Paid 2 Save Network Review: The Next BIG Opportunity?

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Paid 2 Save Network

The Company: Paid 2 Save Network

Founder/ CEO: David Hart

Affiliate Fees: $125

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Travel club mlm company with other products available for US members. They claim they are all about helping people "save more and make more" and after doing some digging, there does appear to be some good discounts and a lucrative opportunity attached. Read on to learn more.

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David Hart

David Hart

This company was originally launched by David Hart back in 2013 as a discount app based mlm company. David has had over 22 years in the mlm industry so he brings a good amount of experience to the table. That's a good thing, since he is attempting to crack into the very lucrative, but fiercely competitive discount travel niche.

David claims he has a solid product that smashes the competition and boasts one of the greatest compensation plans on the planet. Those are some bold claims, let's check it out.

The Discount Membership Club

​Apparently, the companies mission is to make 'travel, fun and freedom' attainable for all. After having reviewed a couple of travel based mlm companies on this site, I was super keen to see just how good the discounts are and how much you really have to pay to access them.

Some mlm companies in this space are expensive to be part of and the discounts really aren't that great. So, fingers crossed this is different!

According to a presentation video presented by Todd Strand, the discounts the company gives runs circles around 2 of the largest discount travel clubs online:


From the discounts shown in the above video, Paid2Save smashed some of the competitors deals by a country mile. One deal was around $1,300 cheaper:

Travel Club Discount Example

It's only early days though and this is just what the company is presenting, so they may have just cherry picked the best. Who knows. This is probably something you should do your homework on before joining to see how it stacks up for the destinations you want to travel to and the kinds of deals you like. Time will tell as to how good the membership discounts are, but so far it looks promising. 

What Do You Get For $12.95 Per Month?

Paying members get access to the following discounts either through the app or directly in the members area of their website:

Global Travel Discounts: Hotels and accommodation, cruise holidays and other travel packages.

Entertainment Discounts (US): Movies, theme parks, live shows and sporting events etc.

Dining & Retail Deals (US only): Say they have deals with over ​75,000 restaurants and over 9,000 retailers to provide members with discounts across the United States.

All you need to do to get access to all of this is sign up for $12.95 and download the free app. Paying 12 bucks per month to get epic deals like they have shown would be well worth it. If the deals are there, it's a no brainer and the way the comp plan is set up, you give these away so people have nothing to lose.

The Paid 2 Save Compensation Plan

The company provides an opportunity to promote their discount memberships through the multi level marketing business model. Pay close attention as I walk you through details of the compensation plan.

Getting Started​

To get started in this business opportunity you must purchase an affiliate membership for $125 per month. This consists of your personal $12.95 membership fee and gives you 10 addittional discount memberships that you are going to be giving away each month to family and friends.

I must admit, I do like this promotional concept for 2 reasons:

  1. You are leading with value and reducing perceieved risk by giving people a free membership
  2. It shows the company is confident in the core product (it will convert into paying customers)

If they like what they see, they'll renew the following month which will grow your business. You also get access to the usual tools such as replicated website and back office to facilitate sales.

Becoming Commission Qualified

In order to get yourself qualified to earn commissions you must maintain 5 retail customers.​

The Affiliate Ranks

Your earnings potential depends on your rank within the company, I've broken this down in the chart below. The specifics on what each income stream means are explained below the chart.

  • 1 ☆ Director
  • 2 ☆ DIRECTOR
  • 3 ☆ DIRECTOR
  • 4 ☆ DIRECTOR
  • ambassador
  • 1 ☆ ambassador

Achieving This Rank

  • Sign up for $125 per month

Trilogy Pay

  • Not eligible

3X10 Matrix Levels Unlocked (based on Mobile App sales volume)

  • 5% commissions on levels 1 and 2

Ways You Can Earn

There are a number of different ways you can earn according to whatever rank you achieve. I'll go through these income streams below, simply refer to the above chart to see how it relates to rank.

Travel Club Commissions

You will earn $10 per club membership sale for your first 15 customers, and $5 per sale thereafter. You will also be paid a $25 fast start bonus for your first 2 customers.

Mobile App Commissions

Earn 40% commissions on the BV (sales volume in your downline) of any products sold through the mobile app. This is limited to affiliates in the United States.

Travel Dollar Commissions​

This pays an affiliate 40% of the commission volume based on any travel booked though the portal by one of their customers. I am pretty sure this extends to anyone your customers give 'travel dollars' to as well when those folks make a purchase.

What the heck is commissionable volume?

Example: imagine one of your customer pays $2,000 for a holiday package through the portal and Paid 2 Save collects a $100 commission (they are paid by third parties themselves), you would earn 40% of this. In this case, this will net you a $40 commission. That's what they mean when they say you'll earn 40% of the 'commissionable volume'. It's a bit confusing, but this is mlm.

Trilogy Pay

The Trilogy income stream works on a 3 leg downline structure that runs infinitely deep.

Trilogy Pay Downline

How much this pays you depends on your rank as shown in the chart above. For example, an 'Ambassador' earns $4,500 per month within the Trilogy income stream.

Also, the first 2 qualified affiliates you recruit pay out a bonus of $25 each, and the third affiliate you recruit will earn you a $125 bonus every single month for as long as they stay active.

OR... Dual Team Pay

This is only paid out if the commission amount due for this is higher than the Trilogy amount. In other words, it's one or the other. It might help to think of this like a 'shadow' downline. The same team and volumes are placed into this simultaneously and whatever earns you more is what you get paid.

Anyway, this particular downline is based on the binary model.

Binary Downline

The commissions you earn are based on your BV in the same way as Trilogy. The more volume, the higher the commissions paid as shown below.

  • $2400 volume pays out $300
  • $8000 volume pays out $1,500
  • $20,000 volume pays out $2,100
  • $30,000 volume pays out $3,000
  • $60,000 volume pays out $4,500

The 3X10 Forced Matrix Commissions

This is a commission based on the mobile app sales volume within your organisation. This pays out 5% on each level of your downline and the higher your rank, the deeper levels you will earn on. This is all tracked through a 3X10 forced matrix which is illustrated below.

3X10 Forced Matrix

The end result is a 10 level downline with 88, 572 positions being filled in total and the potential to earn 5% on every sale taking place within that downline. See chart.

Builder Bonus

Whenever one of your personal referrals reach Director status this pays you a commission​. See chart.

Bonus Pools

There is a chairman and executive chairman pool and they are both made up of 1% of the total company revenue. You must be in that rank to receive that bonus and how much you earn here depends entirely on the companies global revenue and how many other affiliates are eligible for this.

What I Liked

  • Product people want and will happily spend $12.95 for if it's as good as they say
  • ​Company provides detailed compensation material to the public
  • You must have 5 retail customers to be elgible for commissions
  • Potentially lucrative compensation plan

What I Didn't Like

  • Seems as though they primarily teach the warm market strategy, I'm not a fan
  • Difficult to tell how good the discounts really are at this point

Final Thoughts​

From what I can see, this could be a decent company to get in with IF the discount membership is as good as they are saying. It's not going to be hard to give people a free membership and if it's giving them awesome savings, they will naturally pay for it the next month which nets you a commission. I'm not saying it will be easy to make tons of money, but having a good product makes all the difference.

It is no secret that the mlm model is somewhat controversial, I won't sugar coat it. Determining how legitimate a company is really comes down to how much emphasis they place on recruiting throughout the marketing and compensation material, and what percentage of sales is coming from genuine customers as oppose to just affiliates. If you are concerned, this is where to look.

From what I could see, they do place a good emphasis on the membership and they do have a retail customer qualifier for earning commissions. David never emphasised the "get rich quick" mentality either which was something I liked. All things considered, I think they could be a potentially decent company. If the product really is that awesome, then there will be plenty of genuine customers snapping up memberships as time progresses.

If you are loving the membership and want to share it with those you know, you could no doubt make a part-time income on the side. To create a full time income though, you will probably want to venture beyond your warm market. Whatever you decide, I hope this review has given you some worthwhile insights to make a more informed decision about joining!


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