The Power Gauge Report Review: 5X Gains With Marc Chaikin?

Hello and welcome to my review of The Power Gauge Report.

I discovered this service through a presentation on the Chaikin Analytics website featuring investment guru Marc Chaikin and host Tom Mustin.

According to the presentation, the “Power Gauge” system was developed by Mr. Chaikin and analyzes 4,000 different stocks based on 20 technical and fundamental factors.

And, as a subscriber of The Power Gauge Report, you get his #1 stock recommendation each month, which he says could “make you 3 to 5 times your money.”

Is it the real deal?

Well, I decided to take a closer look at the system to find out. And in this article, I’ll show you everything I found to help you determine if it’s worth joining or if it’s just another scam.

Overview of The Power Gauge Report

At its core, the Power Gauge Report is a monthly report that contains Marc Chaikin’s number one stock recommendation for the month, based on his Power Gauge stock-rating system.

You also get access to a regularly updated model portfolio that contains Mr. Chaikin’s top five stocks to buy at any given time, some research reports, and a tool called the Power Pulse system that lets you manually check the ratings of over 4,000 stocks in the Chaikin Analytics database.

How does the “Power Gauge” rating system work?

According to Marc Chaikin, he became a licensed broker in 1966 and spent his career learning what banks most want to see before considering a company’s stock to be worth buying.

As part of this, Mr. Chaikin says he discovered 20 factors that large investors on Wall Street use to make their investment decisions. And that he developed a “secretive way” to compute that information and predict a stock’s rating over the next 3 to 6 months.

“The bottom line is that I walked away from my career knowing the 20 factors that large investors use to make their decisions… And I developed a secretive way to compute that information and predict a stock’s rating over the next 3 to 6 months and beyond, with remarkable accuracy.”


According to Mr. Chaikin, this system knows “exactly what the smart money on Wall Street is thinking” and spits out a ranking that could help you 3X or 5X your money.

“Where our system really shines is predicting the future stock ratings of companies you’d likely never consider as investment opportunities… but with the potential to make you 3 to 5 times your money or more… faster than you can imagine.”

What “20 factors” does Marc Chaikin use to rate these stocks?

Marc Chaikin says that the 20 factors the Power Gauge system uses to determine whether a stock gets a bullish, bearish, or neutral rating fits into four distinct categories:

  • Financial factors
  • Earnings factors
  • Technical factors
  • Expert factors

The Chaikin Analytics website has a page that details each of these four categories and the 20 factors within them. So you might find that page helpful if you want to learn more.

However, here’s an overview of the 20 factors to give you an idea:

Overview of the 20 factors used by the Power Gauge system to help determine the rating of a company's stock.
Click to enlarge (source:

Based on these 20 factors, the “Power Gauge system” rates 4,000 individual stocks and spits out an overall rating of between “very bullish” to “very bearish” as follows:

  • Very bullish
  • Bullish
  • Neutral
  • Bearish
  • Very bearish

As a subscriber of his Power Gauge Report service, Marc Chaikin says that this system can help you find stocks that are worth buying or that you should consider selling.

At the very least, it’s an appealing idea.

I mean, manually going through each of Marc Chaikin’s 20 factors to find out which stocks are worthwhile or not would be a very time-consuming task. And to even get to that point, you’d need to spend who knows how long learning the intricacies of each factor.

So it’s much easier to use a system that does everything for you.

But the question is, does it work?

Well, according to Marc Chaikin, it does. During the presentation, Mr. Chaikin shares numerous examples of how his system alerted subscribers about opportunities to buy stocks even when he didn’t personally think the stock was a worthwhile investment.

For example, he said his system determined that Riot Blockchain (RIOT) was a “buy” in March of 2020, and it rallied 10,090% in less than a year. And he lists many other triple-digit stocks his system has supposedly identified as a good opportunity over the years.

He also says it’s alerted him about when it’s time to sell.

For example, before the market crash in early February of 2020, he says it warned him to sell Marriott, Chevron, Tiffany right before they fell 54%, 52%, and 23%, respectively.

Of course, these are just the “highlights.”

The important thing to know is how well the system has performed on average. And since the Power Gauge Report is a new service, it doesn’t have a long track record.

That said, Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge stock-rating system itself has been around for years. And he does provide one example of how his system “would” have performed by comparing it to another well-known financial guru’s stock picks.

At the time I reviewed it, Dr. Sjuggerud’s 2020 model portfolio recommended 12 stocks… for an average total gain of 52%. Very impressive.

His average total gain would have been 78%… which means, you could have increased your total gains by 50% if you’d been using the Power Gauge with Dr. Sjuggerud’s recommendations. And you could literally do this exact same thing with any other type of stock recommendation.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud runs one of Stansberry Research’s most popular advisories, True Wealth. And Chaikin Analytics has partnered with Stansberry Research to promote the Power Gauge Report, so that’s likely why Mr. Chaikin used that example.

Nevertheless, assuming what Mr. Chaikin’s saying is true, that’s impressive. Although I still think we need to dig deeper to find out if The Power Gauge Report is worthwhile or not.

So let’s start with taking a closer look at who Marc Chaikin is, followed by what he’s predicting for 2022 and beyond, and what you get if you decide to join the service.

Who Is Marc Chaikin?

Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics
Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin is a former Wall Street stockbroker, analyst, and trader with over 50 years of experience.

According to the website, he started as a licensed broker in 1966 and, after many successful years, retired in 2000.

However, Marc Chaikin says he came back out of retirement in 2011 to launch Chaikin Analytics LLC due to his wife losing money during the 2008 financial crisis.

According to Mr. Chakin, he built the “very indicator” Wall Street uses to help determine their stock ratings. And he wanted to rebuild it to help everyday folks make money in the stock market.

After 2008, when my wife lost so much money, I decided to take that indicator… and rebuild it as a system for everyday folks that essentially shows you tomorrow’s stock ratings on Wall Street… TODAY.

It’s unclear what indicator Marc Chaikin is referring to. However, it seems as though he might be talking about the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) indicator.

What’s that?

According to the Chaikin Analytics website, the Chaikin Money Flow indicator was created by Marc Chaikin in the early 1980s to measure the buying vs. selling pressure of a stock over time. The site also states that it’s an “important stock selection and timing tool” that “should be used in conjunction with the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating,” among other technical indicators.

And it’s a respected indicator, too. For example, the CMF indicator is mentioned on and established finance-related sites such as and

So my point is that it’s not just a clever sales pitch. Marc Chaikin is the real deal, and his story about developing a technical indicator used by Wall Street is true.

Also worth mentioning is that in 2014 he collaborated with Nasdaq to develop three “Nasdaq-Chaikin indexes.”

In other words, Marc Chaikin has created his own indexes. From what I understand, these are essentially “filtered” versions of the NASDAQ US 300 Index (large-caps), NASDAQ US 1500 Index (small-caps), and NASDAQ US Broad Dividend Achievers Index.

It seems as though Marc Chaikin has overlayed each of these indices with the Chaikin Power Gauge rating system to find the best potential stocks in each.

In any case, aside from having decades of experience, developing widely used trading indicators, and working with Nasdaq to create his own indexes… Marc Chaikin has run his own institutional brokerage firm that served multi-billion-dollar clients like Tiger Hedge Fund and D.E. Shaw. And he’s appeared on shows like Fox Business and CNBC’s Mad Money show with Jim Cramer.

However, more recently, he’s probably better known for his work with Chaikin Analytics.

What Is Chaikin Analytics?

Chaikin Analytics LLC is a Philadelphia-based stock research company founded by Marc Chaikin in 2011 and run by CEO Carlton Neel, a former hedge fund manager who spent five years as Vice President at J.P. Morgan.

According to the company website, it provides “research tools and portfolio management services that help pick winning stocks and drop losing stocks ahead of market shifts.”

All in all, the company provides research on over 4,000 stocks and 1,700 ETFs to help investors and software that helps traders develop more effective options trading strategies.

As part of this, Chaikin Analytics provides four unique services:

  • Chaikin Analytics Annual Membership: This is the company’s highest-tier membeship and gives you access to stock and ETF screeners, in-depth research, and more for $2,195 per year.
  • Power Gauge Investor: It’s unclear what this service is, or how much it costs, but it seems like a more comprehensive version of The Power Gauge Report.
  • Power Gauge Report: This is a monthly report we have been discussing in this review. It contains Marc Chaikin’s top stock pick for the month out of the top 40 stocks he and his team have uncovered through their analysis. Along with other resources such as the model portfolio, regular position updates, and investment research. It costs between $49 to $199 per year depending on where you sign up.
  • PowerFeed Newsletter: This is a free daily email newsletter that gives you insights, ideas, and market updates from the team at Chaikin Analytics. If you’re not ready to buy anything, this is probably the best way to get a feel for what the company offers without spending a dime.

Is Chaikin Analytics legit?

Based on everything I’ve seen, Chaikin Analytics is a legitimate and reputable company. I say this because it’s run by industry experts, the services the company provides are genuine, and most of the reviews I’ve come across have been positive.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make lots of money following the recommendations you receive as a member, but the company itself is genuine.

What’s Marc Chaikin’s Latest Stock Prediction?

In a recent presentation on the Chaikin Analytics website, Marc Chaikin reveals one stock that he says is part of the biggest prediction of his 50-year career on Wall Street.

Here’s how he puts it in a recent presentation with Tom Mustin:

A very strange day is coming to America, Tom.

It’s the day we all realize America will NEVER be the same again.

Business will go back to normal – but certain aspects of how we shop, eat, travel, date, and communicate will never go back to 2019.

And it’s in that gray area between what America looked like BEFORE the pandemic and what America looks like AFTER the pandemic where significant new wealth can be made.

Yes. In the NEW AMERICA that will arise in the great recovery, a particular kind of technology is positioned to play a massive role.

In short, Marc Chaikin’s prediction has to do with a “New America” that he believes a “particular kind of technology” could benefit from in the years ahead.

What stock is he recommending?

In the presentation, Marc Chaikin reveals that his pick is Mimecast Limited (MIME).

According to the company website, Mimecast is a cybersecurity company established in 2003 that focuses on “delivering relentless protection” for its customers.

Its core focus is on email security, but it provides a range of solutions, including threat intelligence, brand protection, and information protection.

As of writing, this appears to be Marc Chaikin’s #1 “New America” stock.

He also talks about one stock he’s bearish on, a home fitness company called Peloton Interactive. I’m not sure why he’s bearish on it because it looks like a great company, but as of writing, the stock rating tool on the Chaikin Analytics website deems it as “very bearish.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s right, but these are the two stocks Marc Chaikin mentions in the presentation. One he’s bullish on, and the other he’s bearish on.

He also talks about some of the main sectors he’s interested in as his “New America” thesis plays out. For example, high-speed internet, new social media platforms, cybersecurity, and AI.

And he shares his latest stock picks with subscribers of The Power Gauge Report, as well as tools and resources to help you get the most out of his stock-rating system.

What’s Included With a Subscription to the Power Gauge Report?

As a subscriber of The Power Gauge Report, the primary resource you get access to is the monthly newsletter (AKA report) that details Marc Chaikin’s latest stock pick.

Each stock is typically a mid-cap or large-cap stock, meaning these are publicly listed U.S. stocks with a market capitalization of at least $2 billion. And Mr. Chaikin says each recommendation has the “potential to make you 3 to 5 times your money.”

Aside from the monthly report, there are also some other benefits.

The first is the model portfolio, which lists the top five stocks Mr. Chaikin recommends buying right now, based on the Power Gauge system.

The second is regular updates on the positions in the model portfolio throughout the month via email.

And the third is access to the “Power Pulse system.”

What’s that?

The Power Pulse system is a web-based tool that allows you to check any of Chaikin Analytics 4,000 plus database of stocks to see if they’re listed as bullish, bearish, or neutral.

The way it works is similar to the tool Chaikin Analytics provides for free on their website that I just linked to, although more comprehensive.

The idea is to type in a company you’re interested in, and if it’s in the database, the platform spits out a rating based on the 20 metrics developed by Marc Chaikin.

Here’s an example of the tool in action:

An example of how the Power Gauge Power Pulse system works.
An example of how the Power Gauge Power Pulse system works, taken from the presentation on the Chaikin Analytics website. (source:

So those are the main features of the Power Gauge Report service, but depending on which page you join through, the company also offers some bonuses.

For example, if you join through the presentation where Tom Mustin is interviewing Marc Chaikin, you can join the service for $49 instead of $199 and pick up two bonuses.

The first bonus is Marc Chaikin’s “4 Power Picks for Retirement” (top stocks for retirement), and the second is a research report titled “The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.”

Also worth mentioning is that the service comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee regardless of which page you join through.

Bottom Line

The Power Gauge Report is a pretty comprehensive service, especially for the price. And one of the main reasons I say this is because, in addition to the monthly newsletter, model portfolio, and updates, you also get access to a stock screening tool.

To me, this is the main thing that makes the service unique. Because the monthly recommendations appear to be less impacted by how Marc Chaikin personally feels about a company and more based on what the “Power Gauge” software computes at any given time.

Of course, there are many excellent services out there that don’t use this software, so that doesn’t automatically make it superior. Nor does it mean the service will outperform the market. But it is something that makes the service different from many others out there.

Is it worth joining?

Marc Chaikin is a world-renowned expert who’s managed money for billion-dollar clients and developed indicators used by professional traders. And for $49 to $199, you get an entire year of his stock picks and research. Not to mention, there’s also a 30-day refund policy in place.

So I do think it could be worth checking out depending on what you’re looking for.

Just keep in mind that no tool is perfect, and nobody has a crystal ball. So, even though Marc Chaikin is a genuine investment expert with a solid track record, and the Power Gauge Report is a legitimate service, there’s no guarantee that the service will help you make 3 to 5 times your money. And as with any investment, there are risks involved.

Anyway, that’s my take. If you’d like to share your thoughts on The Power Gauge Report or any of Marc Chaikin’s services, feel free to drop a comment below.

12 thoughts on “The Power Gauge Report Review: 5X Gains With Marc Chaikin?”

  1. How do I order the power guage report??? They keep selling and don’t tell
    you how to order the report.

  2. I signed up for the “Power Pulse Premium” they took my money and never set up my account. No help from the tech support or email. This is a scam and I will report them to visa. I hope this helps the next person

    • Hi Kenneth

      I read the comments after…… I signed up for the “Power Gauge Report” package for a discount rate of $49 (after watching a video). I immediately got an email saying there was a problem with processing my payment and to call a US number (I’m not in US). Near enough at the same time I got a SMS from my bank saying the payment had went through to Chaikin Analytics. I dropped them an email as the call would probably cost more than the $49!! So lets see what happens. Shame as was looking forward to messing about with the Power Gauge toy! But will give them a day to come back.

  3. I bought it and I love it!

    It’s very user friendly and it’s helping me learn a lot about the market.

    I also receive updates and newsletters all the time.

    I did take Mr. Chaikins advise on a certain stock and as with anything, you need patience.

    We shall see how it does but after researching the company I’m feeling very optimistic.

    • Not sure how I’m supposedly “pushing this ad further” but I most certainly did not receive any type of compensation for this article. Like all my content, I have simply shared my opinion based on what I found. Most people find it useful, some don’t, and that’s okay. All the best.

    • It costs between $49 to $199 per year depending on where you sign up.

      If you join through the presentation I discussed in this article, it’s $49.

      The regular price, from what I understand, is $199.


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