The Responsive Media Work From Home Scam: They’re Not Jobs!

Chances are you’re looking for a genuine home based job.

But with so many scams online, it can be difficult to know who or what to trust.

It’s a good thing you are reading this review. I did some digging and discovered that Responsive Media’s work from home jobs are not quite as advertised!

Read on to see exactly what these job listings are really about…

Fake Responsive Media Work From Home Job Listings

I stumbled across an ad for Responsive Media the other day, and noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Since I regularly review work from home offers on this site, I decided to look into things further. Given the company name is very general business name, I found it quite difficult to learn what it was all about. But there was a common thread among most of the ads they use.

They all say something like this:

Work From Home/ Data Entry Positions Open $500 – $1500 per week

Long story short, I ‘Googled’ the term “responsive media data entry $500” to see if could find more results. Bingo. That brought up a full page of Google listings. Turns out there are boatloads of these listings plastered all over low quality job search websites.

Here’s one job listing I found on for example:

Livecareer Data Entry Job Listing

Now here’s an almost identical job listing on another site called

Aftercollege Data Entry Job Listing

The thing that struck me the most is how they claim you can make as much as $5,000 per week with a data entry job! That is an absolutely insane claim guys.

No freaking way is anyone getting paid that much for a menial data entry job. Especially not when tasks like this are almost always outsources to lower income countries.

Anyways, you may not know this, but data entry jobs are a common work at home scam and have been around for many years.

Given the income claims, the nature of the ‘work’ and the generic name of he company itself, alarm bells were ringing for me. But I’m not that quick to write somehting off as a scam either.

Let’s dig a bit deeper to get the truth…

Who’s Behind Responsive Media?

Your guess is as good as mine.

One site claims a guy named Lee Wang owns the company:

Lee Wang Owner Responsive Media

Yet, on another site they say Betty Abion is the CEO:

Betty Abion CEO Response Media

Interestingly, they both post the same job listings and use the same logo, but Betty is the CEO of ‘Response Media’.

I did some research on this name and found an actual legit looking marketing company, but they use a different logo. It’s possible that Lee, Betty, or whoever the heck is behind this has just ripped this name off. Who knows.

In any case, it appears the following review is from someone who took Betty Abion up on her so called job offer:

Responsive Media Complaint

That doesn’t sound like a very appealing job offer to me. More like someone looking to squeeze money out of everyday people looking for a job.

What These ‘Jobs’ Are Really About…

I continued my research and eventually found a site called which is chock full of these job listings.

Jobalot Fake Job Listings

There are pages upon pages of fake data entry jobs.

As expected, not one of these listings take you to a real page that really helps you get an actual home job. I clicked on a bunch of these to see where it led, and each time I was sent to one of the following three pages…

Virtual Office Report

This page is a straight up email grab. You click on the button, put your email into the box, and nothing happens.

Virtual Office Report

Apparently, you are supposed to check your inbox and they’ll send you the info. Cool. I did and I got nothing.

What makes this somewhat concerning is the lack of a privacy policy.

Whenever you land on a website that asks for your email and there is no privacy policy to be found, it’s a worry. You are giving your email to an anonymous person who can do pretty much whatever they like with it.

Like share and sell it to marketers looking to spam a group of home job seekers.

Aspire System (Digital Altitude)

This is the second page I was sent to after clicking on one of the data entry ads:

Email Capture

Once you put your email address into the page above, you are sent to the following sales page:

Aspire System

I immediately knew that this was a sales page for a high ticket multilevel marketing program called Digital Altitude.

This is the exact opposite of a job. It’s a business system designed to get you to promote the same system you just joined. You must buy each product to be eligible to promote it too. The products start at $1 and run into the $10,000’s.

To be fair, there are some good aspects to Digital Altitude. It’s not a scam as such.

But it’s safe to say that marketing tactics like these are very misleading in my opinion. People are coming to this page looking for a JOB… not a high ticket business opportunity!

UDC System (MOBE)

After clicking on more RM job ads, this is the third page I was sent:

UDC System Sales Page

This is called the UDC System which is nothing more than a ‘front’ to funnel people into a company called MOBE.

This is very similar to the above program in the way it works, but the marketing tactics they use are way worse in my opinion. The concept of ethical marketing is simply not something they care about.

The video above is full of paid actors claiming they’re making boatloads of cash quickly and easily. This is the hallmark of an online scam. They use every trick in the book to convince desperate people to buy based on impulse. It starts with $49 purchase and runs into the $10,000’s.

You can make good money promoting MOBE and they do provide some good training, yes. But this is a business, and it costs a LOT of money to get to that point using their system.

The other aspect of MOBE that annoys me is their “$500 guarantee” nonsense. While technically true, when you read the fine you will discover that you must spend upwards of $2,500 to qualify for this ‘guarantee’!

In any case, advertising a high ticket business opportunity as a job is BS.


There are tons of fake work from home job listings being posted online from Responsive Media. How deep this runs and who’s really behind it, is anyone’s guess.

These are the programs and pages they are sending people to now, but this could (and likely will) change in future. They simply funnel people into whatever makes them the most money at the time.

One thing’s for sure though, none of these so called job offers are actual jobs. Not one.

They are online business opportunities and rather than earning a wage, you will be up for $1,000’s before ever hoping to see anything in return. If you are looking for a business, well and good. But in this case, it’s very misleading.

16 thoughts on “The Responsive Media Work From Home Scam: They’re Not Jobs!”

    • Hi Dorla.

      There’s lots of ways to make money typing, either by the hour or by starting your own site.

      If you’re looking to start a business, then I recommend starting your own website. The idea is to choose a niche, build a simple website, create content that helps your audience and ranks in search engines (to get traffic) and you can then promote relevant products/ services to your visitors (earning affiliate commissions in the process).

      This is what I do and it works. I will say that it takes time though, so don’t expect to start earning right away, this is a longterm gig.

      Alternatively there are tons of sites that pay writers to produce content, generally on a ‘per word’ basis. Or you could get rolling on a site like UpWork where you can get paid on a ‘per job’ basis for clients.

      Either way there are TONS of options here, comes down to what works best for you.

      Hope this helps!

  1. I appreciate your investigation into responsive media as it doesn’t take long for the average person to figure out that so many jobs offered as “work at home” are scams just trying to take your money which in some desperate cases might be the last few dollars a guy has before he’s living in his car. The companies like responsive media, mobe and so many others preying on people looking for real jobs is disgusting. These parasites should be fined and closed down forever. But I can’t help but wonder if your offer is any more legitimate than theirs. I don’t want to invest in starting a new online business, I want to work for a company that pays people to do real work from their home computer.

    • Hey David,

      I couldn’t agree more, the internet is somewhat of a ‘wild west’ so it’s hard to know who to trust and what to believe. There is a lot of opportunity to create a successful business within the online world, but there’s also a lot of people looking to take advantage of newbies.

      The most important thing you can do is your research, like you are now. So well done. Try to avoid anything that promises you quick and easy money and never buy on impulse. You really want to go for programs that actually help educate you about how online business works and how you can take advantage of it. Rather than following some too good to be true ‘system’.

      If you’re looking for a home job, never pay anything upfront. A job is a job and you should not be paying to access one. The majority of ‘online jobs’ I’ve found are not good, so I don’t really have any recommendation about a home job. Other than look for real companies offering real remote jobs through trusted job portals.

      Personally, I recommend affiliate marketing as the best way to get started online, because it’s what I do myself to earn an income online. This is a very ethical business model and allows you to work with companies like Amazon with their free affiliate program. So you promote stuff people are already buying and earn commissions when they buy through your links. This is a business though, so it takes time and effort to see results. If you’re not able to put in at least 3-6 months before seeing much in the way of income, it’s probably not for you. But if you’re committed it can be well worth it in the long run.

      Anyways, hope this helps and all the best going forward! Cheers

  2. One should never have to pay for or buy their way into employment. If a company asks for money up front, always investigate before investing.

      • Hey Tim,

        Thanks so much for the info on these ads. I saw a lot of them on It really is frustrating when you need a real job and these ads are mixed in with legit ads. Thought you may like to know about a real legit work from home company and you are Not a 1099 but a real employee of this company. Here’s their site. It’s a real job, not MLM, direct marketing or network marketing.

        • Hey Tammy,

          You’re welcome, glad it was helpful. I normally don’t allow links like this in the comments, but this does look legit. I mean I can’t say for certain since I spent all of 10 minutes looking at it, but it does look okay. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Cheers


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