Money Chaser Review: Is a Legit Money Making Site or Big Scam?

The Money Chaser website (located at claims to be the #1 influencer network, that pays you $5 to $10 for every friend you invite.

Apparently, all you need to do is share your referral link and you’ll earn $500 today!

Sounds cool, but is it legit?

No. Unfortunately, this site is not legitimate and is not a real way to make money online. And in this review, I am going to explain exactly why I say this.


1.) What is Money Chaser? Money Chaser is a new site that claims to be an influencer network. In reality, it’s a fake referral program that never actually pays you.

2.) Who is running the website? The website does not disclose who is behind it, and the domain was registered anonymously. So literally anyone could be running this from anywhere in the world.

3.) Is it really free to join? Yes. The site is free to join and there are no costs involved in sharing your referral link, which is why sites like this go viral so quickly.

4.) How do you get paid? According to the website, you get paid when people click on your referral link and also if they go on to create a free account. However, nobody ever gets paid when it comes time to withdraw their earnings.

5.) Is Money Chaser a scam? Yes. Money Chaser is a scam and the reason I say this is because no one ever gets paid. One of the main reasons I know this, is because it is virtually identical to similar known scams I have exposed- this is just the latest version.

6.) Similar programs: Swag Pay, Notion Cash, Kids Earn Cash, KashTree.

Money Chaser Review

I’ve seen a lot of these sites over the years of running this blog, and they’re always the same, just “packaged” a little differently.

In this case, we have a website called Money Chaser that claims to pay you $2 for ever click you receive on your referral link and $10 for every person who signs up. Members Area

It sounds simple and there’s a bunch of testimonial videos of people claiming they’re making money. And since it’s free to join, many people take the chance and signup.

At this point, if you share your link on social media and so forth, it looks like you’re earning. Because the “money” goes up in your back office.

So people continue sharing their links.

Which is why this goes viral so quickly. Because it’s free and everything seems to be going well.

That is… until you try to withdraw your earnings!

This is when the reality hits that you’ve been scammed. Not to mention, unknowingly helped spread the scam all over social media.

I don’t expect you to just take my word for it though.

So in the next section, I am going to explain how this works in more detail. And then I am going to break down the reasons why it’s not legitimate, so you can decide for yourself.

How It Works

To get started with Money Chaser, you first need to create your free account. Which is a matter of providing your name and email, and choosing a username and password.

Upon joining, you are given a $25 welcome bonus and your own unique referral link. Which is a link that you can share via text, email, social media (wherever) to begin “earning” from clicks and referrals.

Once you have generated $100 or more in commissions, you can apply to withdraw your money. At which point you are strung along for weeks and nothing happens.

There’s also a “task wall” with tasks you can complete that supposedly pay out $30 or more per task. But unfortunately these are not real tasks.

Instead, they are trial offers that require you to submit your personal information and a valid credit card to signup for.

At best, this is not a real way to earn money completing tasks. It’s a way to signup (and pay) for trial offers that ultimately end up costing you time and money.

At worst, this could lead to identity theft and credit card fraud. Especially when you consider the points I am about to make regarding how illegitimate the whole thing is…

Why Is Not Legit (5 Reasons)

There are five main reasons why I know this site is simply not the real deal:

  1. The testimonials are fake (and I’ll prove it)
  2. The referral program just doesn’t add up
  3. They are not working with big name brands
  4. Money Chaser PTY LTD is not a real company
  5. It’s virtually identical to known scams

Now let’s explore each of these reasons in more detail…

1. Fake Testimonials Exposed

One thing I always check when I review a given program, is the legitimacy of the testimonials the site provides.

In this case, the site has a page called “payment proofs” and “testimonials”.

The “payment proofs” page is not even worth commenting on really. It’s just a bunch of screenshots of supposed payments that in reality proves nothing.

The “testimonials” page however, contains some videos of people who claim to be making $1,000’s by referring people.

For example, this guy who says Money Chaser can make you “crazy amounts of money”:

Testimonial for Money Chaser Website

This is a lot more convincing because it’s a real person rather than a screenshot. But it’s completely fake, because he is really just an actor from a site called

Here’s proof:

Fiverr Actor
Image source:

Whenever I see fake testimonials like this, alarm bells go off. Because legitimate programs do not need to pay actors to provide real testimonials. Plain and simple.

2. This Referral Program Doesn’t Add Up

If you’ve been wondering how the site can pay you such high amounts of money for clicks and referrals who create a free account (in other words, without selling anything) then you are on the right track. Because it simply does not add up.

Here’s what the site has to say regarding how they can pay you:

Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue.

So apparently, the “ad revenue” they make is enough to pay people $10 per free referral.

But I’m not buying it.

Because first of all, there are no ads anywhere within the members area (lol).

And second of all, that is just not a realistic amount to be paying for a free, unvetted, referral.

I earn a full time income doing affiliate marketing, which is all about generating leads and sales for other companies.

Which is how I know that no company is paying $2 for a link click, or $10 for a free referral, without a serious vetting process in place to ensure the quality of the lead.

It just doesn’t happen.

3. They Are NOT Working With Big Name Brands

This company claims to be working with big name brands like Fortnite, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Wendy’s.

Which is simply not true and is a huge red flag in and of itself.

I recently reviewed a site called Swag Pay, which is virtually identical to this site and probably run by the same scammers, who made this exact same claim.

No legitimate company would associate their trusted brand with a site like this, which has absolutely zero credibility and as I will now explain, isn’t even a real company!

4. Money Chaser PTY LTD is NOT a Real Company

If you scroll down to the bottom of the website, you will see that the site claims to be a company called Money Chaser, PTY LTD. They also claim to have been in business since 2015…

Fake Company Details

But neither of these claims are true.

First of all, Money Chaser, PTY LTD is not a real company. It simply does not exist, so this is a made up name. Which honestly is enough in and of itself to prove this is a scam.

Second of all, the domain was only registered on the 14th of July, 2019 according to the database. Which means the site has only been operational for just over a month.

As you can see, nothing but lies here folks. The whole thing is fake.

5. Virtually Identical to Known Scams I’ve Exposed

The last point I want to make is that MoneyChaser is nearly identical to other scams I have exposed such as Notion Cash, Swag Pay and many others.

These sites all operate in the same way. They just use different branding, domains and fake testimonials to make it appear new, when in reality it’s the same old scam.

None of these sites have ever paid anyone what they were owed.

Which is why they need to continue re-creating the site under different names.


Whether or not you join and promote Money Chaser is totally up to you.

The lure of making easy money online is certainly high, so I can understand the temptation to “see if it works” which is what many people do.

Unfortunately though, you will not (ever) get paid what you are owed. I have reviewed enough programs (including many identical versions of this very site) to know this first hand.

And what makes matters worse is that by promoting this, you are unknowingly helping to spread this scam. And in doing so, you are helping these scammers build a huge email list, that they can use to SPAM more and more offers.

Not to mention, they can sell your email to other shady marketers who will also SPAM you. This is unfortunately big business within the online world.

This is how they make their money off of you and everyone who joins, by misusing your personal information and selling it to others, who do the same.

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