My Review Of The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is one of the most important tools I use online. Period.

I use Jaaxy on a daily basis because it helps me get results. A big part of why I have been able to drive 10,000’s of free organic traffic to my site each and every month is because of this ONE tool.

Pay close attention as I show you exactly why I’m such a big fan and to see how it can help you get epic results online.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Jaaxy is a powerful research tool that helps you get your website content ranking on page 1 of the search results and reveals profitable niche ideas in seconds.

If you are interested in making money with a website, then understanding the right keywords to target is absolutely critical to your success.

Why? It means the difference between getting your content ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and not. The more content you can get on page 1, the more visitors you’ll get to your site and the more money you will make as a result.

I’ll show you why I use this tool exclusively for my websites and how you can use this tool to find the lowest competition and most profitable keywords and niche ideas online.

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Important Concepts To Understand

The first thing I want to do is quickly explain what a niche and keyword is so you get what I am talking about throughout this article.

Niche: The simplest and most relevant way to think of this is this: a niche is just a group of people searching for stuff online.

That’s it!​ Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s important to choose a niche because trying to ‘sell to everyone’ attracts too much competition and will take way too long to get you results. It’s just not a smart way to go.

Learn more about choosing a niche here.

Keyword: This is just a search term that someone types into a search engine like Google. For example, if I typed in “how to lose weight in 30 days” into Google, that is a keyword. This tool is going to help you get your website showing up when someone types something into Google, meaning you’ll get free visitors to your site. Not just free, very high quality.

Learn more about keywords here.

7 Reasons Why I Love Using Jaaxy

I use the Jaaxy keyword research tool on a regular basis for my websites and I have been seeing some pretty incredible results so far. I started out with the free version but after about a month I decided I just had to have it. After using it for a couple of months, I don’t know what I ever did without it.

The following points will give you some insight into why I’m a fan and what to expect after buying.

#1 Finding Profitable Niche Ideas Is Way Easier

Finding a profitable niche is made a whole lot easier with Jaaxy. I mean, a heck of a lot easier and quicker. Some of the crazy niche ideas I’ve come up with after drilling down with this tool is insane. If I could implant what I know in your brain, you would agree wholeheartedly that there’s not just a ton of opportunity online, there’s WAY too many awesome niche ideas to possibly take on yourself within one lifetime.

Jaaxy simply ‘uncovers’ those niche ideas in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The funny thing is, when I first started Internet marketing I thought that everything was just too competitive and everything had been thought of. But I laugh about that now… I could not possibly have been more wrong!

Quick Example​

In order to do effective niche research you just need to start with a broad niche idea and drill down from there. I personally use a free resource like Amazon to come up with ideas.

Amazon Niche Selection Method

I started with the broad niche of ‘home and garden’ and then I drilled down into ‘patio, lawn and garden’ as you can see above, the one circled in red. From there I came up with the idea of ‘water features’… why not? After all, pretty much any niche has the potential to create an income stream.

I then plugged in the general term ‘water features’ into Jaaxy. I was able to come up with a huge list of relevant keywords and was able to pinpoint a very nice keyword to use for my niche.

Jaaxy Niche Research

The dashboard is easy to use and really intuitive so you can see which keywords are worth targeting and which are not quite easily. I’ll explain what each different metric means shortly.

You can also identify which domain names are available to get an ‘Exact Match Domain’ name. These domains can potentially rank a lot easier in some circumstances, provided you are delivering valuable content of course.

Since I chose ‘water features for the garden’ as my primary keyword to target as you can see above, my exact match domain name would be You don’t have to choose a matching domain, not at all. This is just a feature I wanted to point out so you know what it’s all about.

The bottom line is, this tool is very powerful and easy to use in discovering an awesome and targeted niche. It shows you the potential and the competition in one easy to understand dashboard.

#2 Simple and Effective Keyword Research

Doing keyword research with Jaaxy is super simple and you can trust you are accessing reliable and comprehensive data. Knowing which keywords to target can literally make or break your business online, without a reliable tool you are leaving a lot to chance.

Here’s the dashboard you will see after doing a search…

Jaaxy Keyword Research Example

There are 5 main metrics you will be given to analyse after punching in a keyword. I’ll go through them briefly so you know what they mean.

Avg (average searches per month): How many people on average are searching for a particular keyword and not just on Google. This takes into account all of the relevant search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Few other tools do this effectively and it’s a very worthwhile feature since you are getting much more accurate data to run your campaigns off. Google does own the lions share of users, but Bing and Yahoo account for a good chunk of search traffic so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Traffic: This is an estimate on how much traffic you could expect to get on average if you were ranking on page one. I personally don’t bother too much about this but it’s cool to have there all the same.

QSR (Quotes Search Results): This is the most important element to consider because it tells you exactly how many websites are directly competing for this keyword. Anything under 300 is considered worth going after and generally won’t be too hard to rank for.

KQI (keyword quality indicator): This takes into account a range of factors to deliver you with a quick look at how worthwhile a particular keyword is. Green is awesome, yellow is ok and red is not the best keyword to target.

SEO (search engine optimisation): This is based on the nature of the keyword, competition, traffic and the keyword quality. This gives you an idea how well and how quickly it will rank in the search engines. I aim for keywords that score 80 or higher on this metric.

Give it a whirl and see what you come up with for free by typing in a keyword below:

#3 Discover Which Keywords You and Your Competitors Rank For

This is really cool and I have to admit I have spent way too much time here! This allows you to punch in a keyword and a web address of your choosing to see how it is ranking right now. You can check back on this regularly (I don’t recommend this lol) and see how you’ve progressed because it keeps track.

The reason this is useful is because if you just search yourself Google will often deliver location and interest based results among other things. So, this feature shows you exactly what a standard Google user will see when they type in that keyword.

The other cool thing about this is you can effectively ‘spy’ on competing websites to see what keywords they are ranking for. This can definitely come in handy.

#4 Next Level Idea Generation

Coming up with good niche and keyword ideas can be a tedious and time consuming task at the best of times, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing. Jaaxy simplifies this process by giving you three unique tools. You’ll end up with so many actionable ideas you’re next problem will be choosing which one to start with. But that’s a pretty good problem to have!

The Alphabet Soup Technique

If I wanted to come up with an idea for a blog post or niche I just plug in a broad keyword into this tool and I instantly get a list of hundreds of ideas to choose from. This is an insanely valuable and time saving feature. It allows you to instantly come up with a ton of ideas that people are searching for in relation to your broad keyword.

The following picture shows me using this for the previous example of ‘water feature’. I was able to generate over a dozen targeted keyword ideas just for the letter ‘a’. It gives you results all the way through the alphabet within seconds.

Alphabet Soup Technique


This feature automatically comes up with related ideas as you conduct your usual keyword research and allows you to save it in a list for later. This helps you to come up with and keep track of future keyword and niche ideas so you’re never running out of keywords to target.


This is a feature that shows you the current trends online updated constantly which gives you even more ideas for campaigns. Getting insight into what is hot right now can be an incredibly powerful way to build a niche site and get tons of targeted traffic quickly.

The newer the topic, the less people will have written content about it, meaning you will get ranked WAY quicker.

#5 Domain Flipping Potential

Having such a powerful niche and keyword research tool at your disposal, and one that actively shows you available domain names, allows you to make a profitable business off buying and selling good Exact Match Domains (EMD). Those are the ones I mentioned earlier.

For example, you could buy a high traffic/ low competition EMD for $10 and build a basic site with some relevant content on it. Once you get it ranking (quite quickly if you do things correctly) you can then sell it for a nice profit on a website selling platform like

Believe it or not people make a really good living doing just this. It’s not something I am personally into right now, but this is just another cool way this tool can work for you.

#6 Comprehensive Video Training & Bonus Downloads

When you create a Jaaxy Pro account you get a series of in depth videos made by the founders (millionaire internet marketers) that walk you through the process of doing effective keyword research and choosing a profitable niche. I personally found these to be really helpful when I was first getting into this and I know most of you reading this will also.

You also get 3 bonus downloads which will help you to hit the ground running and help you get maximum results moving forward.

The screenshot below is what you get after upgrading to Pro:

Welcome Bonuses

#7 Very Affordable On Any Budget

I’m someone who bootstrapped my entire online business from scratch.

So for me, getting access to such an incredible and essential tool for only $19 per month was awesome. I love that you don’t need to spend $1000’s to get epic results and scale your business to profit.

I recommend you try it for free so you can test it out without even needing a credit card. If you like it, then sign up for a Pro or Enterprise account depending on your needs. I personally only use the Pro version and it’s all you need. The Enterprise option is cool and I may shell out for this at some point, but you absolutely don’t need it.

Anyway, check out the membership options below:
Jaaxy Membership Options Price

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan. Jaaxy is one of the best tools I’ve purchased online and I’ll continue using it well into the future. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably wish you’d been using this much sooner!

Using Jaaxy means discovering the best niches possible and generating tons of quality, targeted traffic to your website for free.

Create Your FREE Jaaxy Account Here

No matter how good any tool is though, you still need to learn the fundamental skills of website marketing. More importantly, you need to take massive action on what you learn!

If you want to learn all about website building, writing the best content and making money from your site, check out my top rated training program here.

6 thoughts on “My Review Of The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Agreed your re review about Jaxxy. I’ve just started a free trial account with Jaxxy. Though it doesn’t have the full features, it’s already quite good enough to help making up my mind what I should write for my blog every time. Basically I just need to spend less than 5 minutes to do a simple keyword search, then I can identify the topic for the day. Before that, I may scratch my head for more than an hour, still no direction what to do. I’ll definitely upgrade to Pro when my 30 searches are done.

    Thanks for your sharing


    • Awesome Louis, I honestly don’t know what I ever did without it now lol! You CAN do things the free way (adwords, bing, etc.) but the data isn’t as reliable overall and and it takes way longer. The more quality blog posts you can publish each week the more potential money you’re going to make in your niche so I think it really pays for itself after a while. It’s definitely been a strong factor in the doubling of my traffic each month.

      Most of all though success with blogging/ affiliate marketing with a website is about persistence and writing content that genuinely helps people in your niche. Jaxxy just makes the process of keyword research more effective and efficient.

      Cheers Louis and all the best with your website!

  2. This is a very interesting insight you have given on the Jaaxy Pro. I am still new and am using the free version. What you have shown are some of the things I wasn’t familiar with.
    Guess you can do a lot more when you join in the Jaaxy Pro. And the bonuses can be very helpful if you have difficulty deciding on a niche.
    Good to know that you can build up a website and then sell it.
    Overall you have given a good review on Jaaxy Pro.

    • Hi Vijay glad I was able to shed some light on Jaaxy for you. I think it’s definately worth upgrading to if your finances allow for it. The more serious about your business you get the more you will gravitate towrads this and start getting even better results. Thanks for commenting and all the best!

  3. Hello here, thanks for introducing Jaaxy, a powerful keyword research tool. It is not just for keywords. It has a lot more options such as we can see ranking results for websites and particular blogs.
    What I like about Jaaxy, that this tool saves time. The time is most valuable asset, which can not be saved or bought.
    Keyword research tool is must have one because without analysis we can not decide which particular word or few of them are on demand now.
    We can use Google, but it is long and time consuming job.
    You did comprehensive job, showing best qualities of Jaaxy.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Hi Nemira, couldn’t agree more time is a very valuable asset and Jaaxy really helps you maximise your efforts. The other thing about just using Google is you’re only getting results based on one search engine. Jaaxy allows you to pull data from all of the major search engines which is very valuable. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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