The Facebook Bonanza Scam- This Is NOT What You Think!

Facebook Bonanza claims to offer people a newly released social media job opportunity.

Unfortunately, this is NOT a Facebook job or business of any kind. These people have zero affiliation with any news network or social media company and exist solely to rip people off.

Facebook Bonanza Review

According to the sales page ( this is a new job “recently announced by FB founder Mark Zuckerburg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates”.

This is simply not true. Zuckerburg and Gates probably don’t even know this exists and they sure as hell aren’t responsible for it.

To make their story more believable they showcase a success story from a 37 year old father who apparently lost his job:

Fake success story

“They asked me to post links, share stories, review sites and some other simple tasks. I got to choose my weekly hours and work a schedule that fits my lifestyle as a father. I feel blessed I get to spend more time with my son, my parents, and of course my beautiful wife. Giving this a try was the best decision I have ever made. My parents are so proud of me!”

Here he is on a popular stock photography website:

Same person is on ShutterStock
Source: Shutterstock

As you can see, that story is a fake. In fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see their confession about the whole story being a fake.

The Hype & Deception Continues

Once you land on the actual sales page you are met with a CNN video of an interview done between a reporter and Lili Gil.

While that video is in fact a real CNN video and Lili Gil is legitimate- it has NOTHING to do with this program whatsoever. I prove this in a review of an almost identical gig known as Explosive Paydays.

It is simply placed on the page to build trust with people, which equates to more people buying into this. This is the same reason they post pictures of news network logos, it’s nothing more than a trick. They are not affiliated with CNN, USA Today, ABC or any other legitimate company for that matter. The term “ads seen on” does not mean they have been featured or endorsed in any way.

How The Product Works

The product itself is advertised as ‘Facebook Cash Kit’ and is just another link posting scam. It is presented by a known fake alias I’ve come across before named Emily Young.

They provide some basic (and outdated) videos on how to make money as an affiliate marketer and people are left having no clue what to do. Which is the whole point.

You are then called by a ‘success coach’ who’s primary objective is convince you to spend $1000’s on additional products that are ‘necessary’ to make this system work.

It is important to note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with affiliate marketing as a business model. Not at all.

The scam lies in the promotion and the fact that the system they provide does not help you build an online business.

Fake Testimonials

You’ve probably already gather this by now but the testimonials are also a crock.

Heres the sales page testimonial:

Fake Testimonials

Now here it is on an entirely different website using an entirely different picture:

Same Testimonial different website

They’re just stock photos and the content has absolutely zero credibility.

Protect Your Personal Information

As with every single one of the websites these anonymous scammers create (there are many) they all intend to rent and sell your personal information to whoever’s buying.

This screenshot was taken directly from their privacy page:

Privacy Policy

If they only have your phone number and email, I wouldn’t stress too much. But if you’ve handed these people your credit card info I highly recommend contacting your financial institution.

Of course, I’m just a blogger so please don’t cancel your card on my advice! It’s just what I would do in that situation is all.

The Never Ending SPAM

If you have given them your email and phone then you’re in for a treat.

They’ll be calling, texting and emailing you as much as possible to get you to buy more stuff and then other marketers are going to be doing the same thing when they get their hands on that data.

Be aware, these telemarketers range from barely understandable to extremely convincing and highly trained salespeople. Some people have been stitched up for $10,000’s with similar websites over the years.

Is There Really a Time Limit?

Nope. Nothing happens when the timer runs out. That is a trick they use to stop you from doing your homework. Placing a sense of urgency on something is a very common (and highly effective) marketing strategy, nothing more.

What I Liked

  • Nothing

What I Didn’t Like

  • Extremely misleading and deceptive marketing
  • Product does not help people build a business
  • Your information is sold
  • Very poor support
  • They convince people to buy yet more equally useless products well into the $1000’s

Final Thoughts

This is operated by a group of anonymous scammers that are responsible for 1000’s of similar sites. Things like web address, business name and personas change but many similar traits connect them together.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks losing money to stuff like this so I am always looking for new versions as they pop up. Let me know if you’ve been scammed and if you have something you’d like me to review. Hope this helps!

20 thoughts on “The Facebook Bonanza Scam- This Is NOT What You Think!”

  1. Hi,

    I have to fallen victim to this.
    I didn’t give them any credit card information and all they have is my email and name.(As I have emailed with them)Should I be worried about my bank account? Please reply, I am quite worried.

  2. Hi.I recently joined this site and I have fallen into the scam. I didn’t give them any of my credit card info because I never bought anything or set up any kind of selling booth but I am still very worried about that part, they only have just my email and they know my name from me emailing with them.(Which was when it became clear to be I was being scammed) Should I be worried about money being taken from my account? Please reply I am very worried.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Tim, and thank you for your insight and research. I, like so many others, have learned the hard way about garbage like this.
    Another popular scam to watch out for is fee-first loan thieves. Business start-ups where the principal has bad/no credit are the prime targets and the ripoff rate is unreal.

    Again, my sincere thanks for your work!

    • Hey Enzo, glad my review was helpful 🙂

      Yeah, preying on people with bad credit is nasty. They know these folks are desperate and have few other options which makes it the lowest of low scams.

      Anyways, thanks for commenting Enzo and all the best.

  4. Hello, I was scammed on this Facebook bonanza thing. I can’t seem to find information like their number or email. I’m lost. Last month was the first month they took my 69 dollars. Weeks later this month I asked for my bank to take the money back and I want to cancel the Facebook bonanzai did get my money back. But earlier today my money was taken again. I thought the bank cancelled it. I’m freaking out and I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Sarai,

      Personally, (and I’m just a blogger) I would cancel my card immediately. In my experience with my bank, even if you cancel a specific debit arrangement, the people trying to take the money can still get to it. I’m not saying that is what is happening in your case, but the safe bet is to cancel the card and/ or create a new bank account. Extreme, but it sure as hell will stop it.

      I’m sorry to hear you had this experience but I do appreciate you sharing this here. Hopefully, this will show more people to stay away. I encourage anyone reading this also to share this with those you know incase they come across this scam themselves. Hope it works for you Sarai.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! Unfortunately, I have already joined and have been amazed at just how little new information is provided. I feel like such a dupe, which is as it should be, cause I’ve certainly been scammed. What makes me so mad is the fact that they contacted me! And, the home landing page actuality has a photo of Zuckerburg. I did think it was a Facebook affiliated program. I don’t see how they get away with this. Lesson bitterly won. Thanks again and I’ll be looking for your article about red flags re: these ‘awesome opportunities.’ Calling credit card company now!

    • You are welcome and I’m glad my review was helpful. It is pretty crazy how these scammers get away with stuff like this. I think it’s mostly because of where they are based, the disclaimers they use and how they are able to hide behind anonymity for the most part. You wouldn’t believe the kinds of sites I come across these days. Not everything is a scam online of course, but sites like those really make it hard for people to know what to trust.

      Anyway, all the best with everything and thanks for commenting!

  6. well i guess i made the mistake to fall into a scam. which sucks cause i was just looking for work cause im unemployeed with three children. guess i will watch what i do.

    • Hi Samantha,

      Don’t worry, anyone who’s ever become successful online has fallen into a scam or at the very least, lost money to crappy overhyped programs at one point or another. I wouldn’t let it stop you from pursuing your goal to work from home though. If you want to learn what to avoid in future, I wrote an article on avoiding scams where I share some of the red flags to be on the watch for. Hope this helps and all the best moving forward!

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments I look up everything for now on because of all the scammers. Most online businesses I have found are scams. You just can’t trust them. But u always Google things now to check reviews or BBB for some assistance.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Zandy,

      You are very right, unfortunately many so called ‘biz ops’ and products are either very low quality, grossly misleading or outright scams like this one. Be careful of reviews though since not all of those can be trusted either. The BBB can be good to read the complaints but their rating system is totally off from what I have seen, I’m pretty certain it is possible to pay for a good rating too!

      No matter what you are looking at I always encourage skepticism and NEVER believe anything that claims making money online is quick and easy. It is possible to build a full-time income but it takes work just like any other business. Thanks for commenting and I am glad my review helped!

    • Hi Debra,

      I just did some digging for you and it appears the payment processor they use (Safe Order System) is not very safe after all. From what I can see there is no refund available and I honestly wouldn’t trust these pricks as far as I could throw them. It might be wise to contact your bank in this instance. I doubt you’ll get your money back but at least you could stop any future charges. Hope this helps and good luck with everything.

  8. Hi Tim,

    It’s amazing how many scams are on the internet these days. It’s hard to believe anything you read. If you are inexperienced (most of the people on the internet is), it is simple to fall for it. Do you know some ways to follow to not to be deceived? It will be useful information for everyone new in this.

    • Hi Simon,

      Yes unfortunately scammers like this prey on unsuspecting folks that haven’ been shown how to make money online the right way. I was in that boat for a number of years so I can fully relate and it’s primarily due to the vast sea of misinformation online. Many websites push rubbish products simply because they pay and can get away with it.

      This particular group of anonymous con artists have been at this for years and will likely continue for many more to come. They simply change some of the details around so people don’t know who they are or that they are connected. It’s extremely difficult for law enforcement to keep track of all of them and by the time enough heat comes down on a particular website like this, they shut it down and start a new one.

      So to answer your question, the best thing a person can do is educate themselves about what to look for in order to avoid scams.

      Hope this helps. Cheers!

    • Oh thank you I almost got caught in this I’m very careful but sometimes I think things are true when a big company but this time I just knew I needed to check further thanks again.

      • You are welcome Bernice, glad I could help you avoid this scam. You should thank yourself also, you were smart enough to do your homework which is the most important step to avoiding crap like this. Good work.


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