The “Pay Days At Home” Program- Same Scam Different Versions


PayDays At Home Program

Product: Paydays At Home

Owner: Fake Alias


Price: $97 - $1000's

Review Summary

This system is a compilation of general and outdated information about Internet marketing that can be found anywhere online for free. Most people aren't able to access the product, struggle to obtain a refund and start getting hounded by pushy telemarketers after joining.

What Is PayDays At Home?

There is no information about who owns this program and the website has been registered anonymously. According to the sales page, you are getting training on how to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is legitimate in itself and a great business model, but in this case you are getting a bunch of basic and generic videos you could find anywhere online for free.

I actually found this particular program after researching an entirely different website and the deeper I dug into this the clearer it became what I was looking at. This program has also been directly linked with the following known scams:

  • Secure Cash At Home

Secure Cash at Home logo

  • Online Home Cash

Online Home Cash logo

  • Home Cash Code

Home Cash Code logo

All of the above were run under a number of fake alias’s including Bobbie Robinson, Jennifer Larson and Sara Taylor to name a few. They’re all fake, the testimonials are fake and everything they are claiming is either an outright lie or grossly over exaggerated.

The truth is there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of these similar websites all running the same or similar programs, these are just the ones that I’ve found to be directly connected in some way. I want to turn your attention to some of the other red flags associated with this program so you’re aware of exactly what you are dealing with here…

Sketchy Promotional Methods

One of the things these guys are well known for is getting people in the door with a fake news website or news article featuring a single mothers rags to riches story. In this case I managed to find a fake CNN website featuring Donald Trump who supposedly supports this program, it’s located at

Here’s a snippet I took to show you what I mean:

Snippet from fake CNN trump website

None of that is real and every single link on the webpage that article is on points to whatever they are promoting- even the weather link! If you look closely you’ll find they display a tiny little disclaimer at the bottom of the page confessing the whole thing was made up.

Update: They took this fake news webpage down after publishing this review. This is very common and why keeping up with these scams is so difficult. To learn more about some of the misleading sales tactics these people use I recommend reading this review.

Another very common trick they use is trying to pass off some kind endorsement from a reputable news network in order to gain your trust.

Leveraging false parterships

The often use these logos without authorisation and even display general ‘home business’ related news videos that have absolutely nothing to do with the program they are promoting.

Lastly, the whole notion of ‘limited spots’ is utter rubbish and not something to be taken seriously. This same trick is played on thousands of people on a regular basis, there are certainly not limited spots I can assure you!

Limited spots trick

They primarily target people who are new to online business and who are in a hurry to make money online. When you want to believe somehting and it sounds exciting you are way less likely to study the finer details right? The closer you look, the more you begin to realise what this whole gig is really about.

In this particular case they’ve used the least overhyped version of the actual sales page I have ever seen them produce. Rather than the usual hype, fake testimonials and rags to riches story, this one looks a lot more legitimate and believable. Unfortunately, it’s owned by the very same people and it’s the very same program. It is designed to suck more and more money out of people, not help them.

Massive Upselling

They always make sure to get your name, email and phone number before you even buy anything. This is their signature move and they do this to sell you a LOT more products at much higher prices shortly afterwards. They have their people (and automated systems) follow up by calling, texting and emailing you pretty much every day and unfortunately they manage to get a percentage of people sucked in this way.

It appears they also rent and sell your information to the highest bidder so expect calls from a bunch of random telemarketers trying to sell you a bunch of other ‘opportunities’ not long after you punch in your details. The screenshot below was taken directly from their privacy policy.

Privacy policy

Is It Safe To Buy? Nope.

Another concern is giving your payment information to these people. Based on previous reviews, people often claim it is very difficult to obtain a refund and some even say they are being charged additional money when they didn’t agree to anything. To reduce the perceived risk level for consumers in the purchase screen, they use images from third party Internet security companies to convince you they’re totally legit.

Security icons cannot be clicked

The problem is, none of these links can be clicked on or verified because they’re totally fake. They do not use a trusted third party processor and you cannot pay with PayPal which means getting a refund is going to be near impossible. It also means you are giving your information to an anonymous website owner from who knows where. This is very concerning and one of the main reasons I didn’t buy this version myself. If I know somehting is a scam and I don’t think I’ll get my money back, I don’t buy it. I am not handing these guys my credit card info, name, address, phone number and email address… that is not a smart move I can assure you.

Final Thoughts

Once you start looking into the details of this program and the history of the people behind it, it becomes very clear what this is all about. This is about anonymous marketers making as much money as possible off the back of everyday people who are just looking to create a legitimate income online.

Programs like this often leave people frustrated, broke and wondering if it’s even possible to make money online. I know this because I’ve been there myself, it really sucks when all you’re trying to do is create a better life for yourself and those you care about. I do not recommend this.

4 thoughts on “The “Pay Days At Home” Program- Same Scam Different Versions”

  1. So, basically, you’re another internet scammer exposing other internet scammers, hoping to look good and “Helping People” so they trust you and fall for YOUR scam instead of someone else’s. Have I got that about right?

    • So basically, what you are saying is that anyone with a website providing useful content to help others in this space is a scammer? Wow..

      I totally get your skepticism, but thinking everything is a scam is a terrible mindset and won’t get you very far. Just because someone promotes something they use themselves and trust, does not make them a scam lol.

      I am not a scammer, and (for a verifiable fact) I do not promote any scams. Period.

      All the best.

  2. Thanks for all the information on this site, it would be nice to make some extra money at home, but to many scams out there,i always thought if you have to pay out money to make money there is something wrong.

    • Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you’ve found my site is helpful!

      Making money online is a real thing. I’ve been in the same boat wondering if it’s really possible or if their all just scams. What you are saying about paying to make money is true when it comes to ‘online jobs’. But building an online business does require an investment, any business for that matter. Fortunately the platform I recommend to people is free to start and the investment for those wanting to take things to the next level is very affordable. If you can invest some time and effort, you can succeed.

      All the best!


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