The Kelly Simmons ‘Replace Your Job’ Scam Exposed!

Quick Overview

Product: ‘Replace Your job’ System

Review Summary: A ‘link posting job opportunity’ that doesn’t really exist and that will only serve to lose you money, with a slim chance of getting a refund. Link posting is not a legitimate business and there is little (if any) money to be made by doing this. It is located at ( ) but may have changed address by the time you are reading this.

Price: $97

Verdict: Scam

What’s This Program All About?

This program is based on link posting, which was practiced years ago by companies trying to boost their website rankings in the search engines. These links are known as ‘backlinks’ and once upon a time if you had a lot of these pointing to your website you could rank very well, not anymore.

Google cracked down on this very hard some years ago and overnight a lot of website owners lost their entire businesses. Needless to say this process of getting artificial backlinks is completed out of date and does not help anyone get ranked in the search engines.

Another form of link posting is related to spamming social media websites, classifieds and anywhere else you can with promotional links to a company you are promoting. Most of the time these links get deleted, seen as spam and people’s accounts get shut down as a result.

You are definitely not going to be paid $15 per link or make hundreds of dollars per hour doing this. Whichever way you look at it, this is not a legitimate business and it sure as heck isn’t in demand like the BS sales page claims.

Sales page claiming the opportiunity is in demand

No they are not… just saying!

Some Of The Red Flags

#1 It’s the same as several other websites that I know of and there’s likely many more. These are known scammers that simply change the name of the website along with the so called ‘owner’ and the web address but everything else is very similar, if not identical.

It gets a little confusing trying to keep track of all of them and that’s what they are banking on, but here’s what I know.

This website is actually linked to the following websites in one way or another:

Cash From Home website- ( ) An almost identical website selling the same system, apparently this one is owned by Mary Rogers. Read review here.

Cash From Home website

Home Internet Careers website- ( ) This website ran under the fictional name of Kelly Scott but has recently changed it’s entire look and the name of the so called owner to Kelly Simmons.

Here’s a screenshot of their ‘earnings disclaimer’ page…

Home Internet Careers disclaimer

37 Clicks website- ( ) This one is almost identical to Home Internet Careers and has the same news video as all of them. It’s apparently owned by Kelly Scott.

37 Clicks website disclaimer

Confused about who’s doing what? Me too! All I know is they are all connected in one way or another, are selling the same crap and use a lot of the same content, just re-hashed.

#2 They try and leverage reputable companies to gain credibility and get you to trust them. This is something all of these websites have in common, using images and videos of popular and respected news companies to gain you trust.

Notice how they use general news videos and words like “work from home opportunities have been featured on CNN, ABC, USA Today..”.

In other words… “stuff has been on the news” lol!

Not once in the video is this business mentioned and that general statement is very misleading. They have absolutely NO affiliation whatsoever with any of these news sources I can assure you. They also try and leverage Amazon, Google, Apple and other companies that would never even dream of having anything to do with these guys or their rubbish program.

#3 Your sensitive information is not secure. When you go through to the payment screen it becomes clear they are not selling this through any kind of reputable or trusted payment portal. The links to the third party ‘verified’ website cannot be clicked because they are totally fake. They have no accreditations!

Fake verifications

They are also asking for some seriously personal information which leads to spam emails, texts and high pressure sales phone calls trying to get you to upgrade to much higher ticket products. Your information is likely sold to a third party for a profit which will lead to even more spam.

Credit card fraud and identity theft are an even bigger (and very real) concern with these kinds of websites.

#4 The testimonials are clearly fake. A lot of the fake news websites these guys put up to bring people to these sales pages use fake comments to gain credibility. How do I know this? I’ve seen the exact same comments on their other ‘news’ websites using different names and dates.

In this case they are using testimonials instead of comments and my guess is these are totally made up as well. They look a lot like stock photos to me and they definitely cannot be verified by anyone as being real people anywhere online.

Final Thoughts

Pretty much the entire website is fake and designed to trick people into buying a crappy product that won’t make you any money. It’s part of a string of fake scam websites all that have been ripping people off for years and will likely continue to do so, just under different personas, website names and URL’s.

I recommend running for the hills with this one, save your hard earned cash!

2 thoughts on “The Kelly Simmons ‘Replace Your Job’ Scam Exposed!”

  1. Are you for real? My husband and I are flat broke and living with family. We’ve lost everything, in debt with no means of paying. We’re in need of a legit income. Be honest, if this is for real please contact, otherwise don’t waste my time.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Renee,

      Yes, I am for real.

      Although here’s the thing… getting started online takes time, especially if you don’t have the money to put into buying traffic.

      It essentially comes down to promoting something with paid traffic which can end up costing you $1000’s, but you can get results much quicker. OR you can build up your free traffic to promote something, but this takes time.

      In other words, it’s low cost/ high time investment OR high cost/ lower time investment.

      Either way, I don’t recommend trying to ‘make money online’ if you are in a desperate hurry. This leads people into all kinds of scams, like this one for example. You see, people like this prey on people like you who are desperate to make money quickly. This is there whole game.

      I’d love to promise you quick and easy results, but I don’t do this to people. I simply tell it like it is. You really need to give yourself the time you need to build a successful online business. It’s the only way. It is possible to make a good amount of consistent money online, but only if you commit 100% and stay the course.

      Hope this helps and all the best with your endeavours.


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