Now Lifestyle Review- Is This a Life Changing Business Opportunity or a Big Scam?

Updated: July 18, 2018

Live, love and laugh your way to an incredible lifestyle, because life is one big party!

At least, that’s Now Lifestyle’s motto. While this does sound pretty cool, you might be wondering if it’s just too good to be true.

If so, you’re not alone.

In this review, I’ll show you what this company is all about, to help you decide if it’s a genuine business opportunity or a scam.

Now Lifestyle Review

Now Lifestyle ( is a multi level marketing company that operates within the health and wellness space.

The founder and CEO of the company is Joel Therien.

Joel Therien CEO Now Lifestyle

Joel has launched a number of mlm companies over the years. Such as the 7 Minute Workout, Pure Leverage and most recently, Got Backup.

Now Lifestyle is his latest program, which launched in February of 2017.

Joel also owns a company called Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO Inc), which sells web hosting, email marketing services and other internet marketing tools.

Interestingly, both companies operate from the SAME address in San Antonio, Texas.

Here’s the GVO headquarters:

GVO Headquarters

Now here is the Now Lifestyle headquarters:

Now Lifestyle Headquarters


On one hand, you’ve got a tech company running a ‘world class data center’. On the other hand, you’ve got a health and wellness company operating a gym. All under the same roof!

After looking into this further, it appears as though Joel is actually running BOTH companies at this location.

In any case, I think it’s a bit strange to have a gym and a web hosting company at the same place. But whatever works for him I guess!

Now Lifestyle Product Line

The Now Lifestyle product line essentially fits into three main categories:

  • The ‘Now Body’ ‘health and wellness membership program
  • Nutrition supplements
  • Business Automation Tools

Read on to see what each of these products are about in more detail.

Now Body Health and Wellness Membership

The ‘Now Body’ health and wellness membership gives you access to over 800 workout videos produced by Joel Therien. Along with a customized workout routine specific to your ‘fit profile’.

You can create your fit profile as a free member, by answering various questions about your health. For example, questions about your fitness and weight loss goals, experience level and what equipment you have access to etc.

As a free member, you receive your first customized 10 day routine and the ability to track your food intake and activity each week. However, if you want your full workout routine, you need to upgrade your account. Which costs $24.97 per month for up to five family members.

So is this a legit membership or what?

I’m not a health and wellness expert, nor have I tried this program. So I can’t say for sure either way. But I did some research into this program to help you decide.

The point I want to make is about the workout method itself. Apparently, each workout takes you no longer than 7 minutes and you only need to do three workouts per week.

Certainly sounds good, but does it work?

Well it turns out Joel did not develop the ‘7 minute workout’ concept.

This style of training was actually pioneered by Chris Jordan over 10 years ago, who released the official 7 Minute Workout App in 2014. Jordan’s program was originally featured by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2013. And later featured by the New York Times, Huffington Post and Business Insider among others.

There’s no shortage of skeptics, but it’s safe to say the concept itself does have merit. Just how similar Joel Therien’s program is to Chris Jordan’s program however, is unclear.

In any case, Joel’s pretty confident about what he’s offering:

Now Lifestyle is a health and wellness program that will help us eliminate obesity, diabetes and heart disease completely from this planet

I love the enthusiasm, but that’s a bold claim.

I guess the best way to know for sure is to try out the free membership. If you like what you see and get results with that, then maybe try out the paid membership.

Nutrition Supplement Line

The company also sells nutritional supplements. Such as protein powder, energy capsules and intestinal health capsules.

The official pricing is not disclosed on the website, since only members can purchase these products.

Marketing Automation Tools

Jumbled in with the above products, are some marketing automation tools.

The first of these tools is an autoresponder. This is a vital tool for most online businesses. Since it allows you to send follow up emails to leads and generate more sales as a result. Potentially many more sales over time.

An autoresponder is part of GVO’s core product offering, so Now Lifestyle is almost certainly ‘plugging in’ to that. I haven’t used their autoresponder myself, so I can’t say for sure how good it is (or isn’t).

As a free member, you can add up to 10 subscribers to your email list. As a paid member, you can add up to 5,000 subscribers.

The second tool is the lead capture system. As a free member, it’s pretty well useless. As a ‘reseller’ however, it’s a potentially useful tool for promoting Now Lifestyle. Since you get ‘ready made’ landing pages and a more comprehensive autoresponder setup.

The third tool is a template builder. This tool allows you to create your own capture pages from scratch using their drag and drop editor.

All up, this costs $24.97 per month, which is not that expensive all things considered.

The Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan

Now Lifestyle is a multi level marketing company, which means you can earn money on both direct sales, and by recruiting people. The idea is to use the products yourself, and create a ‘lifestyle business’ by sharing them with others.

Here’s how the business opportunity and compensation plan works in more detail…

Becoming a Reseller

As a reseller, you are qualified to promote Now Lifestyle and you are given the ‘reseller tools’ to help you do this.

These tools comprise of email swipes, banner ads, and a number of pre-made capture pages among other things. Becoming a reseller costs $24.97 per month, however, you must purchase the products you want to promote first.

Product and Reseller Pricing

When you do the math, this brings the total cost of becoming a reseller to $74.91.

However, there is an ‘grand opening special’ that gives you everything for $50 per month, which is likely what the majority of people do.

Ways To Earn Money With Now Lifestyle

There are three main ways you can earn within this compensation plan as I’ll now explain.

Direct Commissions

These commission payouts are based on any sales you personally make. Whatever your direct referrals buy through your affiliate link, you will earn a 50% commission on.

Matching Bonus

Whatever your direct referrals earn themselves in a given month, you earn a 50% commission on.

For example, if your direct referrals recruited 20 people for the month between them, who each paid the $50 to become a member, you’d earn $500 for that month.

Binary Commissions

The company operates on a binary compensation plan.

A binary model places an affiliate at the top of their downline, and a maximum of two affiliates directly under them, and so on.

This means you have a ‘left leg’ and a ‘right leg’ in your downline, which continues infinite levels deep. Every reseller you bring into this company, and anyone they bring in, must be placed somewhere within your left or right downline leg.

The way you earn from this downline model is through ‘cycles’ as shown below:

Binary Downline Cycles

Each time you recruit four people into one leg, and two people into another leg, you earn a cycle. Your ‘four referrals’ come from your stronger leg (power leg), and your ‘two referrals’ come from your weaker leg (pay leg).

Each cycle pays out up to $20, and the maximum payout from this income stream is $20k per month. By reaching this figure, you are positioned on top of your existing organization. From there, you can continue earning from what you’ve already built, and an entirely new set of referrals.

In order to qualify for this income stream, you must personally refer two people (one on each leg) and continue to bring one new referral in directly each month, until you reach six. As long as you maintain six referrals in your downline, that’s all you need to do to stay qualified from then on.

You also need to maintain your $24.95 per month marketing tools service to qualify.

Commissions on Now Lifestyle ‘Ascension Products’

In addition to the previously explained products and payouts, there are also ‘backend products’ that you can buy and/ or earn from.

There are three backend products in total:

  • Email Marketing Mastery for $497
  • Nowbody Certification for $2,997
  • Now Lifestyle Seminar Retreat for $14,997

The commissions on these are 50% for direct sales and 5% for any sales your referrals make. I’m not sure if you need to buy these to qualify to promote them, because the compensation plan doesn’t clarify this.

Verdict- Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

I don’t think Now Lifestyle is a scam. However, I am personally not a huge fan of the MLM model in general, because in some cases these companies aren’t as legit as they appear.

In this case, the wellness membership looks legit enough. I personally don’t think $24.97 per month for five people is a bad deal considering what you get, and you can try it for free to see if you like it. But again, I haven’t done the workout program so I can’t say how good, or bad, it really is.

The marketing tools are tools you could use to build your business, so I think $24.97 per month reasonable for what you get. However I’d personally rather use the tools I already use, because I know they are high quality and I don’t need to promote Now Lifestyle to use them.

As far as the business opportunity goes, you can potentially earn good money online this way, by building a sizeable downline. However, there is a strong emphasis placed on recruiting as opposed to selling retail products to non-affiliates. And the line is a bit blurry between genuine retail products and the business opportunity from what I’ve seen.

I’m also a bit wary about the high ticket products in the backend too (to the tune of almost $15k). I mean, if the quality of the actual products is there, good and well. High prices obviously doesn’t make something a scam.

But if the whole thing is really about recruiting people and pressuring them into buying overpriced products, just so affiliates can make more money, then it’s a different story.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review helps you make a more informed decision either way.

10 thoughts on “Now Lifestyle Review- Is This a Life Changing Business Opportunity or a Big Scam?”

    • I imagine you would have to contact the company itself, Sharon:


      Also, they have a refund policy here which may help you out:


  1. Pyramid Scam Pretty Clear they want to keep recruiting new people to pay older members. Classic Nasty Cringy videos too fool people through greed. Gross…
    Completely Unethical….

  2. Ok you Morons, the reason it is the same building is, that Joel Therien own’s both businesses!! Joel has the owner of GVO for years and has been very successful, unlike both of you. Then he got involved in the fitness industry, probably because most noticed his amazing physique (I know I did being a personal trainer). Since Joel has business awareness, he realized the huge money that can be made from the Health & Fitness Industry and restructured his businesses to this area. Of course he still has his tech companies and the health and fitness company, operating in the building that he OWNS, as he is a multi-millionaire….unlike this guy writing this biased review, not knowing what he is talking about, only to ram ‘The Wealthy Affiliate’ down your throat, doing a ‘Bait & Switch’, so you can be a sucker to sign up under him, to make him money. I’m not affiliated with either company, but I have huge respect for Joel and what he has achieved and I most likely will join “Now Life Style”, very soon. Here is a webinar with Joel in the back ground at the same GVO and NLS building, notice the GVO logo….duh he owns both companies. All you have to do is do a name search, the guy is famous!! [link removed] Don’t bother spamming me!!

    • I know he owns both businesses, no one is disputing this. My point is simply that I found this a bit odd is all, how he has the same building on two separate sites, using two different logos.

      Just because a review points out some negative points (like any good review should) doesn’t mean it’s biased. I never said it was a scam or that people shouldn’t join, I published what I believe is a fair review.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • “how he has the same building on two separate sites, using two different logos” simple… 2 different businesses operating under the same roof for different targets…people who join NLS don’t need to know anything about GVO to build their business and vice-versa, so as far as they are concerned they don’t need to know how many companies there are in the same building, but to know if the business itself is legit and have an office.

        At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if the same building holds 1,2,3,4… businesses/companies, but if any of these businesses are solid & legal as 1… and that’s the case. I respect a lot Joel even if at this time I’m not affiliate in any of his products, but I’m thinking on that again…because so far he was the only CEO that really was there for his clients in every business he owns and he is always doing his best for the company/affiliates he own.

        And the truth is this, he is one of the few leaders that still runs the same company for years, constantly improves products/brands and compensation plans like a successful CEO should do.

        Btw the gym that exists on his building, is mostly for him (he bought the machines so he could exercise during his work without leaving his office) and his employees , not for general public… so you wont’ have general public going to the gym and playing with the servers..

        Just my 2 cents.

    • you’re totally delusional, Joel Therien is a scam artist, and I know this because I bought all the products and he stole my downline from one of his best friends altered the system and put my downline under hiim, and I have proof lol, already filed a complaint with the FTC, not only did he close my account on his site, he also stole my commissions, doesn’t matter if hes famous or not, FRAUD is FRAUD

  3. Oh wow. Look at what they did to that building. Is it the GVO building or the Now Lifestyle building and now that they’ve made me think about it, do they even own that building? Because if they could put the Now Lifestyle logo on that building then they could do the same with the GVO logo. Would have been more believable if they’d left it at GVO. Did they think that no one would notice?

    I just found the same building on Google Maps without any logos on it. But the maps image is from 2013 so I can’t say for sure that it’s not their building.

    • Yeah it doesn’t leave me a lot of confidence in either business really. There’s no way I’d want my site hosted at GVO after knowing that their ‘data center’ doubles as a gym lol. Imagine rocking up to what you thought was the GVO HQ and you see the Now Lifestyle logo. It’s odd at best.


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