Visionary Investor Review (Legit Brian Tycangco Service?)

Hi, and welcome to my review of Brian Tycangco’s Visionary Investor service.

I discovered this service after receiving an email, which led me to a presentation on the Stansberry Research website about “Apple’s next big product” and how it could launch a $7 trillion market and make early investors a fortune.

I was curious, and wanted to know what Brian was talking about and what his service was all about, so I decided to look into it and share what I found with you in this review.

Let’s start by taking a look at what Brian is predicting…

Brian Tycangco’s $7 Trillion Tech Prediction

Brian Tycangco’s main prediction right now, at least with respect to his Visionary Investor service, has to do with an emerging technology called augmented reality.

Augmented reality (AR) is basically a technology that allows you to “blend” the digital world with the physical world in some really unique and profound ways.

During the presentation, Brian describes AR as a way to “enhance” our physical reality, and provides numerous examples of how it’s being used right now.

For example, he talks about how you can “try on” a pair of shoes using the Wanna Kicks app, or use Amazon’s app to see how a new piece of furniture might look in your living room.

According to Brian, however, this is just the beginning.

He talks about how Apple’s next big product launch, which is predicted to be announced at any moment, could take this to the next level and launch a projected $7 trillion market. And how many other companies are getting involved too.

Brian Tycangco during a presentation about his Visionary Investor service on the Stansberry Research website.

What “product launch” is Brian talking about?

Brian is specifically talking about the launch of Apple’s (rumored) new augmented reality headsets. Which could launch as soon as 2022.

And how there are hundreds of other companies working on AR headsets to make them better, smaller and more affordable for everyday folks like you and I.

He talks about how companies in the gaming and social media space, those in the industrial, health and consumer products sector, and even the U.S. Army, are working on this.

Point being, there are already hundreds of companies working with Augmented Reality, both at a consumer and industrial level. And potentially thousands more are in development or waiting to be developed. 

Which is why experts predict this new technology could grow into a $7 trillion industry in the next six years alone.

It turns out Brian’s statement is grounded in reality, too (no pun intended). According to a report on, the augmented reality market could hit $7 trillion by 2027.

So he didn’t just pull that number from thin air.

And one of the cool things about Brian’s presentation, at least to me, was how he’s not just predicting the same old thing as every other tech investing guru out there.

Most of the investing experts I’ve come across in recent months are talking about electric vehicles, 5G or blockchain. I swear… that’s all they ever seem to talk about lol.

For example, I recently wrote about Luke Lango’s “breakthrough battery” prediction (EVs), Louis Navellier’s Tech Supercycle prediction (5G), and Teeka Tiwari’s Genesis Technology prediction (blockchain). And even though they do make some great points… it’s all just so similar.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone properly break down the augmented reality niche and explain why it has such massive potential. And not just in the world of gaming, how it has the potential to disrupt a broad range of industries. I thought it was super interesting.

What company is he teasing?

Brian is bullish on four companies in the AR space, and he details his picks in two separate reports, which you get access to when you join his service, Visionary Investor.

Here are the reports he’s offering as part of his AR presentation:

  • The #1 Augmented Reality Component Maker: An Under-the-Radar Stock to Potentially Make Triple-Digit Gains as Apple’s New Augmented Reality Device Takes Off.
  • Tech’s Next Triple-Digit Winners: 3 Companies Set to Dominate the Future.

Augmented reality isn’t the only technology Brian is focussed on, and he will no doubt run other presentations in the future that focus on different technologies and different companies he’s interested in. But AR seems to be his main focus as of writing (August 2021).

In any case, let’s take a look at what the Visionary Investor service is all about, how it works, and what you get if you decide to join. Then we’ll look at Brian Tycangco and his track record, to help you decide if he’s someone worth paying attention to.

Overview of Visionary Investor

Visionary Investor is a stock advisory service run by Brian Tycangco of Stansberry Research, that’s all about helping subscribers profit from technology trends.

According to the Stansberry Research website, Brian Tycangco is a “20-plus year veteran of the investing world” who has spent his career tracking some of the biggest trends in the world, particularly those in the technology sector.

He particularly looks for tech trends that have the potential to change the world, such as augmented reality and electric vehicles, and the companies he believes are at the forefront of these trends. And aside from tech, he also tracks social and economic trends.

Most importantly, he shows you how to benefit from his research if you join his service.

As a subscriber, you get access to his research, insights and recommendations which are aimed at helping you profit from the trends he uncovers.

We’ve talked about Brian’s augmented reality prediction, but he’s always coming out with new insights, and typically recommends anywhere from 15-20 stocks at any given time.

How Does Visionary Investor Work?

The way Visionary Investor works is pretty straightforward… the idea is to signup to the service, learn about Brian’s stock recommendations, and decide if you want to invest in them using your own brokerage account. So it’s a resource for self-directed investors.

At the core of the service are the monthly issues of Visionary Investor.

Each month, for 12 months, you get fresh insights and recommendations related to technology trends which can help you learn about these trends and which companies Brian is bullish on.

The other main component is the model portfolio.

This is basically a list of all of Brian’s current recommendations and the details of each one like the ticker symbol, the recommended price to buy at and so on.

You also get regular updates about what’s happening with the stocks in the portfolio, to keep you on top of any changes Brian thinks are relevant, and some bonus reports.

That said, the bonuses you get do depend on which page you join through on the Stansberry Research website, and which membership you choose. So let’s look at what’s involved in getting started, including what the joining fees are and what bonuses come with each.

What Are The Costs To Get Started?

The standard cost of joining Visionary Investor is $199 if you go to the Stansberry Research website and join through the regular signup page.

However, sometimes Stansberry Research discounts these services and offers certain bonuses if you join through one of their presentations.

In this case, if you join through the presentation we discussed earlier, there are two main options. The first costs $49 for 12 months and the second costs $79 for 12 months.

Both come with the bonus reports I mentioned earlier about augmented reality, but the main difference is the second, $79, option comes with a bonus subscription to True Wealth. Which is another advisory service run by Steve Sjuggerud (which is a little more conservative).

In any case, regardless of which membership option you choose, you also need some money to put into the investments if you decide you want to follow Brian’s recommendations.

And the Stansberry Research website suggests starting out with around $5,000. You don’t need that much to join, but that’s the amount they recommend to get started with if you plan on following Brian’s recommendations.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, according to the Stansberry Research website, Visionary Investor comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So it is possible to get your money back if you decide it’s not for you.

Are You Guaranteed to Make Money?

No. There are no guarantees you’ll make money with this service, or any service for that matter. Some advisories guarantee you can get your money back if it doesn’t do XYZ, but nobody can rightfully promise you will make money by following their recommendations.

Brian does talk about how he thinks some of his stock picks could soar in the coming years, as the technology he’s tracking goes mainstream, but these are ultimately just possibilities.

On the plus side, Brian does have solid track record, and has extensive experience in the finance space, so chances are at least some of his recommendations will work out.

Who Is Brian Tycangco?

Brian Tycangco
Brian Tycangco

Brian Tycangco is a financial analyst with over two decades of experience, and he’s the lead editor of the Visionary Investor service.

Before stumbling across his presentation, I must admit I’d never heard of Brian or his service. Which is probably because he hasn’t been with Stansberry Research for very long, and it looks as though his Visionary Investor service is brand new.

It also appears as though, before heading up the Visionary Investor service, Brian was more focussed on seeking out opportunities in Asia.

According to the Stansberry Research website, after obtaining a degree in Economics, he started his career in 1995 as a trader and financial analyst, working for an international banking group called BNP Paribas.

From there, he got into the world of investment education as the editor of a newsletter called Asian Growth Stocks, which he ran for 17 years.

Then, in 2019, when he joined Stansberry Research, Brian started working with Dr. Steve Sjuggerud on a service called “True Wealth Opportunities: China.”

Which is one of Stansberry’s high-end services, and is primarily focussed on opportunities in the Chinese market such as technology, finance and property.

Also, according to his LinkedIn profile, Brian is the founder of a financial publishing company called Asia Financial Publishing which seems to be based in Hong Kong.

So even though Brian doesn’t appear to be as well-known as some of Stansberry Research’s other analysts, he does have a lot of experience. Especially when it comes to emerging technology.

What’s his track record like?

According to the Brian, he’s been recommending tech stocks for 20 years and during that time, his top 50 closed recommendations have averaged 548%.

He also says that some of his recommendations have generated as much as 3,488%. And the Stansberry Research website says that, over the course of his career, Brian has recommended over 100 “triple-digit winners” and eight of his recommendations have 10X’ed.

That said, these are just the highlights…

As with any analyst, Brian has almost certainly recommended stocks that have lost money too, and not all of his recommendations would pay off as well as the ones I just mentioned.

To know for sure how well his recommendations have performed, you’d really need his complete track record (winners and losers), and that information isn’t readily available. Although you can see his current recommendations, and the performance of each, as a member of his service.

Bottom Line

Visionary Investor could be worth checking out if you’re interested in making money off of the latest technology trends. Especially if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare to join some of Stansberry Research’s more expensive services that run into the $1,000’s.

At the end of the day, most people don’t have the time, experience, or resources to properly identify the latest trends, let alone find the best companies to invest in.

And that’s where Brian’s service comes into play.

It’s all about helping everyday investors profit from these opportunities. And one of the things I personally like about it, is how Brian doesn’t just rehash the same old stuff as every other guru.

He does talk about electric vehicles and other popular trends, but his prediction about augmented reality and how to profit from it was a bit of an eye opener for me, and shows he has some unique ideas when it comes to tech investing.

At the same time, I don’t think it would be wise to rush into a service like this without understanding the risks involved. Just because Brian is an expert with a good track record doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money. In fact, it’s even possible you could lose money.

But if you understand the risks and don’t expect to get rich overnight, Visionary Investor is a legitimate service that could help you profit from emerging technologies over time.

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