  17. By the way. I am not a affiliate of AWOL Academy either. I also only make $12.00 an hour building and installing wrought fence full time and I manage to acquire 10 to 11 email subscribers a day from Facebook so in my opinion AWOL Academy is definitely not a scam. The things they teach actually do work and I am just a beginner at affiliate marketing.

  18. I agree with Tim. I purchased the $99 training as well and I do not feel like it was a scam. I feel like it has given me a good foundation to start my affiliate marketing business on. I do not believe that it is a scam at all. I am happy with my purchase. I also just assumed that there would be a high dollar purchase at the end of the training especially with the $10,000 guarantee that they offer. The $999.99 price tag on the elite membership is simply a deposit that you will eventually get back when you make $10,000 within the first 90 days. You are actually getting the elite membership for free. Because they will be helping you make your first $10,000. The $999.99 price tag is just an incentive to make for sure that you are serious about doing affiliate marketing and it also helps you to stay motivated during the first 90 days.

    • Thanks for commenting Jeremy 🙂

      While I don’t see this as a scam, I personally don’t believe the ‘Elite membership is free’ either. Assuming all of their Elite level training and support is amazing, which it very well could be, then there’s every chance you can make your money back over time. And hopefully, create a full-time income in the process. For sure.

      But I would never recommend going into this and spending $10k *expecting* to get it back within 90 days. Regardless of any ‘guarantees’ they may or may not offer.

      For one thing, in order to take them up on that $10k guarantee, you’ll need a good ad budget. Earning $10k in revenue is easy with a large enough ad budget, anyone could do this with very little training with a big enough bank roll. My point being, and correct me if I’m wrong, but they never said you will make $10k in profit.

      In any case, I believe it’s wise to consider something like this as an investment in your education, a calculated risk. Not something you just go into expecting to get your money back on if it doesn’t pan out.

      But hey, that’s me. Whatever you end up doing I wish you the best of success!


    • Hey Sophia,

      No. And I didn’t expect to either. I purchased this training because I was curious about it, and to give people a proper review.

      I did get value from it though, and I do think it was worth 99 bucks in and of itself. But to actually make money from this model absolutely requires more money for both the training and to buy traffic.

      I personally make money as an affiliate following a different model which you can learn about here.


  19. I joined the pro membership and feel there was some good training in the videos, but there was the surprise selling of much more expensive items once I purchased. I think it is far too expensive to pay $1,000’s for some more information and I was left feeling a bit mislead by this program. The 99 price will get you some good info but you will be left feeling like you have part of the picture, not the whole thing.

    Save your money unless you have the $1,000’s to spend on this AWOL program I guess.

    • It’s a business, he makes money selling this training course. Provided the training is good value for money, that doesn’t make it a scam. It’s mutually beneficial for both the buyer and the seller. Business.

      • is normal for his time to put a price. nobody work for free even millionaire. but on top of this…is all depending of you how fast you learn and how good you are in advertising. i am 1 week beginner in AWOL and i just start in this business, all new for me. but i am sure i will succeed.

    • These guys have a pretty good presentation! I won’t call it a scam but more of a rip off. I don’t mind investing in learning but at least show me away to get my investment back with interest. In the backoffice which is a $99 dollar investment they go over another sale pitch then market the tools they are an affiliate with which is more spending and no return on your investment. If you make a purchase for these tools they do go over how to setup each tool. The rip off part to me is they don’t show where or how you can start making money. So I set the followup call but it was another sell pitch the calling didn’t even look at any of my work to give me advice on what would be the best step beside purchasing another portion of their service. That to me was the rip off part! The tools seem to work fine but they leave you dry on how to find an audience so you could make money to purchase the next part of the program!

      • Dude, they tell you how to find an audience right from the get go by using Facebook Ad builder and Google keyword search. Review the video again if you missed it the first time. I could go out right now and build a funnel for under $200 and throw in another $150 for the ad on facebook for a month targeted to ANY specified audience. YOU get ads targeted for you on FB. So, use the system.

      • You sound like you expect a return immediately upon purchasing and that they’re supposed to just hand you sales. That’s impossible for any learning program. You will ONLY get back what you put in…HARD WORK. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. All of what you said is in the training.

    • Yes, THEIR money comes from selling this course to us poor SOBs who are hopeful to make a career out of this and escaping our crap jobs. There obviously is a LOT of us!
      They talk, talk, talk you into submission. Create your own course.

      • I spent the $99, and had my trepidation of the whole program. Being in the financial field, I am not going to just take my hard earned money for some pie in the sky venture. All I can say is, be very careful of how you give them your money, as once you give them that money, just kiss it goodbye for good

    • I would say that education is probably the most profitable business of them all. A lot of these successful people who end up joining whats called a mastermind group and it seems like they all decide to go into the education business. Probably because it is highly profitable.

    • I’ve signed up for the pro academy i.e99$. I finished all the four steps. I’m waiting for the coach call. so , i should wait for the call and then i’ll get the access for the 4 modules? Or i can start the 4 modules now asap?


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