The TRUTH About Stone Evans Plug in Profit Site…

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Plug In Profit Site

Website: Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS)


Owner: Stone Evans

Review Summary

This is a system developed by Stone Evans for people to build 5 downlines using only one sales system, PIPS. When you join the programs he recommends, you are joining his downline in each. You can make money with this but the costs are high and there are some drawbacks to consider.

Full Review

When you get past the overhyped sales page you are directed to a page that asks you to sign up for 5 programs, some free and some paid.

The cool thing is that you don't need to sign up to the ones that cost money to join. The downside is you won't make any money unless you do.

Here's the programs he is currently promoting:

Empower Network: A platform that costs $19.95 per month to be an affiliate and in order to sell any of the products you MUST purchase them yourself first and maintain a monthly membership for each. This will cost thousands. See their compensation plan for more details.

Six Figure Income: This platform is free to join and provides a way for people to promote products via affiliate marketing and get referrals who do the same, so you can make money on their efforts as well.

Traffic Authority: This is a traffic generation platform selling clicks from $220 to $8,397, along with a suite of tools and training for $124 per month. To be able to promote this costs $20 per month for a 're-seller license' and you can recruit others under you to do the same, thus profiting when they sell these products.

Traffic Monsoon: This is a traffic exchange and revenue sharing website. I personally do not like these kinds of schemes as the traffic quality is low and the the whole thing resembles a Ponzi scheme. This is free to promote.

Got Backup: The person behind this is Joel Therien, the owner of Pure Leverage, which in my opinion is a pretty average mlm program.

Only 2 of the above are actually free to promote.

All of the above have these 2 main things in common:

  • To really make money you need to promote the same thing you are in
  • They are all multi level marketing opportunities in one way or another

I haven't reviewed all of these but from what I can see there is some value in some of them. Overall, I definitely would not just call them all scams.

Having said that, to make the kind of money that Stone is talking about will cost you a LOT more money than he lets on. The idea is to sign up through his website and he will then provide you with some tools and training to be able to send people to the same sales page you just registered through. When people do this, they are automatically signing up under you.

Given the nature of mlm these people are signing up through you but also through Stone automatically, somewhere up the line. There is no problem with that in itself and it does give him incentive to assist you since the more money you make the more money he makes.

This is essentially a system that your recruits can easily follow which is a good thing in this kind of business.

Important Facts About This

Stone is not manually creating you a unique money making website after every person signs up and delivering it the next day as he suggests:

Misleading Sales Copy

He is giving people a generic website that he will host for you. You must purchase a domain name yourself which is pretty affordable.

I managed to find the kind of websites he is giving people and what I am about to share is probably the most important decision making metric of all. Turns out Stone is giving people cookie cutter 'home business review' style websites. The same ones he is giving 1000's of other people that sign up:

Cookie cutter websites

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Stone's blog:

A website like this is geared in every way to promote the PIPS system and might work in that sense to an extent, but there are 3 major problems with these sites:

  • You are not providing people with unique value that actually helps them, instead you are giving them a fake review website with generic content leading them towards PIPS
  • The website will NEVER rank in the search engines which means you are missing out on a TONS of free and targeted traffic. This is because the content is generic and full of spammy affiliate links
  • You are not branding yourself as an authority at all, none of them even have pictures of themselves or a bio. Personal branding is important when it comes to a website, something he is clearly not teaching people. You are branding Stone, plain and simple.

Here's why the above matters so monumentally, the only way to make money online in any way is to drive traffic, without traffic you cannot succeed no matter you're promoting. Owning a website (in the way he is showing you) is a far stretch from taking full advantage of what is possible online. I mean WAY off.

He is primarily showing you how to get traffic through solo ads, traffic exchanges and ad buys.

Solo ads are just 'renter email lists' where you send out some generic email copy that is provided to you in the hopes of getting people onto your uniquely coded sales page. Not only is this a very average way to get quality referrals but it is really unethical and involves spamming people to a large extent.

Traffic exchanges are just plain rubbish in my opinion.

Solo ads spamming

Using paid methods to drive traffic to your new 'review blog' and the sales page is going to be extremely costly and inefficient. When you factor in the costs of the programs themselves this whole thing is going to cost you thousands of dollars.

There is no need to pay thousands of dollars and put up some generic review website to make money online. In fact, I wrote an article that shows people how to build a unique website for free that actually makes you money by adding real value to people.

Update December 2016: Solo ads aren't as bad as I first thought. They still aren't my first pick by a long shot, but this can work to build your email list to an extent, but not to straight up promote. And when it comes to blogging, you'd be mad not to build a unique website because you are missing out on all the free traffic you can get through Google, Yahoo and Bing. Plain and simple.

About Stone Evans

I did some digging on this guy and he has achieved quite a level of success online. No doubt you could learn some valuable insights from Stone if he provides worthwhile training.

But it's not all good news according to the FTC... it seems he was involved in some kind of chain recruiting scheme back in 2003. Not sure what that's about. If you are concerned, maybe do some research and see what you think, that way your mind will be at ease before deciding.

I want to be clear that I am not putting this here to bring anyone down, but I think people have a right to know the history of the person they are thinking of doing business with. I know that if I was about to invest thousands and join someone's downline, I'd want to know this stuff!

What I Liked

  • Potential to make some good money if you can get the traffic profitable
  • Simple system that your referrals can follow
  • Can be partially started for free

What I Didn't Like

  • I do not like the traffic generation methods he encourages (mostly)
  • You are getting generic fake review websites that will not rank in the search engines
  • Expensive way to get started making money online
  • Hype on the sales page and lack of real information for people to properly evaluate this
  • Some of the programs he recommends joining are not what I would consider good value

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get involved in mlm and want to make some decent sized commissions then this has some potential no doubt. The key to success with mlm is duplication and this does that to an extent. It's also a good way to maximise your profit from each referral.

Unfortunately, the methods of generating traffic you are shown are probably going to cost you a fair chunk of money and I do think there are better and more ethical programs to promote overall. This kind of model puts a heavy emphasis on chain recruitment which is never a good thing.

If you want a 'done for you' system and have the budget to spend, the system can work to an extent. If you are just starting out and don't have thousands of dollars, this may not be for you. Either way, this is absolutely NOT the best way to leverage a website because you will not be taking advantage of free organic traffic through the search engines. Whatever you decide, I hope this helps.


15 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Stone Evans Plug in Profit Site…”

  1. Tim,
    I read your review and the opinions of the other posts. Its a great review but I have to say that your review seems one-sided. What I mean by that is that you have a certain way that YOU like things. For example: you don’t like traffic exchanges. I use traffic exchanges daily, but not for the reason why a lot of other people use them for. I know this is just an OPINIONATED review, but there are many advantages of sites and programs such as Stone Evans’ PIPS.

    I signed up for PIPS AUG. 2019. He has different companies he uses for the ‘5 programs’. Now, some people might call this ‘wishy washy’, I call it very smart. If Stone feel’s that a program is no longer suitable or profitable, why promote it? Why not find another equitable or suitable one to take the place of the other? This is reasonable I would think. It show’s me that he is actively making sure that his program is plugged in to other good programs. He’s looking after his clients. (and himself of course).

    Of course he would ‘make sure’ that his program is going to make him very profitable. Anyone would do the same. BUT at the same time, very profitable to the next person. I agree with some of your pro’s and con’s. But here is why, in my opinion, that PIPS is a VERY valuable asset to have.

    Here’s some of the things that I get FOR FREE;

    – Already made (cookie cutter – which doesn’t bother me) website fully profitable FREE.

    – The only FEE that I had to pay was for the actual domain, which wasn’t even $10 for the WHOLE YEAR.

    – It was my choice to sign-up for the ‘paid’ sites or not.

    – He has a 30 day training to get you going and I must say it is VERY EXTENSIVE. I have learned so much from his training. This in itself is priceless. I got it FOR FREE. Somewhere he had to put in his time and expertise to create a ‘copy and paste’ training. People sell training for thousands.

    – A 100 day or so auto-follow up, auto-responder campaign that emails your customers AUTOMATICALLY every day. (you have to allow him access to you AWEBER for this). But I’ve looked at the campaigns HE SET-UP for me and WOW! Priceless. It would have taken me weeks to type all those campaigns into MY AWEBER account. HE did it free.

    – The auto-follow up PRICELESS also. Here’s why. Just getting people to sign-up for a newsletter with ‘already done’ auto follow up campaigns will build your list rather quick. I just point people to my newsletter (not even the site) and let the newsletters SELL MY SITE FOR ME. BUT, I get ton’s of leads to use in my ‘own’ campaigns’ for other products.

    – Here’s probably one of the biggest reason’s I like PIPS. I can completely ‘customize’ the site anyway I want. (as long as the PIPS is primary on the page. I can respect that. after all, he and his programming team has done all the work). So, I can completely re-design this site so that IT DOESN’T look like all of the other enrollee’s of PIPS.

    – As of today, (12-8-2019), I haven’t gotten ONE SINGLE ‘spam’ sales email from Stone. I have however gotten email from his him via his Domain system letting me know of ways that I can enhance my website, etc. So, he’s not using his program to ‘build a list’ just to sell you other products.

    – I can go on, but i’ll stop here.

    OK: Now here’s what you wrote in your review:


    What I Liked

    Potential to make some good money if you can get the traffic profitable
    Simple system that your referrals can follow
    Can be partially started for free

    What I Didn’t Like

    I do not like the traffic generation methods he encourages (mostly)
    You are getting generic fake review websites that will not rank in the search engines
    Expensive way to get started making money online
    Hype on the sales page and lack of real information for people to properly evaluate this
    Some of the programs he recommends joining are not what I would consider good value


    Here’s my opinion on your thoughts.

    What you liked is reasonable.
    What you disliked is not reasonable. Here’s why.

    You state that you ‘liked’ that you start ‘free’ – partially, then you dislike it saying that it’s really expensive.
    When in fact, IT’S NOT FREE. You have to purchase a domain name for around $10. So while his ‘complete website’ is FREE, to continue to use his program will cost about $10. The value I demonstrated above is worth thousands, therefore, it is NOT EXPENSIVE to get started. (yes some of the other programs cost, money…. well do them later when you have money coming in and stick to the free for now).

    You also state that you don’t (like) his traffic generation methods. Likability of ANY traffic method is in the discretion of the customer. While YOU don’t like it, doesnt mean that others won’t.

    You also state that you get fake website reviews. This also is not true. AND, the customer themselves and post blogs to their own PIPS site with their own reviews. Stone just gives it a kick-start. As for the SEO, I have no idea on that and you are most likely correct because like you said, these are cookie cutter websites.(but can be customized)

    You also mention hype on the sales page. I totally agree. BUT, who doesn’t hype up their product? If I come across a product that is lame, I move on. It does ‘bug me’ about the hype, but I get why they do it.

    Anyways, I think your review is really good, and I highly respect it, but I think it is slightly biased as to what you ‘like’ and not specifically what PIPS can actually do for someone. So, to end this comment, I would say that the value you are getting from PIPS totally outweigh’s any con there might be against PIPS, because for a simple fee of $10 for the ‘YEAR’ (the domain name) you get ton’s of value in eductaion, training and opportunity to make money.

    Thanks for allowing me share.

    • Hi William,

      Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful review, I really appreciate it.

      I would have to agree that my review is biased. After all, it is just my opinion as it is with any review any person creates. This is why no review could ever be truly 100% unbiased. But it is always my aim to review something in a fair and honest a manner as possible, which I feel I did here.

      I think the idea behind this system is clever and Stone is obviously a smart guy. And I think it could possibly be a good system for the right person who is interested in his recommended traffic sources and the programs he’s included within the framework of this system.

      But there are two main things I dislike about it, which I feel are reasonable.

      The first thing is that you are not learning how to get quality free traffic through search engines like Google.

      Now you could argue that this is a “small thing” – but I would wholeheartedly disagree. As an affiliate who earns 6 figures per year doing this stuff, I can safely say it’s one of THE most important factors to success in affiliate marketing. Getting traffic leads to building an audience, and building an audience is the most important thing you could possibly do with respects to any online business. Because when you have an audience, the sales flow naturally as a result.

      And the best way to build an audience is to give people value.


      And when it comes to a website, one of the best ways you can give people value is to create useful, relevant content that helps your audience in some way. And when you do this in the correct manner, you are rewarded with high quality (free) traffic from Google, which ultimately leads to sales.

      This is the very essence of a successful affiliate site.

      The second main aspect I didn’t like is about the programs you have to join to make the system work. Over the years, Plugin Profit Sites has recommended programs like Empower Network and Digital Altitude. The first of which fell apart on its own, and the second of which was shutdown by the FTC. This is something anyone can verify. Which is a shame because a lot of people lost money by joining those programs.

      Maybe the programs he recommends now are better and more ethical. These seem to change fairly often so I guess that is something a person would need to research carefully before joining.

      Either way, I think it’s up to the individual as to what they feel is going to be best for them. I’m just sharing my thoughts and opinions based on my experience and what I’ve seen.

      Thanks again for your comment and all the best. 🙂

      • Hey Tim,

        Thanks for feedback.

        I agree with your traffic assessment. However, i’m guessing in the early days Stone did not provide some ‘quality’ traffic ideas’. Since I’m a new and current member of his system, his training does provide some great traffic ideas. I’m guessing he took advice from feedback and upped his game. Some of his ideas include ‘Udimi’ and shows how use it well.

        But I think my main point of my post was to show how I could use a $10 investment to ‘my’ advantage. Instead of looking at it as a true affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate (which it doesn’t even come close to) I was looking at it as a way to ‘use’ PIPS to my advantage instead of Stone’s advantage. Stone will reap his benefits from my use of PIPS without a doubt, but for $10, I can take his education, training, free site, and use it to train myself going forward. Which will then kick-start me into the right direction….. which ultimately has.

        So your review is great. But here’s how I would recommend PIPS. Have customer’s utilize all the ‘free’ stuff while educating themselves. Then when ready, move onto other affiliate programs that charge a monthly fee. This way, the customer has ‘some’ idea as to what to expect. Of course other Affiliate programs have trainings too…. but why not add some ‘free’ training offered by others? Reason I say monthly fee is because that’s where the ‘residual’ income comes in. And with the one youre in (Wealthy Aff….) is a prima example. They offer the ‘free’ version and ‘paid’ version. And Wealthy Aff…. is the REAL DEAL. I’m already a member.

        People should do their own homework anyways, just like you said. Other wise, they will never reach that ‘carrot’ dangling in front of them.

        Thanks again Tim.

  2. Seems like a fair review to me. I just started promoting GDI and someone told me they were getting 5 sales per day using Stone’s system.

    This system may be working for him but I’d rather put my money in an opportunity that tells me what the price is upfront; instead offering free and hitting me up later for money.

  3. So, this is why I can’t seem to get no reply back from anyone in Stone Evan’s system. I have had that website for 5 years trying to make a dollar, but as others have said you have to have money. So, lately my site went missing and I did some Google research. Couldn’t find a Home Business Ideas and Opportunities anywhere. I put it on my new site, now I’m second guessing that idea.

    Because, I am learning how to blog because I didn’t want to pay him because the prices on his system blogging for you sky rocketed and now I have learned how to work my WordPress I sent an email so I can get their name-server so I can change my site because I didn’t like that it looked like every other member of his system. Now it’s gone and I’ve gotten another domain but that one I put a lot of years in 5 be exact and I have to start all over again.

    I believed in Plug-In-Profit and I thought it had some value to it but the training was not good and he kept changing people he worked with. I wanted to learn how to put valuable information on my site and I couldn’t. If I still not get a reply back by tomorrow won’t worry. But, anyhoo I guess now I’ll do something else with that domain name. Great review, Thanks


    • Hi Anna,

      To be honest, unless your old site was getting traffic through Google, you are doing yourself a favour by using a new domain. Any domain associated with low quality, cookie cutter sites like this, are not good for SEO. So I would personally start fresh if I was in your situation. But that’s me.

      All the best going forward either way, and thanks for commenting.

  4. Cool review.
    As always most of these online “make money” programmes are just bogus scams trying to extort money out of people that are already struggling.
    Why can’t I find a genuine Free Step by step programme that sets everything up and GETS THE TRAFFIC FOR YOU ????
    A lot of these sites say ” Done for you biz in a box” Great but the toughest thing is GETTING TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE/ Link.
    I want a free site where you can post affiliate links and the sit creates a campaign for you and promotes it for FREE !

    Thanks for the review it is Thorough and Fair.

    • Hey Lee,

      I agree that many programs are designed to take advantage of people. The ‘make money online’ niche is absolutely rife with scams, there’s no doubt about it. I also agree, the ‘done for you’ systems are nice and all, but that’s only part of the picture when it comes to building a profitable business online.

      You need traffic, and unfortunately there’s not a free system online that’ll ‘do it for you’. You either need to buy it or earn it.

      Buying traffic can work if you know what you’re doing and you have deep enough pockets. You should expect to lose before you earn as a beginner with paid traffic in my opinion.

      Earning traffic on the other hand, is a much better approach. This is what I did to get started, and it’s what I help people do now. It does involve a solid amount of effort, but it’s well worth it in the long run.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting Lee, and all the best moving forward! Cheers

  5. So you decided to join the pack and start attacking/making fun of other marketers. The worst of the worst… scraping the bottom of the barrel while making fun of others. What a shitty way to make money!!!

    • Would you mind pointing out where I “attacked or made fun of” Stone Evans?

      This is a fair review, I share the pros and the cons without slamming anyone. Period. I clearly stated that there is some value to this program, but there are things I also didn’t like.

      I discuss the pros and cons of everything I review, even the programs I recommend. That is a fact.

      The funny thing is I remember you from your profile picture… you attacked my review of Easy 1Up which, in my opinion, is a clear cut recruiting scheme. The fact is, every legitimate review site shared the same dim view of that program, take a look at the first few pages of Google. Also, after looking at Google Trends, it seems that program is starting to fall apart… as do all such schemes.

      Speaking of which, Traffic Monsoon (one of the programs Stone encouraged people to promote) was shutdown by the SEC after this review was published. I’ll update this review accordingly when I get a chance.

      So, how’s promoting low quality recruiting schemes and attacking anyone who has an opinion about them working for you? If you ask me, that is ‘the bottom of the barrel’.

      Anyways, all the best with your future endeavours!

  6. This is probable one of the most expensive “free websites” I came across…eventhough this has been around for a few years, it does stick around, so i guess it must be working well for some people ….. I guess its a hit or a miss, depending on who´s buying 😉

    Good review, straight to the point.

    • Hey Bruno,

      It’s basically just a replicated website designed to funnel people into several different mlm biz ops. It can work, but the cost is quite high to start making the real money based on the underlying programs involved.

      Apart from this, it comes down to traffic. The only way to get a website ranking in search engines is to create useful and relevant content targeted at the right keywords. That training isn’t included with these sites from what I can see, which means whoever goes for this will need a substantial amount of money to get traffic.

      I guess it depends on your view of the programs he’s getting you to sign up for, and your budget. Personally, I’d rather create my own website and build a business where I can promote whatever I want, using targeted free traffic through Google.

      Thanks for commenting and all the best! Cheers


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