UNO Premier Review- Pretty Average For A ‘Premium’ Opportunity…

Quick Overview

UNO Premier

Company: UNO Premier

Founder: William Barbo

Startup Cost: $309 - $3,404

Review Summary

In this review I talk about a company that claims to have the answer to your optimal health and wellbeing along with an amazing opportunity to create wealth and time freedom. In fact, they claim it's easy for anyone to start making millions of dollars. I'll show you what I found.

Full Review

The company was founded in 2006 by William Barbo in the Phillipines as a health and wellness multi level marketing company. It was originally known as 'Unlimited Network of Opportunity' but is now known as 'UNO Premier' depending on which country you reside in.

They claim to have made over 800 Philippine millionaires to date which sounds cool but I'm yet to see any kind of proof of this. Hey maybe it's true but I've been unable to locate any kind of legitimate income disclosure at all, which in itself is a little concerning.

I have to say that for a company claiming to be "Poised to become the #1 mlm company in the world catering to a refined class of high end professionals..." they are missing the mark in my opinion.

The opportunity videos are headed up by 'Johnny Scofield' who claims he is an international speaker, business guru and the go to guy for 'making things happen'.

Johnny Scofield presentation

I honestly couldn't find anything to substantiate this other than his affiliation with UNO anywhere online. Maybe you'll have better luck.

The Products

Things started taking a bit of nose dive when I began looking into the company's product offerings.

They might be reasonably good products but here's the thing- the marketing behind them sucks! It seems they fail to realise that a consumers perception is more important when making a buying decision than what actually 'is' in most cases.

In this case my perception of the products and overall company image is not great for a number of reasons:

  • The website is very disorganised and annoying
  • The information about the products is extremely limited
  • There are few pictures to illustrate the products which makes them not very visually appealing
  • A health and wellness company claiming to have the most premium products in the mlm industry (and the world) but don't have a single shred of credible proof or verifiable third party endorsement/ research to back this up
  • The products are very expensive but have not shown me the value of what I am paying for to justify this

Admittedly I've never been a fan of these health and wellness companies. This is primarily because (I believe) they use a product that is extremely difficult for a consumer to objectively evaluate and pump it full of clever marketing to convince people it's worth 2-3 times the price of comparable products outside of mlm.

In this case it appears they are doing this very thing only without the clever marketing. So it's kind of lose, lose.

Take a look at their 4 main product packages for example:

4 Product Packages

Before I pay almost $2k for an 'Elite product package' I kind of want to know what I'm buying... crazy right? This is the most they give you:

Elite Pack info

Their main company website provides little-no information about these that I could find. I decided to see if anywhere else online had some info and I found this video about one of the products in the pack named 'KryptOrganic' which left a lot to be desired.

I don't know about you but at this point I'm far from convinced these guys have a premium product line worth that kind of money. My guess is that most people are not going to be very convinced and selling these products to non-distributors may prove very difficult indeed.

Navigating The Website

Navigating to where you can even buy these products was a task in itself.

The only way to buy products from the main company website was to select 'packages' since there was no link to buy under the 'products' tab. Not confusing or anything...

When you do find what you are looking for you MUST have a sponsor ID to actually make a standard purchase. You'll have to search high and low on Google just to find a rep and get their ID and manually place this into the order form.

The replicated distributor website is not much better either. When you click on the 'products' tab it does not lead allow visitor to make a purchase or direct them where to go! What the?

Poor website design

The visitor must to click on 'make money' or 'join now' in order to buy a standard product at retail! That in itself shows the companies emphasis on recruiting rather than selling a credible product.

The Business Opportunity & Compensation Plan

This is a multi level marketing business whereby you pay money to join, buy a bunch of products and recruit others to do the same thing. The more people you recruit the more money you will make, recruiting is the name of the game with this. You also need to buy product each month to stay in business if you aren't making enough sales, this is called 'staying active'.

Getting Started

To get started with this company is also rather annoying, much more annoying in fact. This cannot be done on the corporate website at all, you need to find a reps replicated store somewhere.

To join you must purchase one of 4 packs that range from US$309- $3,404 plus shipping and place your sponsors ID in the order form.

Buy In packs

The order form does not automatically fill in your sponsors ID even though you are on their replicated website and you are required to put in a placement ID which there is no way of knowing unless you personally contact the sponsor.

Here's a screenshot I took from a reps website which tells someone how to sign up:

Distributor sign up process

In my opinion this is really inefficient and makes me wonder why such a premium company wouldn't invest in a better system like almost all other half decent mlm's.

To make matter worse the company provides one of the most second grade and simplified compensation plan documents I've ever seen. The information provided leaves so much essential detail out it was near impossible to provide you guys with an accurate description.

Staying Active

The section is my own best guess on the cost of staying active based on my research and the companies comp plan, since the company provide such little information to distributors I did my best:

To stay active requires you to maintain 100GP per month for most earning aspects of the comp plan, I know that much for sure.

Staying active example

I am going to assume that GP equates to the same dollar value as the PV that is attributed to each product. In order to reach the first level of 'Marketing Associate' you need to have 100GP yourself and sponsor 2 people who do the same OR buy 300GP worth of product yourself each month which can be offset by customer sales.

I am going to use the example of buying an 'Elite pack' which is 900PV for $1968. This would make 1PV equal US$2.186, and since I am assuming 1PV is the same as 1GP this would mean you need to spend at least $218.60 per month just to stay active and get 2 others beneath you doing the same thing.

Alternatively, if you can't find anyone to recruit you can just get 300GP yourself which works out to $655.80 each month... ouch! Best case would be 1GP equals $1 so this would mean $100-$300 per month to stay active.

Again, this estimate may or may not be entirely accurate because it's my best guess based on the information I had access to. If you can prove otherwise please let me know and I will happily rectify this.

Ways You Can Earn

Retail Sales: It appears as though you can make a 30% commission by selling to retail customers through your replicated store.

Sponsoring Bonus: You get a commission of between $11-$132 for sponsoring someone depending on which of 4 levels they buy into. You also get a gift certificate to spend inside the company according to the 'buy in' level.

Dual Matching Bonus: This aspect of the comp plan operates on a binary structure which allows you to recruit only 2 people directly under you and those 2 people can only have 2 people directly under them and so on. This essentially creates a left and right leg only and your organisation builds down from there.

This one time bonus pays you between $30- $360 when someone in one leg buys a pack and that same amount of PV associated with that particular pack gets matched in the other leg. Each pack comes with a set amount of PV (point value) and the commission is worked out on $30 per 150PV.

Dual Matching Bonus chart

For example: John who is in your left leg buys an 'Elite' pack upon registering with the company and Susan who is somewhere in your right leg purchases an Elite pack also, you earn $180.

Another example: Bill is somewhere in your left leg and bought in at the base 'Platinum' level with 150PV attached to it. He then gets 'matched' with Tom in your right leg who is the next person down in that leg that you haven't yet earned a bonus from. Tom actually bought in at the Elite level which has 900PV attached to it. You'd only earn $30 from this since Bill had 150PV and Tom had 900 and it is calculated off the lowest PV for each matching pair. So you'd make $30 on that matching bonus.


There is now 750 PV left over from Tom (900PV-150PV) that would 'spill over' down the binary structure to the next eligible recruit in your right leg, Kelly. She only bought in at Platinum level too but now has 900PV associated with her due to spill over (150PV + 750PV). When Alex decides to sign up in your left leg and buys in at Elite level, both he and Kelly are matched and you earn $180.

It's pretty confusing and elaborate to say the least lol!

This is the conclusion I came to about the matching bonus based on the compensation plan and opportunity video. Also worth noting is your earnings in this are determined by what level YOU buy in at. Exactly how isn't clear but it seems that either you don't make commissions on recruits that buy in at higher levels than you OR your earnings are capped overall at certain 'buy in' levels. Again, the comp plan is very vague about these details.

UniLevel Bonus/ Rebate: This is an entirely different downline structure using the same people you've introduced. It is called 'Unilevel' which means you can build a downline infinite levels wide but only get paid so many levels deep.

Depending on your rank you can earn 5-45% rebate on "you" and a cumulative 29% 10 levels deep. The problem is it's not explained what this is based on so who knows how good it is.

Rebate system

The 'Stair Step Bonus' is connected to the 5-45% rebate that "you" get as I showed above.

Direct Unilevel Bonus: Earn between 10-20% on whatever your directly sponsored recruits are earning each month depending on your rank.

Direct Matching Bonus: Earn between 5-10% of whatever your direct referrals are earning through the super confusing matching bonus I explained above.

Summarising The Compensation Plan

The higher rank you achieve the more you can potentially earn in various ways through generational bonuses, profit percentage increases and sharing in 12% of the companies global revenue.

In the opportunity video Scofield implied that high costs like this make it better for business because recruits are less likely to throw away their business in the (inevitable) event of hardship trying to recruit.

This is true to an extent and I can see that logic in this, however, that statement indicates the true purpose for the high prices. Rather than being based on the products, the prices are high to facilitate the compensation model.

What I Liked

  • Not much

What I Didn't Like

  • Products are very expensive and show very little to justify this
  • The product ordering and opportunity sign up process is unnecessarily complicated
  • They provide a grossly limited compensation plan document
  • No income disclosure
  • They are not accredited with any reputable third part for the products or the business itself
  • They are primarily teaching the warm market strategy which inevitably fails the majority

Final Thoughts

If this company intends on becoming the 'worlds #1 network marketing opportunity' then I really think they should drastically re-think their entire strategy, at the very least hire a new marketing team. If they really have made over 800 millionaires then there is no excuse for such a poor website, marketing and overall user experience among other things.

Unless of course the company made that part up... I don't know. You decide. I'm not saying it's a scam, but I'm personally not a fan at this point. Whatever you decide, I hope this helps!


5 thoughts on “UNO Premier Review- Pretty Average For A ‘Premium’ Opportunity…”

  1. “Uno is the work of the devil.”

    They try to let people dive into money..convincing them how to get rich ….money is all they think and it’s all greediness by getting their own downlines etc…

    People become like a puppet in that networking.

  2. Hi Tim,
    I read your post and really enjoyed it, but I see you only talk about UNO here specifically, why?
    Secondly, many things you said are based on guess for instance an outsider do not get detailed info about an MLM company through the website like you have done e.g registered distributors have personal replicated website, you will need to activate it from your dashboard, anyone from anywhere can order through any distributor’s site, your translation of point value in UNO is very wrong, you need to attend a presentation or see any presentation online. You did not talk about no need to be active to earn on the binary, no wonder you couldn’t see anything interesting about the business.
    I think you need to be more objective in anything you put up here and be professional about it, you don’t destroy speak ill of other’s business to promote yours.
    So on a final note, do your research from inside not from outside.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Adewale, glad you enjoyed the review.

      I see you only talk about UNO here specifically, why?

      Because the review is about UNO… am I missing somehting here?

      Secondly, many things you said are based on guess for instance an outsider do not get detailed info about an MLM company through the website like you have done

      If the information the company is providing prospects is inaccurate, why publish it? I used every available resource to provide people with the most accurate review possible. It is simply not possible for me to join every mlm company I review- NO ONE does this. This is also not going to allow me to help the majority of people looking for reviews. I generally do not have any issues with the accuracy of my findings.

      Regarding point value, I do remember your system was one of the most confusing I have ever come across and there was very little information to explain it. I did my best. Please point me to a valid resource so I can rectify any issues here. I take the accuracy of my reviews very seriously and will remedy this.

      Please understand it is not my intention to speak bad about your company, not at all. I work hard to provide the most objective and unbiased reviews possible and am not out to ‘destroy’ anyone’s opportunity. I recommend your company provide consumers more detailed and accurate information if you want to avoid misunderstandings on the technical side of your comp plan.

      Thanks for commenting

  3. Ya! Your Write up helps me alots and I appreciate that Sir. But then, I started my training for like 2weeks now though am not consistent bcos of my schedules but I can’t go premium due to my country is not listed I used Los Angeles to register as advised by Lev.can I go premium as a Nigeria?

    • Hi Vincent,

      I’m assuming you’re talking about joining Wealthy Affiliate? If so, it seems that certain countries (including Nigeria) are excluded from joiing the free starter account and the first month of premium is not dicsounted as normal either. Maybe you got around this if you are using a VPN.

      My suggestions to you:

      1. See if you can upgrade to Premium through this link.

      2. Alternatively, close your free account. Clear your history and cookies etc. in your browser. Then come back and click on this link as it will take you straight to signing up as a premium member. Use a new name and do NOT use a VPN. As far as I know, every country can join premium.

      Let me know if this helps and if not, I’ll do some digging for you. Good luck!


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