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Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill

Is Jeff Yastine A Legit Investment Guru?

Over the months, I’ve reviewed multiple subscription services and “summits” put on by Jeff Yastine, trying to discern whether or not they were scams or legitimate opportunities. But what about Jeff Yastine himself – is he a legit investment guru or just another scammer? Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist-turned-investor who contributes to two publications published by Banyan Hill: the Total Wealth Insider and Profit Line. He’s a legit investor, having been successful for himself, and has an impressive list

Q Shares review feature

Jeff Yastine’s “Q Shares” (All You Need to Know)

Today I received an email from Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill, who talked about a profit exploding investment that brokers refuse to talk about called “Q shares” that can boost your returns by 2,700%. What’s the deal? Q Shares is something Jeff Yastine made up to describe DSPP and DRIP investing, which is all about investing small amounts over time to create compound growth and avoid brokerage fees. The concept itself is legit and has been around for decades, but

Jeff Yastine talking about the Hypernet in a sales presentation

Is Jeff Yastine’s “Hypernet” Legit?

The internet has been around – in the form as we know it, the World Wide Web – since the 90s. And now, as of 2019, there are about 4.5 billion internet users.  The internet revolutionized the world like the steamboat and the printing press did. But what if the time came to revolutionize the internet?  If you could get in on it early and invest in the right places, you could potentially make millions, and it’s what moguls like

Website for Total Wealth Insider by Jeff Yastine

Is Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider a Scam?

When it comes to the stock market, there seems to be so much information floating around on the web that it appears daunting for those just starting out. Which is why many people turn to the publications of experts when trying to figure out where to put their money. Jeff Yastine is one of those experts. And maybe you’ve come across his Total Wealth Insider and are wondering if it’s worth subscribing to. So, is it a scam? No, the