Selling Young Living Online- Is It Really Worth It?

Whether you’re a current rep looking to expand beyond your warm market or just someone considering the business opportunity, I am going to explain the best possible way to sell the Young Living products online.

Why Selling Online Is WAY Better

Whether you are looking to sell the products themselves or recruit others into your business, leveraging the power of the Internet is going to give you a massive competitive advantage. When I was in mlm years ago there was one thing I was never a big fan of… the ‘warm market’ approach.

Not only is it kind of unsettling having to hustle everyone you know to sell product and recruit but it is often times pretty ineffective and extremely limiting. The fact is, there are literally millions of people online looking for what you have to offer every single day. You just need to learn how to tap into those interested people. There is massive opportunity to promote products and services online right now and you don’t have to be some ‘marketing guru’ to take advantage of it, not by a long shot.

Interest In Essential Oils

There’s a very strong trend of the increasing popularity of essential oils and there are many people searching for these products online.

Here’s a screenshot taken from Google Trends to illustrate just how insane this interest is right now:

Google trends essential oils

As you can see in the last few years the interest in this niche has exploded beyond what anyone could’ve even predicted.

The Smart Way To Sell Online

Now that we’ve established there is massive potential in this space online it’s important to understand the process involved in taking advantage of this.

I am not talking about selling on eBay, social media, classified ads, paying for visits to your distributor website, buying leads, using Etsy or anything like that. These methods can work to some extent but there is huge competition in those marketplaces and paying for prospects and customers is probably going to end in disappointment and losing money.

Don’t stress if you don’t fully understand this right away, you will get there!

How It Works

Step 1- Choose a niche

A niche is simply a group of people interested in something in particular.

Step 2- Build a website

Calm down, this is WAY easier than you might think!

Step 3- Get visitors

Learn how to get free and highly targeted visitors from Google, Yahoo and Bing to your website every single day.

Step 4- Make money

You can turn these visitors into customers and even recruits by following a simple process.

Thats It!

This really is a simple process and once you learn this properly the sky is the limit as to what you can earn. That’s all good and well but how could you possibly get targeted buyers visiting your new website every day for free? Simple… search engines are constantly looking to add more value to their search platform for their users. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

If you can provide a targeted group of people with relevant and useful content, Google will rank your content to add value to it’s users because it’s in their best interests to do so!

Anyway, before I get ahead of myself let me give you some niche ideas…

Some Niche Ideas

Put simply, there are broad niches and more targeted niches.

A broad example might be the ‘health and wellness’ niche. This is broad because it covers a very broad range of topics. Someone searching for health and wellness online might be interested in weight loss, energy supplements, beauty, fitness, cooking ideas, natural or organic products etc.

To take advantage of a broad niche like this is going to be tough, not impossible… but very difficult given how broad it is and how much competition there is around this space in general.

Here’s the right way to do things…

What we want to do is break this broad niche down int a more targeted one, here’s a few examples I came up with that are ripe for the taking:

  • Essential oils for cooking
  • Essential oils for cleaning
  • Essential oils for sleeping
  • Essential oils for healing
  • Essential oils for hair
  • Essential oils for depression
  • Essential oils for your pets
  • Essential oils for sex and sex drive
  • Essential oils for allergies
  • Essential oils diffusers
  • Natural anti ageing products
  • Naturally clean teeth
  • I could go on for days…

Believe it or not, each and every one of these could be turned into a profitable niche website.

Take the cooking idea for example: you could create a website that talks about all things to do with natural cooking with essential oils. Assuming you are interested in this topic you could find many things to write about such as recipes, reviews of different oils and what they do, compare other companies oils, share your experiences with cooking, compare oils to powders or dry herbs, literally anything related to this niche.

It could be absolutely anything relating to essential oils or any other products Young Living (YL) produce. I recommend doing something that interests YOU though as it will lead to much greater success I can assure you.

How Do You Make Money With This?

If you are looking to sell YL products then you would simply refer visitors from your unique website (the one you build in step 2 above) over to your replicated distributor website to browse the product range.

Unique website that attracts tons of free visitors ==> distributor website with all of your products

How do you do that? On your unique website you would:

  • Place banner advertisements (pictures that are visible on any page of your website and people can click on these to take them to your distributor website)
  • Link people to your distributor website at the bottom of an article so they can learn more about the product, much like my big blue blue link below. My link only takes you to another page of my website but your link can take people to your rep website to showcase your products
  • Many more ways… I don’t want to overload you with information right now

This process might seem a little daunting or confusing at first if you have no experience in website building but I promise you it is actually SUPER simple once you learn how. With technology these days it’s pretty much drag and drop.

The Advantages

  • Products seem to be of a very high quality and sustainably sourced
  • Much better method than selling to friends and family
  • Huge interest in this space online
  • Long established company

The Disadvantages

  • Being in the mlm model can be costly with auto shipping requirements each month
  • It can take between 3-6 months to start making regular sales
  • The YL products are considerably more expensive than competing brands online

Bottom Line

It’s entirely possible to sell YL products online if you are prepared to put in the effort to learn and take action. People are looking for these products online and the trend points to increasing popularity, meaning the future looks bright for essential oils. The first thing you need to do is build a website.

There are some drawbacks associated with this particular company though, in particular the high cost of being in business and the price of the products themselves. If you are confident in these products and believe they are worth every cent then I can safely say you have a very real opportunity to make a considerable profit leveraging the Internet.

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