Quantum Profits Review: New Method To Bank $100 a Day?

Quick Overview

Quantum Profits

Product: Quantum Profits

Owner: Jason Fulton et al.

Website: http://quantumprofits.co/

Price: $5.95

Review Summary

What claims to be a new method for making money online is really just answering questions on a platform called Quora which isn't new at all. While this can be an awesome way way to build traffic in itself, I personally think you would get more value from a well written blog post.

Full Review

I've been seeing some buzz around the launch of this new product so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Is this really a "brand new traffic source" that will make you $100 per day within hours? ​

Unfortunately, nothing is ever quite that simple so I wasn't buying into the hype. You could use this to make many times more than $100 per day, but it's not quite as advertised in my opinion...

What Is Quantum Profits?​

This was launched by Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari and Nishkarsh Sharma in December of 2016 who claim this is really a new and 'fresh' method and that it's nothing like you've ever seen. It's not. 

Jason Fulton - Mosh Bari and Nishkarsh Sharma

I do agree that it may be largely untapped and it definitely has potential to make you $100 or more per day. But this is absolutely NOT a new method by any stretch.

It's about answering questions on Quora.com and funnelling people to your opt-in page/ affiliate offers.

Are these guys for real?​

I don't know about you, but I'm a little pissed at being told it's a "brand new method" when Quora has been around since 2010 and people have been taking advantage of this traffic source ever since.

Upsells After Buying​

There are 3 upsells with this product ($17, $27 and $47) and as usual, they will make your life super easy and blah blah... ​whatever. It's some done for you product, a case study and a super duper autopilot shiny object. I rarely buy these as I like to see how the product performs on it's own first.

Inside The Members Area​

Inside the members area you are greeted with an overview video which is worth skipping, 5 core training videos and​ a closing video to cap it off. There is also 3 bonus videos as well which I liked. The videos are all made by Nishkarsh with the other two guys nowhere to be seen.

Video #1

This was the part where I personally felt like I'd been taken for a ride, because Quora is not new and neither is this method. Anyways, in this video he introduces the system and walks you through why it's a good traffic source.

Video #2

Nishkarsh briefly goes through the basics of the platform to show you what it's all about. He explains how to find recently asked questions within a given niche, how to find related topics and popular contributors. He then gives you some tips on choosing a niche that is best for you.

Video #3

This is about making money from all of this. Your job is to answer questions and build your authority, but you want to make money from this. Nishkarsh recommends leaving a call to action after your comment that leads people to an opt-in page.

Sending people to an opt-in page is a good idea and I do like that he explains the importance of making your answers and call to action relevant (although pretty obvious), but leaving a link at the end of every answer could easily be perceived as spammy.

Here is an example question and answer he gives you:

Example Answer on Quora

I'm no expert when it comes to Quora marketing, but I wouldn't go crazy linking at the end of every answer with my opt-in page. This is common sense.

In my opinion, the better approach would be to put the focus on answering questions better than others and actually helping people. There's a thought. If you are awesome at helping people, they will head over to your profile and click on your link in there. I'm not saying you shouldn't link at the end of your answer or somewhere within your answer, but you really should do it at the right time. Not all the time.

It gets worse though...

He goes on to recommend copying answers from other people and using a content spinner​ to mix it up so you can pass the answer off as your own! So, give people generic answers you copy from others and leave a spammy link after each one of them. Cool idea bro.

Video #4

Thankfully, in this video he does give you some actual good advice. Like offering well thought out answers, not spamming and.. I kid you not "be your own voice and don't cop someone else".

Video 4 Quantum Profits Training

Good advice, but it completely contradicts the previous video. The part where he recommends copying someone else's answer and spinning it. Anyway, there really was some good advice in this video so if you are serious about this method, skip video 3 completely and just watch this one I think.

Video #5

This video went for less than a minute and basically said to "give good answers" and you will make money. That's it.​

Closing Video​

Take action and you'll make money with this, and gives some examples of how he and his buddies have made tons of money with this.​

Bonus Video #1

This video explains some of the basics on how to find a product to promote as an affiliate. If you were hoping to actually make money with this as a newbie, it's a good thing this was included since there has been no real training on this so far.

He recommends posting your cloaked affiliate link at the end of your answers which in my opinion, is not the best way to make use of your traffic. You really want to be collecting email addresses since conversion rates are often low sending people to a sales page directly. It's also super spammy and it will absolutely not build any kind of authority. I mean, would you listen to someone that gave spun answers and posted their affiliate link at the end of every answer? I sure as hell wouldn't.

​That said, it was nice he showed you how to get setup with a relevant affiliate offer. It's a start for beginners I think and it's better this video is there than not.

Bonus Video #2

This is a cool way to get started. It's basically about finding the questions others aren't answering and answering it better. It can be a good way to get started I think.

Bonus Video #3

Some general tips on building authority in your chosen niche/ topic.​

What I Liked

  • The concept itself is absolutely a good one
  • Legitimate and longterm free traffic source to make money
  • Some useful insights offered

What I Didn't Like​

  • Recommends spinning copied answers
  • Claims this is a "brand new method" which is a complete load of BS
  • ​Recommends using your affiliate link at the end of every answer

The Verdict​

It is a legit method you could use to get traffic and grow your income, but I wasn't very keen on the training itself. To be honest, a well written blog post offers more value than this training and it's free.

Overall Rating

Final Thoughts​

I guess you could say I went into this with false expectations because the sales page flat out lies about this being a 'brand new method of getting traffic' when it's clearly not. Thanks to that, the very first feeling I had with this training was disappointment and it never really got far off the ground after that.​

That said, it's not a scam because it does offer value and considering it's only 5 bucks, I think beginners could learn the basics after going through this. Buy if you must, but I'm not recommending it either.


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  1. Thanks for this honest review, just straight to the point NO BS review! I was about to purchase Quantum but I’m glad i didn’t!

    • You are welcome John 🙂 I don’t like to say negative things about a product or put people off buying, but at the same time I won’t sugar coat what I found either. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad this review was helpful! Cheers


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