TRG Profit Max Review- An Expensive Direct Mailing Scheme

Quick Overview

Product: TRG Profit Max

Review Summary: An elaborate (and expensive) scheme with very little value in the products themselves. Building a business by mailing postcards is not ‘smart business’ as Art Rayburn suggests, rather it is a grossly inefficient and costly marketing method. I think most people that sign up would end up spending more money than they make. There are much better ways to build a business than this in my opinion.

Cost: $297

What Is TRG Profit Max?

I came across this product after reviewing another one of Art’s products named TruIntegrity, which also leaves a lot to be desired.

TRG is essentially a system where you sign up just to sign other people up under you through direct mailing. Your goal is to get people to sign up into this program and another 2 or 3 programs that Art is behind.

You can supposedly achieve between 80k to 312k per year working 2-3 hours per week in the comfort of your own home.

But is that really the case? No, not in my opinion.

The income claims he is making and the methods he is outlining to achieve it are absolutely ludicrous. I doubt even Art is making anywhere near this kind of money and if he is, he needs to invest in a better web designer. Just saying.

How It Works

After you sign up you’ll be given a duplicate website coded for you so you can sign other people up. You will attempt to market this opportunity by sending postcards and flyers to random people. Let that sink in for a moment… you are paying nearly $300 for the privilege of paying even more money to mail random people about the same ‘opportunity’.

The same opportunity that you haven’t made any money on whatsoever!

If you do manage to get someone into this then you’ll get a $200 commission paid to you and if they recruit someone then you’ll get $25 from that person. That’s where it stops though unless you can convince those same people to join more of his systems just like this one.

I honestly think that following this business model will send you broke well before you make any kind of money.

With the cost to get started, mailing out postcards and follow up letters and the rate of response that goes along with this form of marketing… you’ll probably end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to see any real results!High costs

Mass mailing like this can work when sent in VERY large numbers and if you send to the same people more than once to build awareness. Even then you would need a high converting and well put together sales page to convert these interested prospects into sales.

The sale page for TRG is among some of the lowest budget I’ve ever seen.

I’m not trying to pick on the guys website but if I am paying all this money to try and build a business, then I want to send people somewhere that will actually convince them to join. In my opinion, his marketing materials have scam written all over them and not a shred of credibility to back any of it up.

There’s not even a money back guarantee which presents even more risk to your prospects…

Can you start to imagine how many postcards you’ll have to send and how much money this is all going to end up costing?

The Products

You sign up for $297 and get a duplicate website that is of little value other than a facilitation to sign other people up under you. It won’t convert well into sales given the low quality and it won’t rank at all in the search engines since it is duplicate content.

TRG products

You also get a few other things like some Christian music, 120 mailing stickers and some written training. There may be some valuable training there but I can almost guarantee you could find the same or similar content online for free.

There’s no way these things justify spending nearly 300 US dollars.

What I Liked

  • There’s really nothing at all I liked about this, I honestly couldn’t think of one thing

What I Didn’t Like

  • The ‘products’ hold very little value
  • It is an overpriced scheme where you sign up just to sign others up
  • They embrace costly and inefficient methods of marketing when the Internet is full of opportunity
  • Everything about this is low quality
  • There is no money back guarantee
  • Your downline stops at the 2nd level which is unheard of
  • He uses unrealistic sales claims about your income potential

The Bottom Line

This is not the best way to build a home based business, not by a long shot. The costs are high and the methods of promoting this system are pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Even if mailing like this was effective, it would cost a LOT of money, time and effort to see minimal results.

You certainly won’t be working 2-3 hours per week on easy street mailing postcards and watching the money roll in I can assure you. I do not recommend this and in my opinion it’s a borderline scam.

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