Steal My System – Scam or Legit Money Maker? [Real Review]

Welcome to my review of Steal My System.

I came across this site today via an email I received. Apparently, this is a ‘secret’ that helps you “legally steal a $3,000 per week money hack”.

To be honest.. it sounds like total BS to me.

But I review a lot of programs on this site, and I always like to dig deeper to be sure one way or the other. So I decided to take a closer look to find out if this is legit or just another scam.

Here’s what you need to know before buying…

Steal My System Review

The Steal My System website ( consists of a sales video that promises you that making money online is going to be EASY once you buy this system.

Apparently, with almost no effort, you can plugin to the system and start making $3,000 or more per week.

Sounds cool, but this is nothing more than pure hype.

And the entire video is full of this hype, going round and round in circles talking about how easy it’s going to be to get rich.

After watching the video, it’s safe to say that whoever this person is, they are targeting people who are broke and desperate to make money quickly.

This, along with the extreme sales hype, is always a red flag.

Anyways, once I watched the sales pitch I scrolled down to the bottom of the page. This is where I found out that this is sold through a company called ClickBetter.

ClickBetter is a marketplace that sells ‘make money online’ programs on behalf of vendors. So if you buy this program for $30, you’re buying through ClickBetter.

The good news is, they offer a solid 60 day money back guarantee.

The bad news is, they are known for housing numerous scam programs. Such as Automated Income Sites and 7 Figure Profit Code for example.

So from everything I’ve seen to this point, alarm bells are ringing.

I’ve been reviewing make money offers like this for over 3 years now. So it becomes second nature to see when something is pure hype, versus a program that is actually trying to help you learn real skills to build a real online business.

In any case, let’s dig deeper to see how this works…

How Does Steal My System Work?

The way this system works is by first of all sending you a spammy email.

The email I got basically said I’d make money at the push of a button, which is typically what they all say to lure you in.

If you click on the link, you’ll wind up on the sales page. Which as I mentioned earlier is absolutely full of “get rich quick” hype.

The whole purpose of this site is to get you to whip out your credit card and fork out $30 for the program.

Which is nothing like the sales video makes out.

You are not “stealing some gurus system”. Instead, you are getting access to a thin, outdated and generic training on the various ways you can make money online.

Which means not only will you not make $3,000 per week, you’ll be lucky to make ANY money at all.

And that’s not even the worst part…

Immediately after you buy, you are hit with numerous upsells!

As with most of these ‘money making systems’ that don’t work, they use high pressure sales tactics to convince you to shell out even more money immediately after you buy.

It’s made to sound like a way to make even more money, and more quickly. When in reality, it’s just a way for the people behind this to make more money- off of you.

Verdict – Is Steal My System a Scam?

Yes, in my opinion, Steal My System is a complete scam.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs on this site over the years and without a doubt, this is a complete and utter scam.

This will NOT help you make $3,000 per week, and quite honestly, it won’t help you make any money at all.

The person running this is clearly targeting people who are desperate to make money quickly, for whatever reason. This is eveident by watching the extreme hype in the sales pitch.

The entire agenda is to make this ‘system’ appear to be the ‘answer’ to your money woes.

When in reality, it’s just going to make things worse, because it doesn’t work.

It is possible to earn an income online, even a significant income. But it takes time, effort and persistence. Real money isn’t made by “stealing someone’s secret system”.

This is something internet gurus say to make money off of you. Period.

What you decide to do is up to you, but there’s no way I could recommend this to you in good conscience.

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