Can You Really Make Money With a “Weird Online Trick”?

I’ve seen a lot of online marketing gimmicks over the years.

But probably the most common and downright misleading pitches I’ve seen, is the one about a “weird online trick discovered by an 8 year old girl”.

Apparently, this 8 year old discovered a simple and easy way to make money online. And now this same “system” she uses is available to you.

All you need to do is signup, pay the fee and you get access to a powerful money making system. One that pumps out money on autopilot and one where you don’t need to do any work.

Unfortunately, this is complete and utter nonsense.

And in this post, I am going to explain exactly why I say this…

What Is This “Weird Online Trick” About?

The “weird online trick” is just a marketing gimmick.

There is nothing of substance to this claim that you are going to somehow start making big money by following the same system as a random 8 year old girl.

Unfortunately, the sites that make these claims are using this marketing gimmick to profit off of unsuspecting people. Folks who are just looking for an honest way to earn money online.

They use this gimmick because it makes the “system” sound easy, and like something anyone could do without having any prior experience.

After all, if an 8 year old person can do it- anyone can, right?

8 Year Old Girl Discovers Weird Online Trick

In any case, there is ZERO substance to the whole “weird trick” money making method.

This is really just a catchy sales pitch.

Plain and simple.

I have reviewed many sites that use this gimmick too. For example Get The Discovery, Ecom Cash Code, Ecom Freedom Blueprint and 22 Minutes to Profits.

All of these sites claim to help you make quick and easy money online, using a weird online trick. And ALL of the above sites promote the same underlying program, My Ecom Club.

There are other sites that use the whole “weird trick” pitch, for sure.

But I am going to focus on the sites that promote My Ecom Club because these are the most prevalent sites and in my opinion, the most misleading.

A marketing gimmick is harmless enough, I guess.

But it’s the hidden agenda behind these sites and how they work that I have a problem with.

Let me explain…

How Does This “Weird Online Trick” Really Work?

The weird online trick (in reality) works by profiting off of you.

It all starts with an email or an online ad that lures you onto the sales page. The page that talks about the weird online trick you can use to begin making $100’s or even $1,000’s per day online.

Without putting in much of any effort and without any prior experience.

Anyways, depending on the individual site you land on, the cost of getting access to the system is somewhere between $47 or $97.

This is made to sound like your “golden ticket” to making money online. These sites do not explain what you are really buying into. But rather, use hype and spammy marketing tactics to convince you to buy on impulse.

It’s not until AFTER you buy that you start to figure out that something isn’t right.

Because immediately after you buy, you are hit with upsells that run into the $1,000’s. Upsells that are said to help you make even more money using the system.

The entire My Ecom Club system is FULL of high ticket upsells.

Starting with a $1,997 “done for you” upsell and many more after this. Some comments I have received within my My Ecom Club review state that the upsells run into the $10,000’s.

This is not an uncommon tactic either.

The idea is to get you in the door at a low price point (less than 100 bucks) and once you are inside, you are progressively pitched higher and higher priced products from pushy phone sales people.

These masquerade as “coaches” but in reality they are sales people.

That’s what this is about and that is how this “weird online trick” really works- by luring you in under false pretences, and systematically selling you as much extra stuff as humanly possible.

Can You Really Make Money With Programs Like This?

The short answer is- it depends.

On one hand, you could “possibly” make some money by following the training inside a program like My Ecom Club. Or other programs that use deceptive marketing, as long as what they are teaching you has at least some substance to it.

On the other hand, you are being led up the garden path so to speak. Because what you “think” you are buying into, and what you get are worlds apart.

For starters, the actual business model these “weird online trick” sites teach you is a type of e-commerce known as “dropshipping”.

This is where you setup an online store to sell physical products. But instead of stocking inventory, you partner with wholesalers who fulfil your orders for you.

This is legitimate and people do make money this way.

But don’t be fooled. While this may sound like a simple and easy business model, there are a LOT of moving parts and the costs can be very high.

Like any business, there is initially a lot to learn and there is a lot that can go wrong. Which is why the entire concept of a “trick” is incredibly misleading. This is a business, not a push button system.

And as I mentioned, the costs can be very high. Not only are there $10,000’s in upsells within My Ecom Club itself (which is insane), but you need a budget for traffic. Because if you don’t have traffic (visitors) to your store, you won’t make a dime.

So to sum it up, these sites are misleading you about TWO things:

  • How easy it’s all going to be
  • How much money it’s going to cost you to get into profit

Honestly, if you are going to get into dropshipping, you are going to be far better off avoiding any sites that make misleading claims like the ones I’ve mentioned.

If it sound too good to be true, it probably is.


Sites that claim you can make money online using a weird trick are misleading you.

Even if there was such a “trick” that existed online, these people certainly aren’t showing it to you.

Instead, they are using site after site (all using different domains) to trick you into buying. And unfortunately, if you do buy, you will be hit with progressively higher ticket upsells.

Because that is the whole point of this.

For the people running the show to profit off of you.

Instead of using ethical marketing to present a legitimate program, that helps you start a legitimate online business for a reasonable price, they use hype and pressure sales tactics to sell you as much crap as they possibly can.

Which doesn’t help you make any money at all, let alone the crazy amounts they claim. Rather, it ends up costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

So the next time you see a site claiming to help you “make money online using a weird trick”, carefully consider what I have said here. You’ll be glad you did.

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