CJ Affiliate By Conversant Overview- A Good Affiliate Network For You?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is an affiliate network for newbies to elite marketers. It was founded in 1998 by one Lex Sisney under the original name of Commission Junction, which was re-branded in early 2014.
It boasts a dynamic team of industry professionals and a high quality platform for both merchants and affiliates.

So what are the specs on this affiliate network and how does it stack up against the rest?

Brief Overview Of CJ Affiliate Platform

This network is by far one of the most comprehensive platforms online today. The overall theme running throughout this platform is an absolute dedication to quality and providing value to all involved.

You are provided with a knowledge-base and expert help within the platform to learn more about affiliate marketing and working with vendors, which is useful to newbies trying to learn the ropes and build their businesses. Everything is laid out neatly and easily for you to navigate and learn the system and the offers.

The tools provided are very useful and are always being kept up up to date for users. Once inside you will have access to a feature rich user interface and a suite of tools that make it simple and easy to find products to promote and manage your campaigns.

The tools on offer provide a high level of customisation in setting up campaigns, including deciding where your affiliate links will take your website visitors once clicked on. For example you may wish to send your visitors to the merchants welcome video or directly to their sign up page according to your own unique marketing strategy.

As a user of this platform you will have access to some very advanced and easy to use tracking tools and interfaces. The ease of use and level of insight provided are what makes this unique and a very useful part of this platform for any serious affiliate marketer. You can track a broad range of actions taken by those clicking on your affiliate links so as to optimize campaigns and maximise revenue.

The offers within this network operate on a CPA model. What is a CPA or ‘cost per action’ model? Well essentially you will be getting paid when one of your website visitors clicks on one of your affiliate link and converts into a lead, subscriber, paying customer or some other action is taken. This does not include mere clicks or impressions, but certain actions that are taken by the traffic you send the merchants way. The good thing about this is you are not limited to only getting paid for sending sales to a merchants website, which means flexibility and options for you in setting up campaigns.

Their advertiser (merchant) network is made up of more top 500 Internet retailer advertisers than any other platform, according to the CJ Affiliate by Conversant website. This means you able to promote some of the most recognised and respected brands online. CJ also has some of the most lucrative affiliate commission offers going.

The verticals you can advertise in are very extensive which provides you broad options for creating and developing profitable campaigns.

The verticals within affiliate by conversant

There are also many different methods of promoting merchant products available including banner advertising, text links, coupons and more that you can easily implement into your website or in other ways. There are options to set up pay per call, mobile marketing and even offline affiliate campaigns to further increase revenue and build your affiliate business.

What’s Good?

  • A global platform with offices in six locations around the world. This means more opportunities and support for your business
  • Very quality focused affiliate network that always strives to add more value to all involved
  • High performance tools enabling you to get more out of each campaign
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate members area. This is useful in finding relevant offers to promote with ease.
  • Flexible campaign options and promotional methods
  • Access to a vast array of quality advertisers
  • Broad range of verticals to promote as you can see from the picture above
  • Advanced tracking and performance which is critical to optimising campaign performance and boosting revenue
  • Reliable and frequent payments, they operate on net-20 terms and a minimum payment threshold of only $50
  • Run by a team of experts in the field that are dedicated o your success
  • A range of certification programs that are beneficial in your reaching higher quality standards and standing out to top merchants

What Sucks?

  • Limited to contact form for support
  • No dedicated account manager, although additional support can be obtained through certain certification programs

If you have anything else you think I should add here to help others then please post below and I’ll update this 🙂

Summing It Up

This has been a brief overview of the CJ Affiliate by Conversant platform to help you benchmark it against the others out there.

Overall this is a network that stands out above the pack as a quality, credible and effective affiliate network platform that ticks all the right boxes. The merchants and the products are of a high standard overall and commission payments are reliable according to what I’ve seen.

There are many options for you to build your affiliate business around and many merchants to choose from. There is also a good amount of room for a newbie to grow and network within this platform, as those behind it are very passionate about your success and about connecting the right people together.

If you are focused on providing real value to your website visitors (which I’m sure you are) then this platform will connect you with the right merchants and offers to continue to grow your online business.

How To Really Take Advantage Of Platforms Like This

Although this is a fantastic platform and offers great value to affiliates and merchants, it is only one important piece in the affiliate marketing pie. More is needed than joining a great affiliate network and promoting merchant products. You need to learn how to build a good website, provide your visitors unique and valuable content on a regular basis and drive targeted traffic to your site to be successful.

This way you can promote merchant products with confident you will be adding real value to people and making consistent profits along the way.

It is actually very easy to get started online and begin learning how to building a website, write content and drive traffic that converts to commissions. It takes work but it is definitely achievable by anyone willing to put the effort in.

8 thoughts on “CJ Affiliate By Conversant Overview- A Good Affiliate Network For You?”

  1. It Alexey here,

    Seems to be a good one!

    Usually as I see a review on something, in most cases, its a total scam.

    CJ Affiliate Platform seems to be very nice for beginners and in general. For my opinion the BEST platform for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Hi Alexey,

      Yeah I do think it’s pretty good for an affiliate network and definitely Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to build your business. You can have the best partners in the game but without knowing how to market those products to get maximum results you won’t have a business. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m so stunned, the way you understood how to make quality and relevant content. Your post is well written, it’s relevant, it’s clear, and pleasant to read. You created your own brand which is UnGuru and that’s great. The fact that we see your face on the top right hand of the page make the site very reassuring. What is your WordPress theme by the way ?
    Keep up the great work, i don’t see how you can not achieve your goals doing it this way ! 🙂

    • Hi Palanquator,

      Thanks for your kind words man that is very encouraging to me. I try and get my message across the best way I can and glad you like my work. I use ‘complete themes’ by a guy named Ben Sibley. Took me a while to find one I liked but he really seems to give people good value. Pretty soon I’ll upgrade to premium because you get a whole lot more really cool customisation options. But the free versions are good as well and you can see which one works for you first that way.

      Anyway thanks for dropping by and all the best!

  3. Hi Tim

    Thanks for your thorough walk through of how the CJ affiliate program works.

    I’ve been using Clickbank for quite a while now but I’ve been looking for another affiliate platform to work with as well and CJ certainly looks like one to sign up for.

    I’ll let you know how I get on and if I have anything else to add to your review

    Thanks again

    Alan 🙂

    • Hi Alan,

      Yeah ClickBank is ok but I think you’ll find a bit higher quality and diversity in CJ, let me know how you go. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Hello Tim,
    Thanks for putting together this comprehensive review of CJ Affiliate. I have been considering CPA marketing recently and have been evaluating some of the other networks out there, like Neverblue and PeerFly. After reading your review, I have added CJ Affiliate to my list as well. Just curious to know how open are they towards accepting newbies, with no prior experience of running CPA campaigns, to their network? Thanks

    • Hi Vivek,

      Not a problem and I’m glad this review was helpful!

      I can’t really compare CJ with Neverblue or Peerfly since I haven’t used either of those before. But I do know Cj is definitely one of the higher quality networks in play and is worth checking out.

      It may also be worth noting that I am not in any way affiliated with CJ either so I don’t actually earn commissions by recommending them, this was just a helpful guide, incase anyone was wondering 🙂

      To answer your question this really does vary and depends on a number of factors. From what I understand most people that have a legitimate website or blog and meet CJ’s quality guidelines will be accepted as a member into their platform. However you will need to apply to the individual advertiser within the CJ platform to become an affiliate of each different company.

      Acceptance depends upon the advertiser and whether you are a good match or not. Again, acceptance varies and depends on a number of factors so I cannot really say. Naturally, some advertisers will be more accepting than others.

      I think the biggest thing to take into consideration is that you are a very quality focussed and ethical marketer and can show this to advertisers within the CJ Affiliate By Conversant platform. They have some big names in their and they want to uphold their reputation, understandably.

      The following link is to CJ’s publisher terms to give you some further insight into the matter:


      Now all of this shouldn’t be taken as pure Gospel, I am certainly not claiming to be an expert in all the different affiliate networks or in the CJ network itself. But I am hoping this is a pretty well rounded and infromative answer to your question anyway.

      Hope this helps, Cheers!


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