Is Pure Leverage A Scam? You Decide

Quick Overview

Pure Leverage

Company: Pure Leverage

Owner: Joel Therien

Startup Cost: $24.95 - $44.90 p/m

Review Summary

The tools you are given are not the best value for money in my opinion. In particular, the 'authority blog' you are given is poor quality and generic. I've seen these cookie-cutter websites around and they simply don't rank in search engines which is a massive drawback.

What is Pure Leverage?

As always I like to analyse the sales page and work out what sort of claims the owners are making. In this case there are some mixed results. The main website seems to take a clean, relatively non-hyped approach to promoting the products.

On the other hand there are quite a few different capture pages, videos and cookie cutter blogs out there with plenty of enough hype to go around. I have to admit though, they are very entertaining and original…

Joel Therien and his sports car“Hey everyone look at my super fancy red sports car and huge mansion… you can have the same thing by using my system!”


This kind of product and promotional hype go hand in hand though, so it certainly isn’t anything new or particularly ‘scam worthy’. I want to briefly touch on something here, the fact that this is an mlm business model.

The Product

Ok so I’m going to give you the run down on the product itself, in particular I will look at what I consider to be the main 4 products you will be getting for your $24.95 worth talking about.

The Lead Capture Pages

You get a bunch of generic pre-made squeeze pages to get people to opt-into your list and some done for you email copy to use to promote Pure Leverage. Nothing new, many make money programs do this exact thing. As if people haven’t seen enough of the same old squeeze pages from this company already, no thanks.

The Auto Responder

Not a bad product for an auto responder, it works. I also think this is not bad value for the price. I suppose this makes the product somewhat reasonable for the $24.95. Email marketing can be a very effective way of making money online if done correctly, this is an essential tool do it. Personally I think there are better quality alternatives but again, not bad value for money.

Live Conference

This is nothing more than what you can get for FREE from Google Hangouts. In fact Google’s system is much better in my opinion. Bottom line… this is nothing to write home about.

Authority Blog

This is really a total waste of your time. You should know that this is simply a done for you, cookie cutter website that will NOT rank well in the search engines. You are ‘plugging in’ to a generic and pre-branded blog promoting Pure Leverage.

The authority blog

I’ve seen a bunch of them and they all show the same cheesy and fake looking ‘testimonials’ and opt in forms. I’d be surprised if people even joined up through them anymore. There is nothing of value in this whatsoever in my opinion.

Any decent online marketer will tell you the value of creating a unique blog with unique content, and how by doing that you are establishing a real online business. This is the only way the search engines will rank your website, by adding real value with a unique website or blog.

So I guess the point is here, don’t expect any free and lasting traffic by ranking in the search engines. Your best bet will be paid traffic and that is a dangerous game if you have no idea what you are doing. In my opinion the authority blog is nothing more than a gimmick. The funny part is that you could start a free blog yourself that would deliver much better results.

Why The Product Really Costs $44.90 Per Month

I was not very fond of how they make out that you get so much value for $24.95 when in fact to really get the benefit of the tools on any worthwhile level, you will need to become a Pure Leverage re-seller. To become a re-seller will set you back another $19.95 per month, the total is now sitting at $44.90 p/m.

This is what most of the training revolves around, what the pre-done blogs and capture pages are designed for and pretty much the only way you will ever make any money with this system… by promoting the system itself.

What I Liked

  • You will get some squeeze pages
  • You get an auto responder
  • You get training on how to promote Pure Leverage
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee 

What I Didn’t Like

  • Apart from the auto responder, the tools aren’t great value for money
  • I don’t like how they show you all the ‘value’ you are getting for the initial sign-up cost, when the blog and lead capture page system is only designed to promote pure leverage. This means to use those tools properly you need to pay them more money. I think this is a little sneaky
  • Your ‘authority’ blog will not likely rank well in the search engines as it is a cloned, copycat website. Google is not a fan of generic content
  • Get ready for a barrage of emails from Joel Therien, many people have reported 50 emails in the first month alone… I personally unsubscribed after a while out of sheer annoyance
  • There are a lot of up-sells throughout your journey with these guys, you might want to keep a credit card handy

Who Is This Designed For?

People interested in the online version of an mlm business and cookie cutter web sites and squeeze pages to promote it. Primarily the front end offer is for newbies to Internet marketing. 

Tools, Training and Support

Average tools overall, you get trained how to promote Pure Leverage and the support is standard. You do not get personal mentoring for your initial sign-up fee from what I can see.

Final Verdict

To be fair I think it’s an ok idea for an mlm business in general, at least you can leverage the power of the Internet instead of chasing family and friends.  That said, I think a lot more Internet marketing training is needed to make it work, either that or a boat load of cash to spend on paid advertising.

You are certainly not going to just plug in and make money with what you are given in my opinion. If you’re into mlm and want to give it a try, proceed with caution. Do I personally recommend this to people? Nope.

18 thoughts on “Is Pure Leverage A Scam? You Decide”

  1. This really is not my type of thing – I hate it when opportuntities can’t decide on what they are! This bunch provide marketing tools, but also an MLM platform that enables members to re-sell the tools and systems to make additional cash from commissions. So basically it’s an MLM? Right?

    • Yeah it’s an mlm man. I wrote this a while ago and I’m thinking I may write an in depth review of their compensation plan to explain that side of things more. He runs a new scheme now called ‘GotBackup’ that I’ll also get around to eventually. Cheers

  2. It seems as though pure leverage works, but it seems a little unethical since they aren’t so transparent.

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but I do not like that they use these methods in their MLM system.

    Thanks for your review! I am going to look into other avenues.

    • Hi Evan, I think the products really are second rate and you’re essentially signing up into a scheme. Once you sign up you’ll spend a bunch of money on ‘training’ and ‘products’ that are solely geared towards promoting the same thing you just signed up into…

      There’s much better and less costly ways to build an online business. Thanks for commenting and I’m glad I could help

  3. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the review and the heads up on Pure Leverage. I’ve never been a fan of the MLM model and you put one more nail in the casket for me on that kind of business.

    It seems the only thing decent was the autoresponder but I’ll assume some of the commercial autoresponders on the market are better. Would you agree?


    • Hi Gregory,

      The mlm business model certainly has it’s drawbacks. Pure Leverage is good in one way, they understand the power the Internet can play in getting leads. Unfortunately their system is very flawed in my opinion. I’ve seen their so called ‘authority blog’ and it’s nothing more than a generic, sleazy and downright spam approach to owning a website. I honestly would not be associated with one of those if you paid me. They also do not rank well at all in Google.

      As far as the auto responder goes, I have used it and it is ok. When I eventually dig deeper into email marketing, I would rather use MailChimp or Aweber though. By a long shot.

  4. Yeah it is pretty funny, maybe that worked one day I don’t know. It kind of made me feel like I was watching a cheesy infomercial or something.

    I agree about mlm’s. My stance on these (after much thought) is that not all of them are scams and I don’t try and discredit them. There are some ok ones but there is one key thing a lot of them are missing.

    Teaching you how to properly leverage the Internet to get quality leads each and every day. Without leads, you will fail plain and simple. I hate the idea of only going after friends and family, screw that.

  5. Just another multi level marketing scheme. I couldn’t agree more. The well dressed guy driving up to his mansion in his red Ferrari (probably a lease) is so cliché that it’s almost pathetic. I’ve never been a fan of any MLM schemes. If you are willing to work your butt off, some of them can work (sort of), but for the majority of the population, they will be disappointed.

  6. This is one of the best reviews I have ever read…..I agree with everything you’ve said. I tried Pure Leverage for a short while and it didn’t work for me. Joel has been promoting another product recently called GotBackup which is a back up system which works and has universal appeal. He has just relaunched it after a year…it certainly has more to commend it than Pure Leverage.

    • Hi Ian glad you liked my review thanks for letting me know!

      I haven’t seen ‘GotBackup’ yet I will have to review this later on, it’s on the list now. I’m always a little skeptical of things from a person that has an average track record but I’ll certainly take a look. Thanks for commenting

  7. Hi Tim. It seems like Pure Leverage is a borderline scam. I don’t really see any beginners online being able to make money with a program like this. As you mentioned above, the cookie cutter squeeze pages and blogs they provide for you won’t rank well in the search engines since they’re unoriginal, ultimately making it rather difficult to bring traffic to your site. Low traffic goes hand in hand with low income when it comes to online business.

    I also don’t like the marketing tactics they employ with the expensive cars and mansions, and I’m certainly not fond of all the upsells. They make it seem fairly cheap to give it a try but you’ll really end up paying at least double that price if you have any hope of being successful. Very informative review and I hope people take your advice.

    • Thanks Matthew it seems as though you know your stuff. I don’t think I could have said it better myself to be honest. I think whether or not people take this info on board depends on what they are wanting. Sometimes people just want to believe the hype, I know because I was one of them. I can’t believe how long it took me to wake up to the reality of making money online, then again there are so few legit platforms educating people properly.

      Thanks for your insights.

  8. Hi Tim,

    Great review of Pure Leverage. I’d heard of these guys a year or so but never got into investigating them. Sounds like there is some positive aspects with the auto responder, but then again you can get Aweber for $19/mo and save $5 dollars.

    But I don’t think this program really compares to the all inclusive training center that you recommend, Wealthy Affiliate. Plus, more and more people are avoiding landing pages. I think people buy products from online marketers when they have developed trust with their niche audience instead of leading them directly to a sales page.

    Great review!

    • Hi Todd,

      I agree and I think I would rather use Aweber to be completely honest, their standards are a lot higher.

      I think what you said about trust and landing pages really hits the nail on the head man. People that have been around the block so to speak are wising up to these squeeze page tactics and like buying from people that have delivered value before asking for a cent.

      Building trust and credibility with value first, then offering a product is a lot better way to go.

  9. I agree whole-heartedly with this review!
    I have a lot of experience with these types of sites and honestly they are just a waste of precious time.
    I think that they attract people that are desperate for success, but they won’t actually be able to provide any long lasting, worthy information.
    Totally agree that you need to educate yourself and not go for a kind of “done for you” approach.

    • I think the thing is with a lot of systems is that yes, they may work to some extent… but what you are being told is way over exagerated or in some way you are made to feel it is all just so easy. To make money online the ‘done for you’ approach aint worth a thing.

      Would you start an offline business with no experience and expect it to just magically work with little effort? I think with Pure Leverage it is just all made to sound so great and amazing when in actual fact what you are paying for is mediocre at best. Can you make money, maybe. Will it take enormous effort on your part or some serious advertising cash..? definitely.

      It’s not so much that this is a total scam, it’s more that people should be educated properly about what they are getting themselves in for, not made to watch some guru driving around in his fancy sports car.. yeh right Joel. Tell it like it is mate.

  10. I love this well designed post with all the images, Tim. Your review of Pure Leverage is very throughout and I learn a lot about make money programs from it.

    It reminds me of a $1,000 auto generated authority blog Ewen Chia was trying to sell me last time I attended his course. Back then, I though it can be profitable (for some reason) now that I become a blogger myself, I realize how ridiculous it was. We are not in the old ages where ranking on search engines only take generated posts. Aside from it being easy to tell, you can’t build a community upon something so sleazy.

    I saw your no.1 recommendation of WA, it’s also the best program in my opinion. How did WA help you?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Anh,

      Thanks for the feedback glad you liked it 🙂 Wow that’s a lot of money for a pre-done generic blog,that would’ve hurt a few wallets no doubt. This seems to be a recurring theme with that guy, like he was successful at one time years ago when some of his techniques would have worked. It shows his character that he knowingly keeps a lot his campaigns going even though he knows how ineffective they are in this day and age.

      Much like Pure Leverage you just won’t rank well with cookie cutter crap, like you say you can’t build relationships or community with thin and copycat content.

      Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has helped me immensely. I’ve learnt how to build a website, get free and targeted traffic from Google and most of all just learn real Internet marketing skills instead of some narrow and outdated system. It has single handedly helped me establish a legitimate online business and I have so much to learn here it’s crazy. Anytime I have a question I ask people and get responses very quickly, the support is something I can’t say enough about. I love recommending it because people can finally see some real training without the hype.

      Thanks for your comments!


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