Review: Is Freedom Funnel Systems a Good Idea?

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Freedom Funnel Systems

Website: Freedom Funnel Systems


Owner: Pat Patterson

Review Summary

This is a kind of 'gateway' website that shows you how to make money for free and also provides other opportunities that you pay for. The real money is made once you start buying the products you need but I do think this has some good points as I explain.

What Is Freedom Funnel Systems (FFS)?

Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson

I came across this after seeing several videos on YouTube made by the programs creator over the months, Pat Patterson. He seems like a pretty energetic and charismatic guy and after digging further, turns out he's kind of a big deal! Well, at least to the folks he speaks in front of at various conventions.

Anyway, I found his video about a "free marketing system" and decided to check it out.

In a nutshell... it's a way to promote multiple companies through ONE unique link. Your job is to refer people to that one link which promotes FFS. When people sign up and complete the free trial offers and buy the other stuff the system automatically promotes, you make money.

The concept of a 'gateway' website is nothing new but it can work to an extent.

It turns out this is a re-branded version of a system produced by Jon Mroz known as the "Total Funnel System". Pat has essentially slapped his branding on the same system as a way to differentiate himself and leverage his existing credibility. There's nothing wrong with this, in fact it's just good marketing.

The question is, will this system help YOU make money? Read on.

How It Works

There are 3 main ways you can earn money with this and surprisingly, the first option is genuinely free as promised. When you sign up you are prompted to follow through with the system exactly as outlined in the video.The idea is to earn for free first and then work your way up into the paid stuff.

FFS Back Office

#1 My Cash Freebies

I hadn't heard of this until now but it actually seems pretty cool and super simple. You simply sign up to and get yourself qualified before doing anything else. Getting qualified is a matter of filling out a registration form and earning yourself '1 point'.​

My Cash Freebies Logo

Each trial offer you sign up for through the Freebies website gives you a set amount of points. Some give you 0.2 points and some give you .50 points or more. Just depends on the individual offer really. You do not need to buy anything but you will be giving these third party companies your credit card details and they'll be hoping you'll forget to cancel before the trial period ends.

Hint: Quit before trial period ends if you do this!

Once you're qualified the idea is to send people to your FFS affiliate link (the one I mentioned earlier) and once people sign up for a free account as you did, a percentage will actually follow the steps and get themselves qualified with the Freebies website. In other words, when your referrals get themselves qualified with 1 point, you make $10. Not bad right?

The 3 Membership Types For This Method

FastTrack My Cash Freebies: Pays you $10 per referral that qualifies with 1 point

Express My Cash Freebies: Pays you $20 per referral that qualifies with 1 point

Double My Cash Freebies: Pays you $30 per referral that qualifies with 1 point

This system is 100% free and the reason you are getting paid is because companies are happy to pay a set amount to have someone sign up for a trial. Why? A certain percentage forget to cancel before the trial ends and some folks like what they've signed up for and don't wanna cancel!

Either way, these companies are paying MCF for leads and MCF are paying you a cut of between $10-$30. Would I personally do this? Maybe if I wasn't knee deep doing what I already do to earn an income online. It's worth being careful with the MCF website though because I have not tried them myself and you will be signing up to third party trial offers to earn your 1 point. Make sure the company offering the trial is legit!

#2 My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

I tried MLSP out but I had no idea what I was doing and honestly just wasn't in the right space to go through it properly.

MLSP logo

From what I do remember and what I have researched, it provides some solid training no doubt and if you dedicated yourself to going through it you'd eventually make enough money to recover your costs and into profits. The program is primarily designed to teach you how to attract leads into your network marketing business and doesn't appear to be an mlm biz op in itself.

Although, it obviously has an affiliate program which means Pat will earn commissions when you join through him. That is totally fine btw.

#3 Other Products & Services

The other way you can make money is when those you refer join the various products and services on offer inside the FFS back office. There's some I like and some I flat out recommend avoiding.

Pure Leverage (read review)

The main one is an autoresponder/ mlm opportunity known as Pure Leverage. I reviewed this a while ago and I can safely say it's not somehting I would promote. The products are ok but they're not great and for what you're paying you are way better off going with a company like MailChimp or Aweber. The good news is, this system provides links to those as well so you don't need to promote Pure Leverage. You'll probably make more money if you do but that's up to you.

What is an autoresponder? It's just a way to send out automated responses that don't look like automated responses. in this context, it's used to get people that have signed up under you to take action if they haven't already. In other words, it's a nifty marketing tool to make you more money!

Digital Altitude

This is listed under the 'marketing resources' tab and it's a fairly new multi level marketing company. It's not so much a suite of tools as it is an entire 'business in a box' itself. There is value in the products with this and it's cool that you can check it out for only $1.

Spin Re-Writer

This is without question an absolute waste of time and money. I have nothing at all good to say about this and quite honestly, I'm surprised he's even included this as a recommended tool. Why am I hating on this? It was primarily used by old school marketers trying to re-hash existing content on their blogs and for article marketing so they didn't have to put in the hard yards and actually write something useful for people. SEO changes rapidly and this will NOT help you rank content and leverage free traffic through Google, Yahoo and Bing. I will say this again, this will not help you rank your website content.

I personally understand the process of driving traffic through search engines (that's how you landed here after all) and I can assure you this is not a good product. Heck, even Rob Fore (the top earner in MLSP and the guy presenting the free training videos in the FFS back office) says admits this on his own website...

Because if publish crap content or “thin content” or rehashed, generic, could-be-found-a-bazillion places online type of content… you simply will not rank. You won’t.


This leads quite nicely into the biggest issue I found with this system and something you absolutely need to be aware of before joining this.

The ONE Important Element FFS Leaves Out

They do provide you with a duplicatable system. Yes.

They do provide you with the ability to make money for free. Yes.

BUT they do not provide you with the single most important element you need to make decent money with this:


To make money in any of the 3 methods I described above (yes, even the free method) you absolutely need traffic. Traffic is just another word for website visitors. The only way to make any money with anything this system offers, you absolutely need a steady flow of targeted traffic coming to your offers and clicking on your affiliate link. I cannot overstate this enough.

Without traffic you will not make a dime. Plain and simple.

What They Do Teach You About Getting Traffic

Training Center Tab
The 'Training Center' tab does give you some free training videos on promoting your link but after going through them, there's nothing very actionable that actually helps you make money. These are pretty much glorified sales videos designed to lead you into MLSP. I'm sorry, but I tell it like it is. To make any money at all with this you are going to be paying for MLSP to learn how to drive traffic if you intend on following their advice.

MLSP starts at $149.97 per month and the end result will be paying $10,000's to take full advantage of the training on offer. That's all good and well if you have the cash and like what you see, but that's a bit of a stretch from free.

My Thoughts On The Overall Concept

One last thing I wanted to point out here is that (while it might be ok to start with) you really are working your ass off to build Pat Patterson's brand. Rather than just going around trying to send people to his re-branded gateway site, a MUCH better approach is to build your brand with your unique website first and foremost. By following this system you are effectively promoting Pat's brand instead of your own which may work for a while but realistically isn't a good long term strategy.

What I Liked

  • Pretty upfront about everything for the most part
  • There really is a totally free way to earn
  • This is something people you refer can follow because it's a fairly tight 'system' by design
  • Potential to make some pretty decent money from this if you know how to drive traffic

What I Didn't Like

  • To really make any money you need traffic, and I'm not convinced they show you the best or most cost effective approach
  • Some of the products being promoted aren't great
  • You are not branding yourself which is absolutely key to longterm success

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is not a scam but it's definitely not without it's drawbacks. If you sign up to MLSP and learn what you need to know to start making money with this, it could work out quite well for you.

Either way, it's not just a matter of signing up and just flicking the money switch, I think that goes without saying. This will require additional training and (depending on your approach) additional cash to make it work. From what I could see, Pat does not mislead people into thinking it's going to be push button easy so that's a good thing.

He makes it very clear how important it is to treat this like a real business which is absolutely key no matter what business you get involved in. I did like this. You can make money with this and after joining MLSP you'd learn a thing or two, but I personally believe there are better ways to start a profitable home based business. Hopefully this has helped you make a more informed decision abut joining.


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