Simple Income Strategies Review: Simply Put, It Sucks!

Simple Income Strategies claims to teach people how to ‘post links’ for money.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Those behind this are out to make as much money from people as possible rather than help them build a real online business. I do not recommend this program.

What Is Simple Income Strategies?

The website was created by John Shaver in March 2016 and claims to give people a way to make money simply by posting links.

In fact, they claim it’s as easy as 1-2-3 in the sales copy:

Oversimplified Steps of Simple Income Strategies

The sales page makes it sound as if it’s some kind of job and it’s all going to be super quick and easy. This is a gross over simplification and to make it worse, they don’t help you once you’re inside.

The underlying business model they are basing this on is known as affiliate marketing and is actually legitimate in itself. But affiliate marketing is nothing like how they explain it.

Yes, companies like Amazon do pay affiliates to promote their products and it’s a multi billion dollar industry… but it’s not as simple as just posting links I assure you!

The website makes it sound so easy because their primary goal is getting your cash and your personal information so they (and others) can spam the heck out of you.

What Happens After Signing Up

The training consists of some outdated videos and text that in itself will not help you build a business, you could easily find better quality information for free about building an online business.

The worse thing about it is that there’s no one there to help you once you login. They give you a ‘coaching call’ but the real purpose is convincing you to buy higher ticket products.

According to their own privacy policy, they also sell your info to other marketers:

Personal information shared disclosure

Both they and those willing to buy your data will spam you via email, text messaging and telemarketing in the hopes of getting you to buy more stuff.

This means your phone, email, name and address are open season. Not cool.

About The Website Owner- John Shaver

Shaver owns a company known as St George GMAC which is connected to a string of known scams, some of which I reviewed.

From what I can see they normally come in 2 main versions. One version really pushes the program with hype and outright lies while the other appears more professional looking. Make no mistake, they both sell the same thing.

For example, here’s the URL to 2 different versions of one of the same 37 Clicks website:

Version 1: [read my review of this version here]

Version 2:

They both sell the same crap, they’re just framed differently.

In fact, according to Shaver is the registered owner of at least 10 websites that are all very similar to the one I’m reviewing.

They all promote the same link posting scam only they try and trick people by changing the name of the fake personas, the website itself and web addresses among other things.

This scam runs so deep it’s almost impossible to keep track of it, but that’s what their game is. I could talk about what Ive learned about these websites for way too long. If you want to find out more I recommend checking out my full list of scams– many of which (not all) are articles exposing these websites.

What About Getting a Refund?

Unless you file a complaint with the BBB a lot of people find it very hard to obtain a refund. In other words, they only care about bad publicity because it effects new people being lured into this.

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

The way they describe affiliate marketing deliberately over simplifies things to the point it’s just plain BS. The truth is you can make money this way but there is a process to follow, one they don’t teach people in any way.

Companies like Amazon, Dell and Apple do pay people to promote their products and it is possible for everyday people to succeed in doing so.

It takes work and dedication though.

To make money online with affiliate marketing you need the right tools, training and support or it’s going to be a long and frustrating road ahead. I talk more about how to get started properly here.

What I Liked

Nothing. I hate seeing people get scammed because I’ve been there and it sucks.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Promote an otherwise legitimate business model in a way that sounds like a ‘job’ or a push button system
  • Outdated and overall useless training
  • Very poor support for those not wanting to pay $1000’s more on equally useless products
  • Hard to get a refund
  • Connected to a plethora of similar scam website that all use fake personas and stories and mislead people into spending tons of money on rubbish products
  • They sell your information

Final Thoughts

Paying $97 for this is the same as flushing your money down the drain.

Websites like this prey on unsuspecting people that are new to online business and unfortunately they suck a lot of people in. In time, this version of their website will be shut down and another will pop up in it’s place. These scams will probably never end but I’ll continue exposing them as I find them.

Please share your experience with this program and let me know about other versions so I can continue helping people avoid rubbish like this.

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