My Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Review

In this Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review I’m going to break down the key differences so you can work out which option is better for you. I’ve been a member of both platforms and like anything there are pros and cons with both.

What Affilorama Has To Offer

First up you may want to check out my Affilorama review on this website for some additional info.

Essentially this is a good platform delivering good value to people wanting to learn affiliate marketing. I like how they stand out as providing quality when there are so many useless programs on the market, it’s nice to see.

There’s nothing particularly pushy or overhyped about this platform and what you are buying will deliver value. I’m going to break down the main products on the inside and what they contain to give you a better idea of what to expect.

The Free Membership

This has some really useful information in bite sized videos along with text to educate people at no cost. I really think if you do nothing else, use this free resource as a way to learn some great stuff.

You won’t learn the exact steps to start an online business here though as it is more general in nature, you’ll need a premium membership for that.

The Premium Membership

The good news here is you can try this for only $1 for 30 days to test it out and see what you think. The full price is $67 per month which I am yet to be convinced is entirely worth that much.

There is some good stuff included though such as a monthly in depth PDF covering each step of starting an online business. It is drip fed to you so you’ll have to stay a member longer if you’re ready for the next step.Girl reading massive book

It is a massive read though so I don’t know how quick you’ll get through it anyway.

There are about 19 videos as well in the members area, 9 of which are on product creation. In my opinion product creation is totally not something you’d be into as  a newbie Internet marketer and I don’t remember anywhere being told this would take up most of the videos.

There are also some videos worth watching like traffic generation, outsourcing and other useful topics.

As a premium member you also get access to hosting for up to 15 of your websites and ‘AffiloTools’.


AffiloTools is not bad although after doing some more testing since my main Affilorama review I don’t really think as highly. It is useful yes, and it is also included in the monthly fee but it has some flaws in my opinion.AffiloTools

I don’t like the keyword research tool I think it is very average and the rank checker to see what you are ranking for in the search engines is pretty basic, in fact it seems to only half work. It took forever to load up my ranking (hours) and when it did about 60% of the data was missing. I also think that a lot of what you can do with it can be done with Google Analytics or other free programs.

It’s not bad but I don’t think it’s great either, it is in Beta mode though so maybe it will improve.


This was not working for some reason when I was a member, no idea what’s going on there.

The Forum

Good idea and miles ahead of most programs online, but it is a bit under active. People are commenting and getting answers but only by a couple of different staff from what I could see.

While it is good to have that kind of support, and the staff seem knowledgable, it is not a robust community of active entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a free member or premium you get access to the same forum, so don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

To me the sales material led me to believe I was getting access to a ‘private forum’ but I could not see this anywhere, only the main one.

So it’s good but as you’ll see not great in comparison to what WA offers in terms of a community.

The Good And Bad Summed Up

Let’s sum up my thoughts on the good and bad bits of Affilorama…

The Good

  • Quality platform
  • Useful training
  • Decent support
  • Ok tools
  • Try for free
  • All round there’s definitely value to be had despite some of the flaws

The Bad

  • It’s a bit overpriced
  • Up-sells that should be included in membership such as AffiloBlueprint
  • A bit confusing to know where to start exactly
  • The training is not date stamped and some of it is clearly outdated like where you are told to focus on back linking. Hard to know what is ok and what may be outdated
  • They associate themselves with known guru’s that have ripped people off over and over again
  • There’s a limit on the hosting to 15 websites
  • Promote the use of PLR (pre-written) articles… this is just a bad idea and is just being lazy. If your business is worth anything, write yourself.

How Wealthy Affiliate Stacks Up

Wealthy Affiliate is what I personally use these days and is definitely my favourite platform, it has helped me build an online business and finally start making money online starting from a total newbie.

Wealthy Affiliate members area

For a start you are only paying $47 per month and getting a way better, more up to date and more comprehensive training platform for this money. The training is just a lot better, more easy to follow since most of it is in video form, not some 158 page PDF and you can be certain it is current since it is all date stamped and regularly updated.

This is important because with each Google algorithm update you’ll want to make sure you know what you are doing so you are not sandboxed by following outdated SEO techniques. This is actually super important.

The community is the real key to what makes Wealthy Affiliate great.

This is by far the most interactive and engaging community you will ever find online for Internet marketing.

Any time I need help, I get it… and fast.

Tech support that responds within 5 minutes every single time (in my experience), Kyle the owner has responded personally to my annoying private messages several times along with Nathaniell, the guy that recommended me into WA. I can’t say enough about how important good mentoring is and this is exactly what you get here. There’s always someone posting something cool, interesting and most of all something worth learning in the community on a daily basis.

The Good

  • You can start for free with a ton of value, not just general information
  • Updated and very comprehensive training
  • Training is a lot more consumable and easy to work through as oppose to Affilorama’s huge PDF style training
  • An advanced website builder included along with unlimited hosting
  • A vibrant community of entrepreneurs eager to help you
  • Personal coaching
  • Keyword research tool included
  • A lot of useful tools
  • Weekly LIVE webinars where you can engage with
  • Very much a no up-sell platform where the owners are in this to help people, not grab every dollar they can

The Bad

  • You may be overwhelmed by the amount of information and engagement within the community
  • I’m really struggling to think of anything else here so please comment below if you think of something

One Last Point

One last point I think is worth putting out there is about the AffiloTools. Some might argue that the reason the membership is more expensive at $67 is because you are getting these website tools… fair call and I thought that myself.


After learning what I have I have concluded that yes that does bring the value of Affilorama’s membership up, but if we are comparing let me say this…

The keyword research tool you get with Wealthy Affiliate is better, and it is part of your premium membership for $47 p/m. If you want something with a little more juice, there’s Jaaxy for and extra $19 per month. This is a separate program and was built by the same founders of WA, Kyle and Carson.


Jaaxy is miles ahead of AffiloTools in my opinion and the total of both WA premium and Jaxxy comes to $66 which is less than Affilorama. Jaxxy simply works better, is more user friendly and is just plain cool to use. You can do keyword research, check what you’re ranking for and see what the competition is up to… it’s all there.

There are some features in AffiloTools that Jaaxy doesn’t cover but nothing that can’t be done for free with other tools such as Google Analytics etc. I would rather use Google Analytics for anything Jaaxy doesn’t do since it is by far the best and most advanced analytics tool online, and it’s totally free.

The Clear Winner

Wealthy Affiliate wins this battle hands down in my opinion, but Affilorama is still a great option to consider. Let me know your experience with these platforms and which platform you think is best below, I’d love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Review”

  1. Oh yeah… WA really beats Affilorama at every point. Just compare the size of their communities 450K+ WA vs 150K+ Affilorama.

    • Hi Kirill, yeah the community is definitely bigger and more active in WA hands down. It also has a lot of genuinely helpful and successful people adding value and answering questions which I have found very helpful. Thanks for your input

  2. Hi Tim,
    I’ve been a member of both. I started with Affilorama a couple years ago and think you summed it up nicely. A little pricey for some slightly outdated affiliate marketing methods. And there’s not as great a sense of community. Wealthy Affiliates has helped me to rocket launch my website and learning about how affiliate marketing works.
    Great article. I hope lots of people learn from your reviews.

    • Hi Alyssa,

      Thanks for sharing your insights with us and it’s good to know I was on the mark with my review. It does have value but Wealthy Affiliate is miles ahead in pretty much every way. Plus it is constantly evolving and being added to. Everything is up to date and the community is massive and very helpful. Cheers and all the best at WA 🙂

  3. Hi Tim, Great comparison. I’ve been researching both of these programs but became really frustrated with Affilorama because it is not easy to find out exactly what is included in the start up membership.

    Wealthy Affiliate was much easier to navigate and find the information I needed. I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a go a) because you can build and host 2 websites for free FOREVER (that’s amazing!) and b) because if I decide to upgrade the price difference is quite significant and the inclusions from Affilorama do not justify paying more.

    Thanks again for your reviews… you have confirmed what I was already thinking!

    • Hi Kim,

      You’ve confirmed what I was thinking too lol! It really is a bit of a mess when you get in there you are left wondering where on earth you should be going to learn what you want t o learn… Plus to me the premium membership was very average, no where near as good as Wealthy Affiliate. You are drip fed 100+ pages PDF’s that are who knows how old and outdated and who want to sit and read all of that, with WA you have everything broken down into nice lessons that are easy to follow and have tutorial videos to compliment.

      WA is more up to date, costs less, has a way better and bigger community and just all round has more to offer. I would be pretty surprised if anyone has tried both and would genuinely say otherwise.

      Thanks Kim

  4. Hi Tim!

    I almost signed up for Affilorama. It was not until I realised that Affilorama has too many upsells. I inquired to them about the money back guarantee and I got the email reply 1 week later – too bad for them I already found Wealthy Affiliate. LOL. I am not looking back anymore. One of Mark Ling’s free lessons advises you to find a blueprint and give it a chance to work – I am following his advise, but this time, by giving chance to WA lessons to work. LOL

    • Hi Pitin,

      Yeah it’s one of those things that once you find Wealthy Affiliate you’re not going to be overly keen on other platforms. It isn’t that they don’t provide value but that WA just wins every time.

      I’m glad you’re moving forward and have found a good way to build an online business, good work and keep moving forward, cheers!

  5. Tried free memberships for both. Affilorama videos were good. But too much promotion for the affilojetpack, I think. Wasn’t all too happy with the price too considering that it will all be laid out for you (just a bit of customization on your part, but I wondered since there would be very similar sites out there if they bought affilijetpack too). I liked the WA platform better. You learn in sequence and the community support is truly valuable. Got to build my own site from scratch! 🙂

  6. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the detailed comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama. I’ve been a free member in Affilorama before I eventually became a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Affilorama is quite pricey and the fact that they mislead people with some of their outdated trainings kinds of frustrates me. Since we are paying such a high price every month, everyone has the rights to learn the right thing not something’s that may have worked in the past both not now. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best training platforms in the internet for anyone who wants to start an online business.

  7. Hi Tim,
    Had a lot of fun reading your comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Affilomora. It is tough to try to compare anything to Wealthy Affiliate, simply of the fact of all the pros and the vast community. I have been a member for only three months and every day I login to Wealthy Affiliate it is as if , am at home, because everyone is so positive and helpful, including the owners Kyle and Carson.
    Yours Truly,

    • I agree Carlton, once I joined this platform everything else really seems second grade or too expensive in comparison. I know that probably sounds like I’m trying to make Wealthy Affiliate sound good but it really is how I feel about it.

      I think the main 2 things I have narrowed down that stand out as winners, the up to date training and the community. Nowhere else seems to rival those two main things from what I have found.

      All the best with everything Carlton!

  8. HI Tim
    Although I haven’t heard about Affilorama yet, I’m glad I found your Review. You know how these programs always seem to find their way to us and because I already read your review, I will remember it when I do come across them.
    I think after one has joined Wealthy Affiliate, there is little or no other program that can satisfy, don’t you agree?

    • Hi Linda, glad I could help. I have to say I agree. That’s why I try and stay as objective as possible because everything else seems to come in at second to WA. Even though I know most programs aren’t better I still like to give my readers an honest look at the program, there may be something about it that they prefer. Cheers

  9. I was a member of Affilorama some time ago, I thought it would help me stay on top of the latest methods and techniques for marketing. I am now an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that WA wins every time. I found Affilorama a bit out of date too and like you say, the idea of using PLR articles for content is a bit lazy and a bit old school.


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