Build A Biz Online Review: Good Way To Build Your Biz?

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Build A Biz Online

The Company: Build A Biz Online

Founder/ CEO: Ian Stewart

Affiliate Fees: $0 - $10 p/m

Review Summary

This is an 'all in one' platform whereby you refer people into the same platform and it automatically promotes other programs you are involved with to those you refer. I don't think this is a scam and there are some good points overall, but there are drawbacks.

Full Review

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

The creator of this platform is named Ian Stewart and it turns out he launched this website ( back in 2007. It's been attracting a lot more attention from people over the last couple of months so he's probably started ramping up the advertising, makes sense.

I was curious enough to sign up and take a look, so I'll show you what I found and share my thoughts.​

What Is Build a Biz Online?

This is primarily aimed at people wanting to build their downlines in their existing mlm organisations. The company claims they have everything you need to accomplish this:

Built to Help Promote Your Existing Business by Providing You With All the Tools, Training & Advertising Pages You Need To Build a Successful Business Online.

You can either lead by promoting Build a Business Online (BABO) and let the system take care of promoting your existing opportunities OR you can lead by promoting your existing opportunities with the offer page they give you and 'soft sell' people into joining BABO under you. Whatever the case, you are going to be building your email list, promoting your existing programs and attempting to build your referrals into BABO.

The Online Marketing Tools

There are a range of different tools depending on your membership level:

  • ​Capture Page Builder
  • Offer Page (to promote your programs and BABO)
  • Banner Ad Builder
  • Tracking Tools
  • URL Cloaker, Shrinker, Brander
  • Auto Responder
  • Web Hosting

You are also shown how to drive traffic to your offer page. I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of the advertising methods this system teaches. In a nutshell, this is about traffic exchanges and solo ads. I won't go into detail on those but in my opinion they are low quality and kind of spammy.

Online Marketing Tools

You can also display ads to folks within the same platform which is also nothing ground breaking or particularly exciting. In all fairness, this style of advertising is quite newbie friendly and they can work reasonably well within the 'make money online' niche to an extent. It also very cost effective.

But the reality is, the quality is low and the time investment needed to use these for free is not really worth it. That's what I think anyway.

Building Your Email List

Your goal is to send people to your capture page (existing or one you create within the platform) and when they put their email into the box and create a free account, you build YOUR list. Building an email list is one of the most important things you can be doing online so this is a good thing.

What the heck is a capture page?

A capture page is just a basic webpage designed to capture a persons email address. You will offer them something of value in return for their email and once they give you their email, they will automatically be taken to whatever you are promoting. Either BABO or something else.

The Membership Levels Explained

There are 3 membership levels in total and each gives you something different as I explain below.

Free Membership

This gives you​ access to the basic members area where you can set up your program page, watch the training videos, create some banners and grab your affiliate links. It's nothing too amazing but it is free after all and it is giving people value. You can't complain about free stuff right?

This membership option qualifies you to earn $1 recurring commissions when someone you refer upgrades to Pro.

Pro Membership

This costs $5.75 per month and ​does give you value for money in my opinion. This is where you get access to the most fundamental aspects of the system like capture pages and the autoresponder. You get access to their in-house autoresponder which allows you to integrate with the capture page builder and send out unlimited emails. You also get addittional capture pages and other stuff to help you make this system work. 

This membership option qualifies you to earn $2 recurring commissions when someone you refer upgrades to Pro and 40% commissions on yearly upgrades.

Pro Plus Membership

​This is the same as the Pro membership only you are getting access to their web hosting service. I'm personally not too keen on this since I'd rather use a more established hosting company. I'm also not sure how this really even fits in with everything? Nowhere in the training does there appear to be a need for this since everything is hosted by the system already and there is no mention about building a website.

This membership option qualifies you to earn $2.50 recurring commissions when someone you refer upgrades to Pro and $4 recurring commissions on Pro Plus upgrades.

The Referral Program

During my initial research I found a couple of reviews talking about BABO using a cash gifting based mlm referral program. However, when I started looking into the details of the referral program I was surprised to see no mention of anything like this whatsoever. 

In fact, there is no indication the referral program even uses the mlm model. As it stand this is simply affiliate marketing. I did find this quite strange and it may indicate the details were changed after those review were published. I am not sure.

Since I signed up under Ian directly, I did manage to find some of the programs he himself is promoting to members. One of these is called "We Care We Can" which is a cash gifting style mlm. So (while not making it part of BABO directly) he is using this to feed people into such programs. Whatever, I haven't reviewed them so I can't say for sure how great they are or how legit they are. I do recommend you do your research before diving into anything like that though, they can be risky.

What I Liked

  • ​You can start for free
  • Considering the price, there is some ok value
  • Unlimited autoresponder 
  • Option to build in your own customised capture page

What I Didn't Like​

  • ​Quite a messy and somewhat confusing members area
  • Appears the comp plan/ membership has changed very recently
  • Traffic methods are low quality
  • The 'Pro Plus' membership doesn't quite fit in with the overall system

Final Thoughts

I guess if you are keen on the traffic exchange style advertising model and want a simple system to promote your existing opportunity then this could work to some extent. The concept of getting people into 1 system that builds your downline across multiple programs isn't new and it can work. 

This is not a scam from what I can see and there is some value in the membership. That said, it's not really something I'm getting too excited about either. If you like the look of things and want to test the waters, I don't see a huge risk and you could definitely make money this way if you are willing to put the work in. Whatever you decide, at least now you have a better idea on what this is about!


Tim McKinlay
Hope you enjoyed the article! My name is Tim and I’m the creator of Affiliate UNguru. I started this site out of a passion to help others avoid scams and to share how I’ve been able to create a successful business online. You can see how I did it in this free training.

3 thoughts on “Build A Biz Online Review: Good Way To Build Your Biz?”

  1. Hi, McKinlay,

    I would like to appreciate you for your honesty in your review. Seriously!!

    I really feel pain and tears in my eyes when I see some members of Wealthy Affiliate writing fake reviews just to send people to their affiliate link. It hurts.

    I read two reviews before landing on your post and both of them only give false information about Build A Biz Online (BABO): cost 20$ – that’s not true. I’m not a member of BABO I don’t know too much but I don’t believe them either when they say it’s cash gifting while talking about products.

    I’m in forums and the opinion of some Internet users on WA is getting worse because of these people doing fake reviews. It’s as Wealthy Affiliate taught them to do that. However, no! I am a member of this awesome platform and I know it.

    I just launched my first blog [link removed] about 2 months ago. I heard about BABO and what attracted me was their capture page builder and the autoresponder service to promote my blog. Do you have any advice for me?

    Thank you for sharing!

    All the best!

    • Yeah I have definitely heard of people accusing WA for teaching their affiliates to call everything a scam. I’ve even been accused of this myself on occasion, when I have rightly exposed actual scams or bunk programs.

      It is definitely not true. All you need to do is go through the training to see this, which it sounds like you have. And as for me personally, I take the honesty of my reviews very seriously and never call something a scam unless that is my genuine opinion.

      Either way, there will always be haters. All you can do is publish the best quality, most helpful and most honest reviews you know how and that is what matters in my view.

      There’s lots of autoresponder/ capture page services out there. I personally use Thrive Leads and Aweber, works well for me. Either way the most important thing to focus on is creating content, which leads to quality, free traffic to your site. Traffic is by far the most important focus. Once you have a solid base of content and traffic, promoting quality products as an affiliate is the easy part. And this is when you can put more focus into increasing conversions, leveraging email marketing and so forth.

      Hope this helps and all the best going forward!


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