How Much You’ll Really Make With Survey Junkie

I cam across this survey site today with hopes of making some extra cash and am writing a review of what I found. How much money you can make with Survey Junkie is absolutely zero, because they are just a gateway to other platforms. Calling it a scam might be a bit harsh, but it’s nothing worth joining.

What I Found

They make it seem exciting on the sales page like you are finally getting access to a legit paid survey site to make some extra money but after signing up and giving them all of your personal information here’s what you get…

Nothing! Just an empty promise and a directory…

Empty promise

I was landed on a page with 7 ‘recommended’ websites to earn with. I’ve already reviewed two of these websites and one of them is a total sham yet they have listed it with a near perfect score.

So not only are you signing up for a directory of websites you could find yourself, but they are recommending shady websites!

That’s not the worst of it though…

The Spam You Will Receive In Your Inbox

The entire purpose of their website is to get you to hand over your personal information because this is what third party companies are paying for. They are paying Survey Junkies for your information so they can send you targeted email offers and advertise to you. Plain and simple.

That’s why it’s free to sign up and when you arrive in the members area there’s a whole lot of nothing. Lucky for me I gave them an email address I use for these kinds of reviews. Spam away bro!

The Websites They Are Promoting As Good

I can’t speak for all of the websites they’ve listed but I have reviewed Inbox Dollars and Panda Research Surveys programs so that might be worth checking out to give you more of an idea.

Firstly Inbox dollars is legit, but don’t expect to earn very much and be prepared to spend a lot of time doing repetitive and mind numbingly boring tasks for pennies.

Panda Research on the other hand is not so legit. They have had many complaints from people not being paid and only delivering people paid offers that need to be complete before any money is paid. For example you need to sign up to cable TV and finish a trial, then do a survey, then hopefully one day get paid.

The fact that they talk about how they’ve personally screened hundreds of paid survey sites to deliver this hand picked selection is either not true or they don’t have very high standards.

They are almost certainly affiliated with them as well, meaning they will get a commission for sending you to them. This is the other way they make money from you.

Why I Don’t Like Paid Surveys

While it’s not impossible to make any money with this type of thing, it is a far stretch from achieving any sort of financial freedom online.

The reality is most people do not make a decent income doing surveys and when you factor in the amount of time you have to put in it starts becoming a very big waste of time.

You end up spending a lot of time trolling through rubbish videos, email, ads and waste time trying to do surveys when you won’t always qualify. This is not even taking into consideration the fact that a lot of the time these companies like to pay people in gift cards and special discounts…

Although it may be cool, a $10 gift card for iTunes won’t pay the bills.

Final Thoughts

Survey Junkie is just acting as a middle man to get people to hand over their contact details and don’t offer any product or services themselves. Not only is signing up with them a total waste of time but some of their recommended companies are questionable at best.

If you want to do paid surveys I recommend finding a more legit company that actually offers something tangible. The only thing you’ll get from these guys is a truckload of offers from all the companies that are now accessing your information.

6 thoughts on “How Much You’ll Really Make With Survey Junkie”

  1. I’ve never been a fan of paid survey sites because they’re simply not worth the reward. You typically end up spending a lot of time on surveys, and while easy, you might only make a couple bucks an hour at best.

    The worst is when you start filling out information for 5-10 minutes only to realize that you “don’t qualify” for the survey. Nothing worse than that.

    • Couldn’t agree with your thoughts on paid surveys more Matthew. The other annoying thing is getting 10 million calls, texts and emails as a result of joining up and taking part in the various surveys. Cheers

  2. Hi,
    I’ve liked your post/article and how you’ve presented to us quality information about Survey Junkie and other such online survey’s that promise money. Your picture (which I’ve so much liked) of an empty box says it all!

    Thanks for that very practical post and all best in your goals/objectives.
    Founder electronicslaptopcomputers

  3. Hi Tim, thank you for reviewing another paid surveys. I have tried many of these before in hopes of getting some extra cash, but they have always disappointed me. This is because I have to spend a whole lot of time doing stupid survey for a pittance, for goodness sake lol! I have never tried Survey Junkie before, but I’m surprised to read that it pays like what… Nothing?! Dang, I’m going to stay away from these guys then hehe..

    • Hi Dominic,

      I know what you mean it’s really a waste of time if you want to build a real income. Maybe ok if you just want to earn a few dollars, but even then I still don’t think it’s a good way to go really.

      It’s not that Survey Junkie doesn’t pay, it’s that they are simply reffering you to other survey and offer sites. They do nothing more than send you to third party websites. There is almost no value in using their servcie whatsoever. Especially since they recommend Panda research.


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